Support for WhtasApp account over multiple devices is now under development


Facebook owned WhatsApp is working on adding yet another feature for their platform users. After successful implementation a single WhatsApp account can be opened on multiple devices with chat history synchronized. This is one of the highest requested features by users.

Currently it’s not possible to access your WhatsApp account on multiple devices. App currently supports multiple devices through a web-browser based WhatsApp Web application, which requires a connection back to your phone account. If your phone is disconnected or switched off, then you cannot access WhatsApp web app functionality.

The new multiple device support won’t need a constant connection back to a phone and users can access chats across multiple devices simultaneously.

When logging for the first time, devices need to connect over wifi so chat history can be copied to that device. Wifi connection is required otherwise it may take a large amount of data from your mobile plan. After this any message delivered to you will be sent across all platforms you have logged in.

WhtasApp has also developed an IPad app that will be released after the activation of the feature. Users can then access chats on their Iphone and IPad simultaneously.


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