Google Maps reintroduced in Apple Watch after being out for 3 years


Google, on its official blog yesterday wrote about the Google app compatibility with the dashboard view on Apple’s CarPlay screens and also the re-launching of Maps app on the Apple Watch, with turn-by-turn directions.

iPhone users can now use turn-by-turn navigation in their CarPlay dashboard while also using other applications such as music, calendar appointments, into the car’s built-in display, in a split screen manner. Entire area maps can also be downloaded offline so you can see directions and navigation even if you can’t get online.

Google Maps for the Apple Watch brings in navigation for car drivers and step-by-step directions for driving, walking, cycling and while taking public transportation as well. Apple Watch users can get to the destinations they have saved like Home or Work, and other shortcuts they have designated in the app. For new destinations, users can start navigating from their phone and pick up where they left off on their watch.

Google Maps is now compatible with CarPlay Dashboard on all CarPlay supported vehicles globally. The Google Maps app for the Apple Watch starts rolling out worldwide in the coming weeks.

Source: Google Blog


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