A big Shift: Intel changed its brand logo after 14 years


With the introduction of the company’s new 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors, Intel has introduced the world with its newly redesigned brand logos and branding into the mix.

As shown in the images below, the new stickers on your laptops will look something like this. The new logo is a mix of lower and capital letters for Core and Iris, while the Intel part being in complete lower case. ‘Graphics’ and ‘Powered By’ are all capitalized. The new Xe has e in superscripts as Xe for the ‘eXascale for Everyone’ element of the graphics portfolio.


Project Athena is now Intel Evo

Intel’s Project Athena was a program designed for the OEMs which was Intel’s set of standards committed to provide a guarantee of great mobile performance on thin and light laptops. For this Tiger Lake launch, Intel will be calling any device ‘Intel Evo’ qualified that passes Inte’s set of standards. The Evo part of the name is clearly meant to be a calling to the evolution of the future generation of products.


Coming next

As per Intel’s final deck of presentations, we should see Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron processors later this year, along with the vPro versions of the Tiger Lake processors. We can also notice that Intel will be announcing DG1 discrete graphics platforms for their processors.

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