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The abortion clues that can hide on your phone

There are a number of concerns around data protection following the US Supreme Court's ruling on abortion.

Instagram: Video selfies trial to verify age of teens

The Meta-owned app is trialling new verification methods to ensure teens meet platform age rules.

Two killed as Nio electric car falls from third floor office in Shanghai

Pictures show a gaping hole in the side of car maker Nio's Shanghai HQ, and a smashed vehicle below.

Toyota recalls electric cars over concerns about loose wheels

The bZ4X is the Japanese motor industry giant's first mass-produced all-electric vehicle.

Period tracking apps warning over Roe v Wade case in US

Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation says women must know how their data is being used.

Netflix cuts 300 more jobs after subscriptions fall

In April the streaming giant reported its first subscriber loss in more than a decade.

New Tesla factories losing billions of dollars, Musk says

Elon Musk said the Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai was "very difficult" for the electric car maker.

Twitter tests 'notes' feature with 2,500 word limit

The trial will allow some users to share "notes" beyond the normal 280-character limit for tweets.

Meta board hears over a million appeals over removed posts

The Oversight Board, which oversees Facebook and Instagram, said only 47 were submitted by Meta itself.

NHS warns of scam Covid-test texts

Fake messages tell recipients they have been in contact with a Covid case and should order a test.

Chinese man jailed for sexual assault of Alibaba employee on work trip

The woman was assaulted after being made to drink on a work trip, and then fired after going public.

Elon Musk: Billionaire's daughter cuts ties with her father

The tech billionaire's 18-year-old daughter has applied to legally change her name and gender.

Can crumbling cookies sweeten UK data-protection plans?

Government proposals to move away from EU data-protection laws post-Brexit have had a mixed reaction.

New rules proposed for buy now pay later

The loans are used by millions but ministers want checks on affordability and clearer advertising.

Big Tech must deal with disinformation or face fines, says EU

Tighter EU rules will demand firms such as Google and Meta tackle disinformation on their platforms.

Apple store workers vote to form first US union

The move by employees in Towson, Maryland, is the latest in a string of high-profile union campaigns in the US.

Bitcoin: Will El Salvador's big crypto gamble pay off?

The cryptocurrency crash is hurting many investors, including one country that has bet big on Bitcoin.

Apple battery lawsuit: Millions of iPhone users could get payouts in legal action

The tech giant is accused of secretly slowing down the performance of older models.

Elon Musk hints at layoffs in first meeting with Twitter employees

The billionaire also discussed aliens in his first address to the social media firm's staff.

Microsoft retires Internet Explorer after 27 years

Internet Explorer, once the most popular web browser, will no longer be accessible for most users.

Netflix plans real-life Squid Game reality TV show with $4.56m prize

It will see 456 contestants compete in a series of challenges inspired by the dystopian drama.

Bitcoin: Why is the largest cryptocurrency crashing?

The value of Bitcoin is at an 18-month low, as the cryptocurrency market continues to tumble.

Instagram launches new parental controls in UK

Facebook owner Meta is rolling out new parental controls for Instagram and its VR platforms.

Google engineer says Lamda AI system may have its own feelings

One of the firm's software engineers believes chats with an AI system suggest it has feelings.

Musk to hold first meeting with Twitter staff this week

The Tesla boss has warned he may quit his takeover deal over the number of fake accounts on the platform.

Amazon to begin drone deliveries in Lockeford, California this year

The shopping giant hopes to deliver parcels to shoppers by air for the first time later in 2022.

Why you may have a thinking digital twin within a decade

Within 10 years people may be able to have a intelligent online version of themselves.

Xbox: New Starfield, Minecraft and Forza gameplay unveiled

Microsoft shows off more than 30 forthcoming gaming experiences in its summer showcase.

Medical gaming treating life-changing injuries

From strokes and Parkinson's to PTSD, severe conditions can be helped with game-based therapies.

Samantha Cristoforetti: The astronaut taking TikTok to new heights

Samantha Cristoforetti has developed a huge following through her TikToks from on board the ISS.

YouTube accused of not tackling Musk Bitcoin scam streams

YouTube is being criticised for failing to tackle a network of scammers streaming fake Elon Musk videos.

Michael Owen: NFT tweet deleted after Advertising Standards Authority contact

Former England striker Michael Owen is rebuked by the Advertising Standards Authority over tweets about a non-fungible token project.

Ministry of Defence acquires government's first quantum computer

The Ministry of Defence is embarking on a year-long project into the possibilities of quantum computing.

At least 1,400 rural phone boxes protected from closing

New Ofcom rules will protect boxes in areas of poor mobile coverage or where they are needed for safety.

UK will not copy EU demand for common charging cable

The EU has provisionally agreed new mobile devices must, by autumn 2024, use the same type of charger.

Uber powers emergency food deliveries in Ukraine

Uber has built a "private-label" version of its delivery platform to help the UN deliver food and water.

Apple announces buy now pay later, among iOS 16 plans

The tech giant is introducing the controversial service as part of its iOS 16 update.

New UK centre will help fight information war

The new centre aims to boost UK's security through building expertise in cutting-edge technology.

Elon Musk threatens to walk away from Twitter deal

The billionaire accuses the company of "thwarting" his requests to learn more about spam accounts.

Digital fingerprints of a million child abuse images made

A new system for classifying images will help stop them being shared online, a UK charity says.

China's plans to go to the Moon, Mars and beyond

China plans to put astronauts on the Moon and send probes to Mars and Jupiter. Why the grand plans?

Sheryl Sandberg to leave Facebook after 14 years

Her departure comes as the social media company faces challenges, including a slowdown in ad sales.

Upskirt photos shared in Facebook groups, BBC finds

Meta says it has removed accounts and groups showing upskirting, after a BBC investigation.

Lost dog? How nose prints could help pet and owner reunite

A face identification app could allow smartphone users to help owners find their missing animals.

The man turning mud into eco-friendly 'concrete'

Gnanli Landrou has invented a special powder that turns earth into a greener version of concrete

The 22-year-old 3D-printing schools

Maggie Grout has started an NGO that will 3D-print schools where access to education is not guaranteed.

How graphene and algae could help build space habitats

Scientists are researching how people might construct homes to live on other planets.

What parents need to know to keep their kids safe online

Teachers urgently want parents to understand the tech which could help to keep kids safer online.

Will electric motorbike sales take off across Asia?

Soaring petrol prices could speed up the transition to electric much faster than expected.

The staff shortage slowing down air cargo and bags

A lack of skilled cargo handlers is now hampering the booming air freight business too.

Could nuclear desalination plants beat water scarcity?

Engineers are developing mobile, floating nuclear desalination plants to help solve water shortages.

Could flat tyres soon be a thing of the past?

Airless tyres that do not puncture are getting close to market but some remain sceptical about them.

Is it the end for the lush lawns of Los Angeles?

Tougher rules on watering gardens mean residents will have to consider alternatives to green grass.

India's loan scams leave victims scared for their lives

Bogus apps are being used by hackers to access mobile phone data to threaten and blackmail victims.

How artificial intelligence 'blew up' tennis

Coaches now have powerful tools which can find patterns in play that humans would struggle to see.

The new airlines betting flying is about to take off

Many carriers went out of business during Covid but several seized a golden opportunity to launch.

Soaring fertiliser prices force farmers to rethink

Research into replacements for nitrogen-based fertilisers has been spurred by high prices and climate concerns.

Could hydrogen ease Germany's reliance on Russian gas?

Why hydrogen might be one route for Germany to move away from dependence on Russian imports.

Could contact lenses be the ultimate computer screen?

Firms are developing smart contact lenses that can project data in front of the user's eye.

Will swapping out electric car batteries catch on?

One Chinese carmaker has plans for thousands of stations in Europe where you can switch batteries.

The new jet set - why private plane usage has soared

The pandemic led to more people using private jets, but is the increase set to continue?

Why the volatile price of aluminium matters

From door frames to aircraft and food packaging - how soaring prices will impact the world economy.

Why India's poorest children are falling further behind

Lack of access to smartphones and computers is widening the education gulf in India.