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Elizabeth Holmes begins 11-year prison sentence

Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes reported to prison Tuesday to begin her 11-year sentence. Holmes will begin serving her sentence for defrauding investors in a Texas federal prison. Janet Shamlian reports.

Industry leaders warn of AI risks

Dozens of industry leaders, including the CEO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, are warning about the potential risks of artificial intelligence. They said it should be a "global priority" to mitigate the risks of extinction brought about by AI.

Nvidia reaches $1 trillion market value

The company said it is boosting production of the chips, which are used in products like ChatGPT.

Full interview: Brad Smith, Microsoft president and vice chair

Brad Smith, the president and vice chair of Microsoft, joins ""Face the Nation"" to discuss the future of AI — and if it could face government regulation.

Microsoft's Brad Smith on "real concern" about Chinese malware targeting infrastructure

The hacking operation code-named "Volt Typhoon" that targeted critical infrastructure in Guam and other locations in the United States is of "real concern," Microsoft president and vice chair Brad Smith tells "Face the Nation." Watch more of Margaret Brennan's interview with Smith Sunday on "Face the Nation."

Musk startup says it's been cleared to test brain implants in humans

Musk said the company would try to use the implants to restore vision and mobility in humans who had lost such abilities.

American companies building lunar landers, ready to commercialize moon

As part of "CBS Mornings'" "American Innovation" series, Mark Strassmann reports on space quickly becoming the next economic frontier, if you can stick the landing.

Netflix begins password crackdown in U.S.

Netflix has begun cracking down on password sharing in the U.S., alerting users who share passwords with those outside their household.

Surgeon General: Social media may pose risk to teen mental health

Dr. Vivek Murthy urged policymakers and tech companies to take "immediate action" to protect young people.

TikTok files lawsuit challenging Montana's ban of the app

Social media app calls the state's ban "unconstitutional," arguing that it violates the First Amendment.

Meta fined record $1.3 billion by EU over handling of user data

A European Union regulator said Meta's infringement was "very serious since it concerns transfers that are systematic, repetitive and continuous."

Give up your personal data and get a free 55-inch TV

Company is is giving out TV sets valued at $1,000 each in exchange for info including you shopping habits and home address.

Congress holds hearing on artificial intelligence

The operator of ChatGPT spoke before a Senate hearing on artificial intelligence Tuesday. He acknowledged AI could pose risks, and encouraged Congress to pass laws creating effective guardrails for the emerging technology. Scott MacFarlane reports.

TikTok users file lawsuit challenging Montana ban

Montana's Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed the bill banning TikTok into law on Wednesday, but it's already being challenged in court.

AI industry leaders warn of dangers if Congress does not regulate emerging technology

Artificial intelligence industry leaders testified on Capitol Hill calling on Congress to regulate the emerging technology. They warn of significant harm to the world if Washington does not set standards. Congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane reports from Washington.

New Titanic scans give insight into iconic shipwreck's sinking

Brand new images of the Titanic have been released, offering unprecedented views of the shipwreck. The images could shed new light on how the iconic liner sank over a century ago.

People are asking ChatGPT how to get rich quick

Social media influencers are touting "generative" AI as a way to make easy money. But experts say it's not "magical."

Uber CEO says this is the most common reason drivers cancel on customers

In an effort to minimize cancellations, Uber has been providing drivers with upfront information about a rider's destination, although that feature is not available everywhere.

Elon Musk says working from home is "morally wrong"

The billionaire Tesla and Twitter boss reproaches what he calls "laptop class" for working from home.

How job seekers are using AI to supercharge their job hunt

Automated search tools like LazyApply, Sonara and Massive let job hunters fire off hundreds of applications in just a few clicks.

10 hikers rescued from California canyon thanks to Apple SOS feature

It took a search and rescue team six hours to rescue the hikers, who were about four miles away from the trailhead.

Haven't checked your old Gmail account in a while? Google could delete it

Google plans to delete accounts that have been inactive for at least two years.

Father of ChatGPT: AI could "go quite wrong"

Speaking at a Senate hearing, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said his biggest fear is that artificial intelligence could "cause significant harm to the world."

Twitter under fire for restricting content before Turkish election

Owner Elon Musk said the platform faced the risk of being "throttled" if it didn't limit access to some Turkish users.

72-year-old congressman pursuing master's degree to better understand AI

At age 72, U.S. Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia is back in school and pursuing a master's degree. He hopes to gain a better understanding of AI to help craft better laws surrounding the emerging technology. Scott MacFarlane has the story.

Who is Linda Yaccarino, the new Twitter CEO?

One analyst said Yaccarino, with decades of ad and monetization experience, is a "homerun hire" for Twitter.

Most Facebook users can now claim settlement money. Here's how.

Application to collect part of Meta's $725 million settlement is simple, requiring only a few minutes to fill out.

Twitter to introduce encrypted messaging and new chat services

Elon Musk said the new features will strengthen privacy, while the social platform also plans to introduce voice and video calling

FBI takes down 20-year-old Russian malware network known as "Snake"

Malware known as "Snake" was used by Russian intelligence to steal and transmit information from financial and tech sectors in 50 countries.

Twitter draws criticism for graphic images of Allen Mall victims

Some users of the social media network decried the graphic images, describing the postings as "unethical" and "horrible."