Android 11 is now rolling out to devices worldwide

Google has started rolling out Android 11 to general use after several months of its beta program testing. The first batch of devices to get its taste will be the Google’s Pixel ones. Google will also be rolling out the update as a beta to certain phones such as Xiaomi’s Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro smartphones, the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, Realme X50 Pro, and Oppo’s Reno3, Find X2 and Find X2 Pro phones. Google also confirmed that Android 11 will be launched by more manufacturers in the coming months.

Android 11 Features

There has been additions of huge numbers of features in Android 11 but below are the most noticeable ones introduced in Google’s latest Android version:

1- The ongoing conversations will be grouped in a special “conversations space” in the notification bar. Chat conversations can now be set as a “priority” meaning it will continue showing at the top of your conversation space even when the “do not disturb” setting is applied.

2- Android 11 has also introduced small bubble avatars for chats that can float on the screen. It can be placed and will popup over other running apps ensuring you don’t miss out any important conversations. This feature is similar to Facebook messenger app where ongoing chat appear as small floating bubbles on screen. 

3- Now you can quickly access all your smart home devices connected to Google Assistant by long pressing the power button. This will enable you to quickly turn on or off, or check the status of all smart devices. The same menu will also give quick access to credit cards saved on Google Play.



4- Android 11 finally gives the ability to capture and record your phone screen all with a native inbuilt screen recorder with the OS.  

5- With Android 11, the limit of 4GB file size for video recordings is now removed. Now you can record videos continuously until your phone runs out of storage or battery power. 

6- Android Auto now works wirelessly with any smartphone running Android 11.  

7- Android 11 will now show a new media control bar which will quickly let you change where the media is being played from the list of connected devices for e.g. from your wireless headphones, from a bluetooth speaker or over a smart TV.  

8- In Android 11, you’ll now be able to grant an app permission to access devices sensors only one time. If the same app tries to access microphone, camera or location data, it’ll have to ask you for your permission again. Also, a long time unused app’s permission will be automatically reset and users have to decide a new level of permission next time they have opened this inactive app.

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