Truecaller Spam statistics on Android gives information about spammer activity


Spam calls and SMS are a big headache for mobile users and everyone is getting at least one of them on a daily basis. Caller identification app Truecaller on Wednesday said it identified 29.7 billion spam calls and 8.5 billion spam SMS for its users in India last year. Company has added Spam Statistics to their Android app, which will be soon rolled out to iOS app too.

What is Spam?

Spam calls or messages are irrelevant or unsolicited communication that is sent to a larger number of users. The purpose of spamming can be advertising, phishing, spreading malware etc. It might be scammers trying to take your money, prank callers, telemarketers, robocallers, abusive callers. Some spam calls or sms can be non-harmful such as advertising or sales one while others can be dangerous by asking sensitive user information over the communication channel.

“Although India has dropped to the 5th place (India used to be the top spammed country in the world,) spam calls have been increasing by 15% over the year. Another devastating fact we found during this year is that 1 out of 3 women in India receive sexual harassment or inappropriate calls and SMS on a regular basis.” – Truecaller

How does Truecaller work?

When a particular number is marked spam multiple times by users, it becomes part of a list maintained by Truecaller. Whenever users receive calls, Truecaller searches the number in its spam list, and if found, calls and SMS are automatically colored red. This list is updated daily and if a number falls below a certain threshold of reported spam, it will be taken off the list.

Spam Statistics on Truecaller app

Truecaller has added a feature in their Android app which will show detailed information about the spammer activity who tried to call you. When app users click on spammer profile images it will show them three trends – Spam reports, Call Activity and Peak Calling hours.

Spam Reports

Shows how many times Truecaller users have marked this specific number as spam, and indicates the percentage increase or decrease in reports.

Call Activity

Truecaller is able to determine the amount of calls the number has made recently. This potentially indicates how much of a spammer the number is.

Peak Calling Hours

This time chart identifies when the spammer is the most active.

Company has also given the feature of free number search on their website where Spam Statistics can also be viewed.


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