Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S20 – What you should buy in India? A Detailed Comparison

Recently Samsung has officially released Galaxy S20 FE to now bring flagship features to a much more affordable price range. But how does it compared to its bigger sibling Galaxy S20? Galaxy S20 FE price is yet to be revealed in India markets, however in USA S20 FE is priced at $699 for the 5G model and $599 for the 4G model.

This video might help you in taking decision whether to wait for upcoming Galaxy S20FE or the Galaxy S20 that can be already purchased at Rs 70499 in Indian markets.

My thoughts:
For the Galaxy S20 FE of course compromises are made to bring the price lower. Users who can live with a smartphone having body built with plastic , can compromise with 8K recording, QHD display, ultra sonic fingerprint sensor and slow charging, can definitely go for Galaxy S20 FE. But if you are getting Galaxy S20 at a heavy discount price you can consider going for the non-FE flagship device too.

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