S-Pen replacment for Galaxy Note 20 series phone to cost only $40

Recently Samsung has launched its flagship Galaxy Note 20 series of devices. The price of base model Note 20 starts at Rs 77,999 while Note 20 Ultra 5G is set at Rs 1,04,999. The phone is already touted as one the best flagship smartphones of this year. What makes the Samsung Note series of devices is the S-Pen.

S-Pen, which is integrated into the phone body, allows you to take notes on the screen of Note series devices directly as soon as you pop it out without even needing to unlock your phone. It works via Bluetooth and gets charged automatically once it is inserted back into the device. With the latest Note 20 series company has increased responsiveness with reduced latency by introducing smart AI features which can predict users’ next drawing stroke. Other features include air gestures to work it as a controller for presentations and for changing modes on the camera. But what will happen when you misplace or your S-Pen is not working?

Samsung has revealed the prices of S-Pen which can be bought separately through Samsung official websites. In case you need a replacement it can be bought at a price of only $40 (approx Rs 3000).

The S Pen for the Note 20 series is available in Black, Green, White, Copper, and Gray. Samsung lists that the pen is compatible with both the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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