Samsung introduces AltZLife on Galaxy A71 and A51 devices for next level of Privacy Mode


There are moments in your life when you are handing over your personal device unlocked to another person but you don’t want them to peek into your personal images, chats or messing around app settings. According to a research conducted by Samsung, 70% of consumers admit to having content such as images, applications and private chats on their smartphones that they do not want family or others to see. In addition to this, they also want to hide the fact that they have things they do not want to share.

Samsung has developed a new privacy feature –AltZLife for their existing as well as new Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphone users. With AltzLife, users can quickly and easily switch between normal mode and private mode (Secure Folder) by simply double pressing the power key. Team has also introduced an AI based engine which can quickly scan your images from the gallery and can make recommendations to move them to a secure folder. For this to work, users need to pick faces from images or the type of images they want to tag as personal and keep them secured in the personal gallery. This will be known as Content suggestions and it doesn’t require interaction with any server or cloud.

Quick Switch and Content Suggestions have been developed by a team of young engineers at Samsung R&D Institutes in Bangalore and Noida.

Quick Switch

Quick Switch helps users in switching between two instances of the same app instantly – one instance in normal mode and the other in private mode. For example, a consumer can easily move between the normal Gallery and a private Gallery; or from a normal WhatsApp to private WhatsApp with a simple double click of the power button. The private versions of these apps are secured by Samsung Knox in the Secure Folder of Galaxy smartphones.

When a user double clicks on the power button in normal mode, authentication is required before entering the private mode of the same app. This authentication is different from normal unlocking of the smartphone. When switching from private to normal mode, no authentication is required. Quick Switch is also useful even if the application does not have dual instances in private and normal mode.

Content Suggestions

Content Suggestions is an AI-based app inside the Secure Folder, and its on-device AI-powered engine automatically suggests users to move private images of pre-selected categories to the Secure Folder. For this to happen users have to simply select specific faces or a type of image they want to tag as private and keep them secured in the private gallery of the Secure Folder.

Once the initial setup is complete, the AI engine kicks in and identifies relevant images from the entire gallery. As this is an on-device AI solution, no information or image ever leaves the smartphone.

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