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Pro-Russia threat group Killnet is pummeling Lithuania with DDoS attacks

DDoSes aim to punish Baltic country's blockade of shipments to Kaliningrad.

Tesla bundles battery users to make it look like lower power demand

Program meant to lower demand pays home owners to use battery instead of the grid.

On the brink of ruin, Juul files emergency petition to fight FDA ban

For now, a federal appeals court allowed Juul to stay on the market until a legal review.

Google Hangouts finally gets a shutdown date: November 2022 [Update]

Hangouts was the primary Google messaging app from 2013–2016.

Steam Deck shipments “more than double” this week—so let’s estimate how many

We match good hardware-manufacturing news with a dive into Valve's public-facing data.

M2 MacBook Pro’s 256GB SSD is only about half as fast as the M1 version’s

Higher-capacity versions of the new MacBook Pro don't seem to be affected.

Google’s powerful AI spotlights a human cognitive glitch

There's a big difference between fluent speech and fluent thought.

Report: Apple is resurrecting its high-end HomePod smart speaker

Better platform integration would make a HomePod comeback more impactful.

Lawmakers seek to accelerate asteroid finder and want more Mars helicopters

In general, the House budget writers appear to largely support NASA's activities.

Basic home office hacks: 8 things you need to elevate your workspace

We've got some 101-level tips on essential gear for your home office.

The weekend’s best deals: Steam Summer Sale, Apple Back to School promo, and more

Dealmaster picks out the best of Steam's mega-sale. Plus, deals on storage and Apple Watches.

New bacterium roughly the size, shape of an eyelash smashes size record

The discovery greatly expands the scope of known microbial diversity.

LCD vs. LED vs. Mini LED vs. OLED: A quick guide

A brief breakdown of the display tech behind TVs, monitors, and laptops.

PlayStation studios, major publishers break silence on abortion rights [Updated]

Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and more respond to Supreme Court decision.

Apple’s AR/VR headset will arrive in January 2023, analyst projects

Ming-Chi Kuo called it "the most complicated product Apple has ever designed."

NASA’s Psyche mission launch on hold indefinitely pending reevaluation

The mission's control software hasn't been validated, and launch window is closing.

Pig heart transplant failure: Doctors detail everything that went wrong

We're currently unsure why the cells of the heart ended up dead.

Spurred by Roe overturn, senators seek FTC probe of iOS and Android tracking

Phone-tracking enables "constant sale of Americans' personal data," Democrats say.

Chrome OS update automatically brings photos from Android to your Chromebook

Google gives Chromebooks more ways to connect with other devices.

Microsoft will start banning players from all private Minecraft servers

New moderation tools will let players be permanently "banned from online play."