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Archer is the new 'social-first' dating app for queer men

three screenshots of the archer dating app featuring profiles and pictures

To kick off this year's Pride Month, Match Group announces the newest addition to its array of dating apps: Archer, a "social-first" dating app for gay, bisexual, and queer men. Archer will be available in the New York City area this summer, and rolls out nationally within the year. It's now available for pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play, and will be available to download later in June.

Archer partnered with LGBTQ media advocacy group GLAAD to make sure the app was reflective of today's queer community, and worked with 1,200 queer men through surveys, interviews, and product testing as well. The result is an app with features focused on keeping users safe and allowing them to share and express themselves at their discretion.

"We've relied on feedback from the community to build the unique platform experience they're looking for to empower men to be their full selves, and to genuinely, and more safely, connect with others," said Archer's chief product officer, Marcus Lofthouse, in the press release.

Features that will be immediately available at signup, according to Archer's press release:

  • Profile photo verification: Selfie verification is required when signing up for Archer. This is a big shift from Grindr, the ubiquitous gay hookup app, which fosters near-anonymous meet-ups.

  • Interactive user interface: Archer's interface is customizable, with three different options to view someone's profile. Scroll through a linear feed and view one profile at a time, view a zoomed-in grid showing 15 profiles at once, or view a zoomed-out grid showing dozens of profiles at a time. Choose-your-own dating adventure with these varying layouts.

  • Community building tools: Users will be able to "follow" each other, emphasizing the "social-first" aspect of the app. Users can also make themselves searchable by using pre-set tags, and also hone in on what they're looking for as well. After the launch, users will be able to customize their own tags.

  • AI and human moderation features: Like other dating apps, Archer will use a combination of AI and human moderators to assure that profiles are authentic. Similar to Bumble's Private Detector, Archer's chat feature will smart-blur potentially nude photos, and give users the choice of whether they want to see it.

Additionally, users can add more than 20 profile photos and a bio with self-identifying tags.

Archer plans to roll out additional features later this year, including ephemeral content-sharing options and group chats. There's also plans for a Health Hub, a digital center to help provide access to medical and mental health resources.

"When I first tried dating apps almost a decade ago as a closeted gay man, the options available only reinforced the idea that love and connection in our community should be hidden," said Archer's director of brand marketing and communications Michael Kaye, in the presser. "Archer ushers in a new age of dating, celebrating self-expression and community and providing queer men with a safe space to connect freely with whoever they're looking for."

This children's hospital is integrating AI with healthcare

a statue of a nurse and child in silhouette at Boston Children's Hospital

While hospitals are accustomed to dealing with most things viral, they are already starting to study an entirely new kind of viral phenomenon: generative AI in the workplace.

Highly-ranked healthcare facilities like Boston Children’s Hospital, connected as they are to major research institutions, are some of the most prominent customer-facing operations in the healthcare industry.

And given that healthcare represents about 18 percent of the U.S. GDP, of course these organizations will want to take advantage of the latest technology that promises a revolution in productivity. 

Boston Children’s Hospital, consistently ranked among the best children’s hospitals in the U.S., employs a “Chief Innovation Officer,” John Brownstein, an epidemiologist who runs a division called the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator. Brownstein’s past work combining technology and health includes the creation of a site called “Flu Near You,” which was repurposed during the early days of the pandemic as “Covid Near You” for obvious reasons, according to New York Times Magazine. It still exists in a more general form as “Outbreaks Near Me.” It’s an unsettlingly useful website for tracking pathogens.  

And now Brownstein is turning his attention to AI.

First things first, according to Brownstein: from his standpoint there’s no need to lay anyone off just because AI is invading healthcare. “This is not meant as a replacement for the human,” Brownstein told Mashable in an April interview. “This is an augmentation. So there's always a human in the loop.” 

In April, as prompt engineering became a buzzworthy new tech job, Boston Children’s tipped its hand to the public about the fact that change was afoot when it posted a job ad seeking a prompt engineer of its own. In other words, the hospital was hiring a specialist to train AI language models that can improve hospital operations, and in theory, this person is supposed to improve conditions for hospital staff.

According to Brownstein, that’s because his department has a directive to reduce “provider burnout.” Boston Children’s has what he called “an internal team that builds tech.” Their job, he explained, is to locate places in “the world of work” where technology can play a role, but isn’t yet. They literally sit in “pain points” within Boston Children’s Hospital, and devise ways to, well, ease the pain.

What this means in practice is a bit mind-bending.

Easing the pain with AI 

One “pain point” in any hospital is directing patients from point A to point B, a tough exercise in communication that can include speed bumps like confusion due to illness or stress, or language barriers. “Already out of the gate, we can query ChatGPT with questions about how to navigate our hospital,” Brownstein said. “It's actually shocking, what these are producing without any amount of training from us.”  ChatGPT — and not some future version but the one you already have access to — can tell you how to get around “not just our hospital, but any hospital,” according to Brownstein.

So it’s more than realistic to imagine a machine kiosk where patients can receive useful answers to questions like, Brownstein offered, “Where can I pray?” And it’s probably also the hope of many healthcare workers that they don’t have to be stopped in their tracks with questions like that. Not everyone is a people person.

But Brownstein also has ideas for new ways providers can use patient data thanks to AI.

The idea that AI will be involved in the processing of actual patient data set off alarms for Mildred Cho, professor of pediatrics at Stanford’s Center for Biomedical Ethics. After reviewing the prompt engineer job ad, she told Mashable, “What strikes me about it is that the qualifications are focused on computer science and coding expertise and only ‘knowledge of healthcare research methodologies’ while the tasks include evaluating the performance of AI prompts.”

“To truly understand whether the outputs of large language models are valid to the high standards necessary for health care, an evaluator would need to have a much more nuanced and sophisticated knowledge base of medicine and also working knowledge of health care delivery systems and the limitations of their data,” Cho said. 

Cho further described a nightmare scenario: What if the prompt engineer helps retrain a language model, or tweak an automated process, but due to faulty assumptions? For instance, what if they train racial bias, or other persistent mistakes into it? Given that all data collected by people is inherently flawed, a shiny new process could be built on a foundation of errors.

“Our prompt engineer is not going to be working in a bubble,” Brownstein said. His team devotes time, he said, to worrying about “what it means to have imperfect data.” He was confident that the process wouldn’t be:“put a bunch of data in and, like, hope for the best.”

Using AI to customize discharge instructions

But lest we forget, “put in a bunch of data and hope for the best” is an apt description of how large language models work, and the results are often, well, awful

For an example where the data needs to be right-on-the-money, look no further than Brownstein’s absolutely fascinating vision for the discharge instructions of the future. You’ve probably received — and promptly thrown away — many discharge instructions.

Perhaps you got a bump on the head in a car accident. After getting checked out at the hospital and being cleared to go home, you likely received a few stapled pages of information about the signs of a concussion, how to use a cold compress, and how much ibuprofen to take. 

With an LLM trained on your individual patient information, Browstein said, the system knows, among other things, where you live, so it can tell where to go to buy your ibuprofen, or not to buy Ibuprofen at all, because you’re allergic. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

“You're doing rehab, and you need to take a walk. It's telling you to do this walk around this particular area around your house. Or it could be contextually valuable, and it can modify based on your age and various attributes about you. And it can give that output in the voice that is the most compelling to make sure that you adhere to those instructions.”

New tech historically has found its way into hospitals quickly 

David Himmelstein, a professor in the CUNY School of Public Health and a prominent critic of the U.S. for-profit healthcare system, said that while he had heard about potential uses of AI in hospitals that concerned him, this one didn’t strike him as “offensive.” He noted that discharge instructions are “almost boilerplate” anyway, and seemed unconcerned about the potential change.

However, he worries about what such systems could mean for privacy. “Who gets this information?” he wondered. “Sounds like it puts the information in the hands of Microsoft — or Google if they use their AI engine.” 

In widespread use, these are major concerns for hospitals moving forward, but Brownstein said that Boston Children’s Hospital, for its part, “is actually building internal LLMs,” meaning it won’t rely on companies like Google, Microsoft, or ChatGPT parent company OpenAI. “We actually have an environment we're building, so that we don't have to push patient data anywhere outside the walls of the hospital.” 

Himmelstein, however, pointed out that systems for automating hospitals are far from new, and have not created bureaucracy-free paradises, where work runs smoothly and efficiently, even though he noted that companies have been making such promises since the 1960s. He provided a fascinating historical document to illustrate this point: An IBM video from 1961 that promises electronic systems that will slash bureaucracy and “eliminate errors.”

But in the month since Mashable first spoke to Brownstein, the AI situation has progressed at Boston Children’s Hospital. In an email, Browstein reported “a ton of progress” on large language models, and an “incredible” prompt engineer in the process of being onboarded.

How to livestream the FA Cup final for free

Wembley Stadium from inside

SAVE 49%: Unblock BBC iPlayer or ITVX with ExpressVPN. A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £83.32 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan comes with a money-back guarantee.

The oldest national football competition in the world is reaching its conclusion this weekend, as the two sides of Manchester do battle in the FA Cup final. Millions of fans around the world will be scrambling for the best way to stream this fixture, and we're happy to help out.

If you're interested in catching all the action from the FA Cup final, we've got the information you need.

When is the FA Cup final in 2023?

This year’s FA Cup final is a derby between Manchester City and Manchester United. The rivals will come face to face at Wembley Stadium this weekend:

Manchester City vs Manchester United — 3:00 p.m. BST on June 3 (BBC/ITV)

With the Premier League season done and dusted, this is the final domestic competition fixture of the season.

Where can you watch the FA Cup final in 2023?

The game will be shown live on BBC One and ITV1, or you can livestream the fixture on BBC iPlayer and ITVX. In the U.S., ESPN+ has exclusive rights to stream the FA Cup final.

The key thing to note here is that BBC iPlayer and ITVX are completely free. The catch? You can only connect to these streaming platforms from the UK. We know this is frustrating, but there is something you can do to bypass these geo-restrictions to stream on BBC iPlayer and ITVX from anywhere in the world.

Can you livestream the FA Cup final for free?

Connecting to BBC iPlayer and ITVX to watch the FA Cup final is straightforward from the UK. Simply visit the sites and log in to watch all the action. It's really not complicated.

If you attempt to connect to these streaming services from anywhere else in the world, you'll be quickly blocked. The only way to get around these blockades is with a streaming-friendly VPN. You can use a VPN to hide your real IP address and connect to a secure server in the UK. This process is quick and easy, and tricks sites like BBC iPlayer and ITVX into thinking you are based in the UK:

  1. Sign up for a streaming-friendly service like ExpressVPN

  2. Download the app to your device of choice (the best VPNs have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more)

  3. Open up the app and connect to a server in the UK

  4. Connect to BBC iPlayer or ITVX

  5. Watch the FA Cup final from anywhere in the world

The best VPNs for streaming are not free, but they do tend to offer money-back guarantees. By using these guarantees, you can watch FA Cup livestreams without fully committing with your cash.

What is the best VPN for streaming sport?

ExpressVPN is the best service for streaming the F1 due to its impressive connection speeds, powerful levels of encryption, apps for all operating systems, five multi-logins, and helpful customer support. ExpressVPN also has a robust privacy policy, so your data is always secure when unblocking streaming platforms.

ExpressVPN is not the cheapest service, but it does offer a generous money-back guarantee. By using this guarantee, you can sign up to unblock BBC iPlayer or ITVX and stream the FA Cup final, and then recover your cash after the game. This is a sneaky trick, but it works. You can recoup your investment without hassle.

A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £83.32 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan also includes a year of free unlimited cloud backup and the all-important 30-day money-back guarantee.

Watch the FA Cup final for free with ExpressVPN.

Instagram attempts to explain 'shadowbanning', but creators still aren't happy

An illustration of a person holding up a phone in front of the Instagram logo.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri released a blog post on Wednesday in an effort to explain how the app works in relation to its algorithm, rankings, and what content people get to see. Part of this included a much-needed address of "shadowbanning": a specific kind of social media censorship that doesn't remove a post, but conceals it from public view, largely for reasons that are unclear.

"Contrary to what you might have heard," Mosseri wrote, "it’s in our interest as a business to ensure that creators are able to reach their audiences and get discovered so they can continue to grow and thrive on Instagram."

Mosseri went on to address "the community's concerns" regarding shadowbanning, essentially assuring users that Instagram will increase transparency and provide support to creators who think their content has been wrongfully suppressed.

"If anything makes your content less visible, you should know about it and be able to appeal," reads the post. Features like Account Status is one such way, where users can check if their account is being recommended to non-followers and understand other issues. Here, users can appeal should they feel their posts are being shadowbanned. Mosseri also pointed to a resource center for improving reach across Instagram and a Meta page explaining the Instagram ranking system.

Instagram may be making moves towards increased transparency around the subject, but some creators aren't totally sold.

In an accompanying video posted by Mosseri yesterday, many creators left comments thanking Mosseri for the summary. But a significant portion of the comments were coming from frustrated users, many of whom had personal complaints and seem unsure of whether their content is actually being uplifted by the app.

Influencer and entrepreneur Jocelyn McClellan (@jocelyn.mcclellan) wrote, "the one thing I don’t like is the 'shadow ban thing'", going on to say: "hardly anyone [sees] my content anymore".

"I never got in trouble at all," she wrote. "I’m verified. I reached out for help. I got one initial message back and then nothing. I have 222k followers had 224k and it went down fast and then it got down to them showing my posts to only 1,200 people instead of the thousands it had. So this doesn’t make sense to me how it happened so fast but also how it was even able to get that low with that many followers."

Another account, @thomasschoolerphotography, commented: "Instagram gives algorithm to scam bots and people who steal from others but shadow bans original content creators just trying to get their name out there".

Instagram has addressed the shadowbanning issue before, in a blog post from 2021 and a more recent update with transparency tools in 2022. Mashable has reached out to Instagram to get their response on the recent criticism, and we will update this article if we hear back.

The top iOS 17 features we might see at WWDC 2023

iOS 17 unofficial logo displayed on an iPhone

Historically, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is iOS's time to shine. It may be overshadowed a bit, by a possible mixed reality headset announcement, but iOS 17 is rumored to include some of "users' most requested features."

So while this year's WWDC may be focused on the debut of Reality Pro, there's plenty to look forward to with iOS 17. Here's what we're expecting.

Apple continues to care intimately about your health

Apple's ongoing focus on health and wellness features is rumored to factor into the iOS 17 update in a few different ways. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on a journaling app that enables users to log their thoughts and activities, which is analyzed to determine daily habits such as "how much time is spent at home compared with elsewhere, and whether a certain day included something outside the norm," said the report.

Per Gurman, Apple is also reportedly adding features to the Health app that include a mood-tracker that asks questions about your day and shows results over time, and a tool for managing vision conditions such as nearsightedness. Later in the year, it's rumored that Apple will announce a coaching app for Apple Watch, which will sync up with the iPhone's Health app, so these potential iOS 17 features may be laying the groundwork for that.

Your iPhone could become your smart home display

We might also see some iOS 17 features related to screen functionality. According to Gurman, Apple is working on an iPhone lock screen interface that works like a smart home display a la Google Next or Amazon Echo. When positioned horizontally, the interface would show "information such as calendar appointments, the weather and notifications," building on the lock screen widgets that were announced with last year's iOS 16, said Gurman.

There's also a rumor about a Control Center revamp, which hasn't been updated since 2017. This comes from an anonymous source who posted on the MacRumors forums and accurately predicted details about the Dynamic Island. Still, the rumor hasn't been confirmed by anyone else, so take it with a grain of salt.

Apple Wallet might get a revamp

On the MacRumors podcast, Gurman said he expected to see updates to Apple Wallet, although the details are unclear. Apple has been making a big push to add financial services to its devices, so it would make sense for Wallet to get some attention at WWDC.

Apple Pay Later, which lets users pay for products in installments, launched in the U.S. this past March and Tap to Pay, which enables transactions without the need for a payment terminal or a card reader like Square is coming later this year.

Support for the XR headset that's definitely, maybe being announced

Apple's rumored XR headset "Reality Pro" is expected to be the headlining event of this year's WWDC. The hardware will be paired with its own operating system reportedly called xrOS that has an interface familiar to Apple users, but obviously with different methods of performing tasks that may include combining eye movements with hand gestures.

The headset can allegedly be used as a standalone device, but can be connected with other Apple devices like an iPhone or Mac for certain tasks. If Apple announces Reality Pro, it stands to reason that iOS 17 will come with some kind of xrOS integration.

More details on accessibility features

In May, Apple previewed new accessibility tools and features, that include Assistive Access, which simplifies the experience of Apple's essential apps for people with cognitive disabilities, Live Speech, which provides text to audio during live calls, and Detection Mode, which magnifies and reads aloud text and labels on objects for people who are blind or have low vision.

In the announcement, Apple said these tools would come "later this year." Since WWDC typically announces operating system news, we might get some more details about availability.

A sideloading win for developers

To comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act, Apple is required to allow third-party apps to be downloaded outside of the App Store by 2024. According to a December 2022 report from Gurman, Apple is planning to make this practice, also known as "sideloading," possible with iOS 17.

For developers, this means they wouldn't have to pay up to 30 percent for a commission fee just for their apps to be used on Apple devices. It may not seem like a big deal to non-developers, but consider this: you'd finally be able to play Fortnite on your iPhone without some kind of loophole.

Other potential iOS 17 announcements

Previewed at WWDC 2022, this year's event might announce new CarPlay updates that would be supported by iOS 17. We might see updates to Apple Music with lyrics on the lock screen, according to a leak picked up by 9to5Mac. Gurman reported possible upgrades to SharePlay and making it easier to use AirPlay on devices you don't own, i.e. beaming content in hotels.

Watch the 'Succession' cast talk about their emotional last day of filming

A close-up of a red-haired woman looking at the camera and smiling.

Still feeling emotional that Succession has come to an end? Well, so are the cast.

In a video released by Max on Wednesday, Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck, Brian Cox, Nicholas Braun and J. Smith-Cameron share their memories of the end of filming, as well as some of their favourite scenes from the show.

The highlight? Ruck sharing the Roys' "traditional toast": "Here's to you / Here's to me / The best of friends we'll always be / But if some day we disagree / Fuck off."

All episodes of Succession are now streaming on Max.

Get warm and cool water from this easy-install bidet, only $99.99

Bidet controls attached to a toilet

TL;DR: As of June 1, get the BUTT BUDDY Spa Bidet Toilet Attachment for just $99.99 — That's a 33% discount.

Father's Day is coming up, and whether your dad wants to cut down on paper products or just likes a good home luxury experience, he might enjoy an easy-install spa bidet attachment that enhances the functionality of his porcelain throne. The BUTT BUDDY Spa Bidet Toilet Attachment is quick to install and adds a whole new level of soothing cleaning to your regular bathroom activities. Order by June 5 for $99.99 if you want to make sure the BUTT BUDDY arrives in time to unite with your dad’s toilet on Father’s Day. 

Get your dad a bidet for Father’s Day 

The name might be silly, but this is a gift that could seriously level up your dad’s bathroom. The three-step installation is simple and only requires you to briefly shut off the water, detach a hose from your toilet, and attach the bidet in place of your old toilet seat. The modern, slim design may fit most toilets, and the control panel is conveniently off to the side for easy access when you need it and an unobtrusive presence when you don’t. This bidet doesn’t need any electrical work, but it can still provide warm water on demand using the built-in warm water T-Valve Adapter. 

Once it’s installed, this bidet might be the new star of the house. The knob controls water pressure and pressure while the other controls the two nozzles. One is for front washing while the other targets the behind. If the whole family is getting together to visit dad for the big day, this bidet could be a winner that saves your old man a whole lot of toilet paper. 

Save toilet paper with a bidet 

If you’re still looking for a Father’s Day gift, try something that could make his life a little easier every day.

For a limited time, get the BUTT BUDDY Spa Bidet Toilet Attachment for $99.99. Order by June 5 to make sure it arrives by Father’s Day. 

Prices subject to change.

16 of the best Squarespace templates for blogs, portfolios, stores, and beyond

squarespace's website pulled up on an imac sitting on a wooden desk that's surrounded by plants

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mashable readers can save 10% on new Squarespace plans with the coupon code MASHABLE10.

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform for creating and customizing mobile-friendly websites. With intuitive drag-and-drop building elements and a vast selection of ultra-modern templates that eliminate the need for coding knowledge, it's easy to see why it's a preferred pick for many first-time website owners.

Truthfully, the hardest part about designing a Squarespace site is often just choosing one of those templates — there are over 240 of them across Squarespace versions 7.0 and 7.1, the two iterations of the platform it currently supports, with more added every few months. How do you decide which one to use for your oil painting portfolio, your Taiwanese-American food blog, or the online store for your cool-girl jeans? (Those are all different kinds of websites that have been made with Squarespace, FYI.)

If you're seriously stuck, you can try your hand at creating your own template from scratch using Squarespace Blueprint, a five-step design system that walks users through professionally curated layout options, font pairings, and color palettes. (It's new as of May 2023.) But for those who need a little extra guidance, we've rounded up 16 of the best pre-made Squarespace templates for all sorts of sites below.

Note: Most of our recommendations are from Squarespace version 7.1, but we've sprinkled in a few options from version 7.0 that continue to stand out. Templates have been labeled accordingly.

Make summer deep cleaning a breeze with $250 off the Dyson Outsize+

Red Dyson Outsize+ vacuum stick vacuuming a dog bed with a dog in the background

SAVE $250: As of June 1, the Dyson Outsize+ vacuum is on sale for $699.99, or 26% off the original $949.99 retail price. Find it at Amazon and at Dyson.

A deal on one of Dyson's most powerful, long-running, technology-loaded vacuums is here, just in time for your big summer clean. The Outsize+ detangles hair, has a bigger bin than the V15 Detect model, and comes equipped with a laser that illuminates all that sneaky, microscopic dust. Your newly glistening floors will thank you for the purchase.

As of June 1, the Dyson Outsize+ is on sale at Amazon and Dyson for $699.99, down from $949.99. That's a markdown of $250 (26% off of the original price) and the lowest price we've seen on this model. For reference, the comparative V15 Detect currently sells for $642.94 at Amazon, but it has half of the Outsize+'s run time and 120 versus 220 air watts of suction power. If you need big suction power and a big dustbin to match, this one's for you.

As if lasers, mighty suction, and applause-worthy battery life aren't enough, the Outsize+ also boasts a hair screw tool that picks up dog (and human) hair, six-layer filtration, and a Digital Motorbar XL cleaner head that's 25% wider than what the V15 Detect has. The Outsize+, regardless of its monicker, is still lightweight (only one pound heavier than its V15 Detect cousin) and designed with ease of use in mind. Lift it in one easy motion from a wall dock, quickly empty out the bin's contents with the "point and shoot" feature, and change between its two battery packs with the press of a button.

Note though that if 7.9 pounds is not light enough for you, Dyson's other products like the 5.2-pound V12 Detect Slim (which we reviewed and loved) and 5.6-pound V8 cordless vacuums might be better alternatives — without costing a very literal arm and leg.

It's time to bring back 'Trial and Error'

John Lithgow as Larry Henderson in

This summer, comedy and crime collide with a trio of hotly anticipated TV shows: Only Murders In the Building, Based on a True Story, and The Afterparty. Each series finds humor in the dark hearts of true crime fans, gleefully investigating the twisted fantasies of citizen detectives, aspiring podcasters, and spiraling suspects. But before the success of Only Murders — which might be credited for this wave of cozy crime comedy — there was Trial & Error, a superb sitcom ahead of its time and gone too soon. 

Airing from March 14, 2017, to August 23, 2018, Trial & Error earned praise from critics but was dropped by NBC after 2 seasons. Its producing studio, Warner Bros. Television, sought a new home for a possible Season 3, telling Deadline in January of 2019, "We are open to an opportunity to continue the series, should one arise in the future.” No network nor streaming platform took the chance then, but now? Now is the perfect time to give this show a retrial.  

True crime is a booming business in entertainment, spurring countless podcasts, documentaries, and TV series based on real cases. Aside from the fictional comedies mentioned above, shows like Inventing Anna, Love & Death, The Thing About Pam, and Joe vs. Carole have taken real, notorious cases and turned them into darkly comedic television. But before all of these, Trial & Error found the funny in the horror, and without naming names. 

What was Trial & Error

Created by Jeff Astrof and Matthew Miller, Trial & Error parodied provocative murder cases with a mockumentary setup that nodded to its inspirations. Season 1 centered on the trial against Larry Henderson (John Lithgow in goofy Third Rock From The Sun mode), a married man and avid roller skater accused of fatally throwing his wife through a window in their home.

Details of the case, including the revelation of a shocking same-sex affair, bizarre blood spatter, and a feather-brained alternate theory, are plucked from the 2004 documentary series The Staircase. (There's also the controversial dramatic series The Staircase, starring such prestigious talent as Colin Firth and Toni Collette as Michael and Kathleen Peterson.) Like the accused Michael Peterson, Lithgow's alleged wife-slayer got questionably chummy with the documentary crew that followed him around, in his case repeatedly putting his foot in his mouth and appearing on camera without pants. 

Season 2 dug into other areas of true crime, but most notably it referenced The Jinx, with Kristin Chenoweth as a gender-swapped Robert Durst. As the wealthy and reckless Lavinia Peck-Foster, she was a vision of perversion facilitated by extreme privilege and assumed invincibility. While the show takes major liberties with each story — and doesn't directly note being loosely inspired by real events — Astrof and Miller were sure to include some of the stranger-than-fiction bits of Durst's story, like cross-dressing to avoid detection, shoplifting a sandwich despite being absurdly rich, and whispering a clumsy confession in a bathroom while wearing a mic pack. 

For true crime die-hards, a creepy thrill comes from recognizing these tidbits of macabre trivia. However, Trial & Error is hilarious even without these eerie Easter Eggs. (Sincerely, I watched and loved the first season before I'd seen a single sequence of The Staircase.)

Trial & Error was a fish-out-of-water comedy full of slapstick, silliness, and satire. 

Nicholas D'Agosto as lawyer Josh Segal in "Trial & Error."
Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

Behind the flashy conceit of true crime turned comedy, this series centered on a promising young attorney from New York who is out of his depths in a deeply eccentric Southern small town. Josh Segal (a chipper and charming Nicholas D'Agosto) is fresh-faced and idealistic, raring to fight hard and fair for his first murder trial defendant ever. But all his education and poise have not prepared him for the quirks of East Peck, South Carolina, where the accents twang, the locals celebrate nonsensical holidays, and "brother-cousin" is as casual a phrase as "lady driver." 

Josh is bewildered by all of it, from his bumpkin assistants (Steven Boyer and Sherri Shepherd) to the hard-nosed prosecutor (Jayma Mays) whose thirst for a death penalty conviction nearly matches her lust for sexually explicit banter. Each episode not only threw a new complication Josh's way — be it an alibi issue, a recovered potential murder weapon, or the revelation of a past crime with new relevance — but also a new outrageous element of East Peck's culture.

The mockumentary setup offers a space for Josh to regard the audience as confidantes, welcoming us into his thought process. But more than that, it offers the show's most bizarre characters a place to be more than punchlines (though there are plenty of those in the talking head interviews as well). Within snagged reaction shots and chaotic interviews, the tourist and the Peckers come to vibrant life, so you can't help but root for all of them, even if someone's got to lose. 

Through the building ridiculousness, Trial & Error was not only wildly amusing, but it also offered an earnest critique of the American justice system and the way it can be swayed by big personalities, big money, and lawyers more focused on their careers than decency. The courtroom is presented as a wrestling ring where playing by the rules is no sure way to win. So, what does this mean for a noble lawyer looking to do his best for his client? It means ending up in all kinds of comically compromising positions. 

Yet for all the corruption, crime, and culture clashes in Trial & Error, the show maintained the kind of jaunty optimism of Parks and Recreation. No matter what obstacles Josh and his team face, they faced it together, chins up. The show reveled in pulling the rug out beneath them, almost at the end of every single episode, creating a cliffhanger setup that makes this show an absolutely addictive binge. But there's no stress to the tension of whether or not Josh will win the day, not only because this is a sitcom so he'll never win or lose too hard, but also because the vibe of this show is that fighting the good fight is a victory all its own. Things in East Peck never get too bleak, making Trial & Error a wonderful pick for feel-good watching.

As wacky and truly weird as Trial & Error was, perhaps we should just be grateful we got two pretty stellar seasons of it. But on a recent rewatch, I was haunted by what could have been. 

What would Trial & Error have done in Season 3?

Jayma Mays as the prosecutor in "Trial & Error."
Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

One of the wildest running jokes of Trial & Error is about their witch trials…of 1994. What begins as a punchline meant to point out how backward this Southern town is becomes a setup for Season 3 at the very end of the second season's finale. 

As Josh and his team celebrate a hard-won victory, a phone call comes into their office's answering machine. A male voice says, "Hi. I don't know if you followed the witch trials of 1994. I need you to help free the East Peck Three. Those two boys need your help." 

First up, they're the East Peck Three, but there are two of them. Classic Trial & Error. Beyond that, based on the name and the gender of the (wrongfully?) convicted, it seems Astrof and Miller were fixing to tap another true crime classic for their third season, the Paradise Lost trilogy. This documentary series directed by Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger famously followed the case of the West Memphis Three, teenage boys who were accused of killing children as part of a Satanic ritual. It's the grimmest source material the show would have dealt with to date. And yet, I can't shake the desire to see what humor and life lessons would be plumbed from such darkness. Plus, the Satanic Panic is a great topic to probe if the show's creators are up to turning their satirical eye on modern moral panics — say, over drag queens and trans people's access to bathrooms. 

Could Trial & Error return? 

Kristin Chenoweth dances on the jury box in "Trial & Error."
Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

Why not? There's a slew of TV shows that have come back years after cancellation, from Doctor Who to Arrested Development to Full House and Futurama, which returns again this summer after 10 years away. 

The core cast and crew have moved on, but not so far that a reunion would be impossible. And just imagine what guest stars they could bring on board for another spin around East Peck. Off the top of my head, it'd be a dizzying delight to see child star turned comedy genius Daniel Radcliffe join this crew as one of the East Peck Three. Maybe Amazon Studios could pick up this option and bring some of their stars into the fold, like Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge as a journalist who wrote a book on the three and so is dedicated to getting them exonerated? Perhaps Disney could pick it up and give us a mockumentary crossover event, where What We Do In The Shadows' Jackie Daytona comes to testify — at night, naturally. And this is just me spitballing without a murder board or anything!

Truly, there's a world of incredible potential for where Trial & Error could go next. If only some studio/streamer would have the guts to take a stand. 

Trial & Error is available to stream on Prime Video. 

It's time we all admit that Vanessa is 'The Little Mermaid's best character

A sea witch wearing a bedazzled black dress stands in front of a glowing cauldron.

To be completely honest, I never was the biggest fan of Ariel as a kid. Now, was it in any way caused somehow by Ariel's character or a distaste towards merfolk in general? Not at all. It was because Vanessa, in all her entrancing evil, was calling to me instead. 

No Disney hero or villain embodies the aloof It Girl persona more than Ursula's human alter ego, Vanessa. We truly know nothing about her besides that she's hot, her dresses are gorgeous, she's wickedly wild, and for some reason Ursula really liked the name Vanessa enough to use it as a pseudonym. She's sultry, seductive, and sinister, a femme fatale with siren eyes to catch both a killer and a lover. And she does absolutely nothing in the original animated iteration of The Little Mermaid besides showing up and slaying. 

A collage of a woman wearing a red dress posing on a carpet, and a cartoon illustration of a woman with brown hair wearing a white dress.
Credit: L: Matt Winkelmeyer/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images. R: Screenshot Disney+

Naturally, I was worried about how a character so close and dear to my heart would be reimagined in the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. But when I saw Jessica Alexander, who plays Vanessa, completely kill it on The Little Mermaid's red carpet, I knew I was in good hands. This most recent adaptation dances between paying homage to the animated classic and introducing new additions to the story — some of which are great and others that are, well, interesting. And while Vanessa's character arc stays relatively true to the animated version, Alexander's diabolical embodiment is infused with so much evil and decadence that you'll begging for a Vanessa spin-off. 

Whereas the animated film introduces Vanessa as she walks on the beach and "sings," the live-action Little Mermaid has Vanessa seated on a rock on the windy beach, her voice swirling alongside each gust of wind. The reimagined introduction is arguably much stronger, setting the scene for a new, more maniacal Vanessa who wants your attention. Her slayful streak continues as she lounges in her room in the palace — wearing black lingerie, might I add — dropping a roaring "So long, Red!" before breaking into "Vanessa's Trick" (a positive addition to The Little Mermaid soundtrack). And yes, her mirror scene with Ursula (Melissa McCarthy) is definitely cooler than the animated reveal. 

However, the real standout Vanessa moment for me was her complete meltdown during her wedding to Eric (Jonah Hauer-King). I appreciated the fight between Ariel (Halle Bailey) and Vanessa; it's nice to see Disney let the girlies lean into chaos. But watching Vanessa crumble to the floor while cackling, screaming, and crying, then flashing a crazed smile as Ursula's violent vibrato rings through the crowd? To me, that's cinema.

"You're too LATE!" she screams, as she watches Ariel turn back into a mermaid. If you blink twice, it's almost as if you're watching Toni Collette's "I am your mother" monologue from Hereditary

The real charm of Alexander's Vanessa is that she relies entirely upon physical acting to bring out the character. At no point in the film do we ever actually hear Vanessa's own voice; it's either Ariel's singing or Ursula's monologuing, yet Vanessa still feels like she has a life of her own. Alexander, with her teeth-baring cackles and eyes permanently glued to her prey, both feels like an extension of McCarthy's Ursula and her own independent character. 

A close up of a woman wearing bold makeup, basked in purple light.
Credit: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Both Ursula and Vanessa are melodramatic yet incredibly divine forces, and the live-action Little Mermaid allows their villainy to sprawl and whip, much like Ursula's tentacles. It's almost as if Rob Marshall recognized how loved the duo are and so gave us a Vanessa at her absolute, unhinged best to match McCarthy's over-the-top, wicked sea queen. Vanessa is allowed to scream, cry, kick, and crawl. She throws a tantrum while wearing the most gorgeous dress you've ever seen. And I need to see so much more of her!

I love women. And I particularly love feral women. Vanessa may have only been on screen for a mere ten minutes, but she stole my heart and ate it all the same. 

The Little Mermaid is now playing in theaters. 

Get a versatile Japanese chef knife for $79.97 this Father's Day

kiru knife chef knife on counter next to broccoli and lemons

TL;DR: Through June 11, you can snag the Kiru Knife Kitchen Master 8-Inch Chef Knife for only $79.97 instead of $156.99. That's a savings of nearly 50%.

Father's Day gift shopping isn't always easy, but a good place to start is with his hobbies. If your dad is a whiz in the kitchen, give him a gift that will make food prep easier and faster, not to mention more enjoyable. Whether he's cutting a thick slab of meat, chopping veggies, or deftly slicing the crusts off a fresh sandwich, the Kiru Knife™ Kitchen Master 8-Inch Chef Knife could be just the thing for dads that love to cook. Normally, you'd have to drop $156.99 on this particular knife, but until June 11, you can get it for only $79.97. Order by June 5 if you want it to arrive by Father's Day. 

Take a stab at a quality chef knife for gourmet dads 

If your dad needs a new multipurpose chef knife that's designed to last, this blade is constructed with 67 layers of high-carbon stainless steel cladding and a Japanese VG10 cutting core. The Kiru knife has been sharpened and polished in three stages until it has been brought to an impressive 8° to 12°. Plus, the striking feather pattern makes this blade aesthetically pleasing to boot. 

Even the G-10 Garolite handle merges form and function. The colors may be vibrant and eye-catching, but this handle is also designed to be resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. The ergonomic design could also keep your dad from getting sore after a long chopping session. Make sure to pack some wine pairings for the Father's Day cookout. 

A gift for the dad chef 

If your dad is never far from his next big cookout, then make your Father's Day gift one he can use every day.

Until June 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT, get the Kiru Knife™ Kitchen Master 8-Inch Chef Knife on sale for $79.97 (reg. $156). Order by June 5 to make sure it's delivered in time for Father's Day. 

Prices subject to change. 

Fly into Father's Day with this beginner-friendly 4K drone, now only $80

global drone 4k with sky and mountains in background

TL;DR: Through June 11, you can get the Global Drone 4K Platinum Version for only $79.97 instead of $119.99. That's a savings of 34%, just in time for Father's Day.

If your dad is into cool remote-controlled gadgets he can fly, a drone could be a great gift. Not only is it a fun hobby, but flying a drone allows you to capture stunning photos and videos from above. Though some drones for personal use can get very expensive, the Global Drone 4K Platinum Version is an affordable option for beginners.

The Global Drone 4K Platinum Version is on sale for an extra 34% off, just in time for Father's Day. Designed to be beginner-friendly, it packs a 4K HD camera, roll and flip technology, WiFi functionality, and more. You can score it for only $79.97 until June 11 — but be sure to order by June 5 to make sure it arrives for the big day.

Your dad can have all sorts of fun with this drone that's capable of capturing high-definition photos and videos from above. Its 4K HD camera can capture all sorts of details, while its altitude hold mode function delivers a more stable flight. He see what he's capturing in real time, then share it with everyone using the accompanying app.

Headless mode locks the direction of the remote controller, simplifying the drone-flying experience altogether. But if he wishes to experiment, he can tinker with the 360-degree roll and flip technology that makes the drone perform all sorts of mid-air tricks. Three levels of flight speed offers lots of room to play. Plus, it's been designed to be lightweight and durable, making it great for travel.

The Global Drone 4K Platinum Version usually retails for $119.99, but from now until June 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you can get it for only $79.97. But be sure to get your order in on or before June 5 to ensure delivery by Father's Day.

Prices subject to change.

Be prepared for car emergencies with this $110 portable jump starter

autowit supercap 2 plugged into car engine

TL;DR: Through June 11, the Autowit SuperCap 2: 12V Battery-Less Portable Jump Starter is on sale for just $109.97 instead of $149.99 — that's a savings of 27% for a limited time. To get it in time for Father's Day, order by June 5.

The Autowit SuperCap 2: 12V Battery-Less Portable Jump Starter is an excellent option for anyone who owns a car, motorcycle, tractor, or boat with a 12V battery. Grab one for only $109.97 (reg. $149.99), but order by June 5 for delivery before Father's Day.

Whether you drive your car to work, your motorcycle to Sturgis, or your boat to cruise around the lake, chances are good you may find yourself with a dead battery at some point. Having the SuperCap 2 on hand offers an extra layer of protection for emergencies.

Whereas lithium-ion jump starters hold a pre-charge and thus require some maintenance, the SuperCap uses a supercapacitor to gain a charge from your vehicle's weak battery. This means you don't have to constantly maintain its battery life to be prepared for emergencies. 

Here’s a closer look at how this jump starter really works:

  1. When the vehicle’s battery is dead, grab the SuperCap out of its case.

  2. Hook up the alligator clamps to the negative and positive terminals on the battery.

  3. The SuperCap draws out some of the battery's remaining energy to charge itself. You could also power it up with a portable charger.

  4. Once the supercapacitors are charged, press the red button on the SuperCap.

  5. Turn the vehicle’s key, and it's supposed to start right up.

The manufacturers state that the SuperCap has been tested to withstand more than 100,000 times of repeated use, which is probably more than most users need. It’s also designed to work in temperatures of -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Give your loved one (or yourself!) a gift that could come in handy in the case of an emergency.

Through June 11, get the Autowit SuperCap 2: 12V Battery-Less Portable Jump Starter for only $109.97 (reg. $149.99), with no coupon needed — order by June 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT if you want it to arrive in time for Father's Day.

Prices subject to change.

How to watch 'Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show' from your living room

trixie and katya live on tour

Watch 'Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show' from your living room with these deals:

Looking for a fun way to kick off Pride Month and give back to the LGBTQ community? Drag superstar comedy duo Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova are bringing their record-breaking theatrical show to living rooms across the world and benefitting the Drag Isn't Dangerous fund in the process.

Though they recently wrapped their Trixie and Katya Live! tour, the dynamic duo wanted to give it a proper send-off with a livestream fans can enjoy at home. Trixie and Katya. Live: The Last Show will be available as a global livestream from June 1 through 14 only. “Even the most homophobic zip codes in the world will be able to enjoy this wholesome romp,” Mattel said in a press release.

If you missed the groundbreaking live tour or you want to relive the drag dream team's performance from your couch, here's what you need to know.

What is Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show?

Trixie and Katya Live! mixes comedy and music into a kooky and entertaining drag show spectacular. The Last Show is an edited compilation of 14 different Trixie and Katya live shows filmed throughout the tour, giving at-home viewers a glimpse into the live experience.

Fans also have the option to access bonus behind-the-scenes content and confessionals from the cast and crew with a Series Pass upgrade.

How does the livestream give back?

Both Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova saw the global livestream as an incredible opportunity to give back to the LGBTQ community. Thus, they're pledging — along with their team at Obsessed — a minimum of $50,000 to the Drag Isn't Dangerous fund. Plus, a dollar from every livestream ticket will also go toward the fund, meaning you'll be giving back as well.

“I am so happy to team up with this charity endeavor because the only danger in drag is feeling TOO good about yourself and loving toward others," Mattel commented.

How to watch Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show

Trixie and Katya. Live: The Last Show will be streaming exclusively on Veeps from June 1 to 14. Veeps is a streaming service that offers live concerts and events from anywhere in the world. Instead of paying a subscription fee, you buy tickets to the events of your choosing and tune into the stream from any internet-connected device.

For access to The Last Show livestream, you'll have to purchase a ticket from Veeps for $19.99. This gives you access to the show, which streams live at 9 p.m. ET, and gets you 48 hours of rewatch access.

Want even more Trixie and Katya? For an extra $10 you can snag a series pass, which includes livestream access as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes content and confessionals from the cast and crew for the whole streaming period. Considering a ticket to the live event would've run you at least double the cost, these livestream tickets are quite the steal. Plus, knowing a portion of your ticket price is going toward the Drag Isn't Dangerous fund makes it worthwhile if you're a supporter of the art form.

How to prepare to thrive professionally in an AI-integrated workforce

An illustrated man wearing glasses uses technology with multiple arms in front of a green tech-themed background pattern

As a millennial career coach and a fan of history, the complicated relationship that humanity has had with its own technological creations throughout time has shaped my views on how to adapt to change and remain in demand in any industry. The various cycles of emerging technology always enlighten, frighten, and inspire the masses until we adjust and change our mindsets to embrace the disruption.

Right now Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new kid on the block — even though it's been around for decades — that's being introduced as the radical change that threatens to upend our society. It is scaring the hell out of people as we wrestle with our imaginations over how it will transform the ways we operate in our lives, how we perceive our jobs, and what the future may hold for our careers. 

Check this: In the '90s, it was the rise of the desktop computer, in the 2000s it was the rise of the internet and digital media, and the 2010s saw an emphasis placed on streaming, the cloud, and the instant availability of content. 

Each change was significant in not just how people consumed media, but also with how different job markets were impacted. It's easy to see where the healthy dose of fear is coming from — when living in a capitalist society, it's become a given that most companies will use every advantage they have to make the greatest amount of money with the least amount of human capital. But within these huge shifts also lies opportunity for those able to grow into new roles inevitably created during times of broad innovation.

The definition of what makes you an impactful contributor changes constantly. In the wake of any new tech wave, the most important thing for people to do to protect themselves in their careers is to be prepared to upskill their existing professional repertoire.

Learning from automation-fueled errors of the past

When analyzing how drastically technology can alter a workplace, the automotive industry can be seen as a good lesson on what can go right and wrong with the introduction of new, disruptive technology. 

I can still remember feeling dismayed watching the Michael Moore documentary Roger & Me years ago, learning about the economic decline of Flint, Michigan, in the Detroit region following General Motors, Ford, and other auto manufacturers significantly cutting back their workforces after outsourcing jobs and leveraging automation. 

Modern movements embracing automation originated in the 1950s with the goal of creating more efficient motor plants and, in some cases, to undercut union strongholds. Eventually these moves, among many others, contributed to the loss of the former stability of the local auto manufacturing industry and subsequent ruination of Detroit's economy, and the Motor City went from being an economic hub for blue-collar work to being known as a city in perpetual decline.

Given highly visible precedent like this, the fear people have towards this type of modernization and what it might mean for their careers and livelihoods is understandable, but it shouldn't be encouraged — or dismissed. The human cost seen in Detroit wasn't solely driven by automation and isn't inevitable in future instances of tech integration, but it must be considered to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Change is not inherently good or bad, it's just change, and humans have always managed to adapt, for better or worse. Hear me out.

It may sound a bit radical, but when I see how AI and automation have been disrupting the world of tech, I get excited because it all screams one thing to me: freedom.

Leveling up in the next era of tech

The revolution that happens when a new norm is established creates boundless potential for what comes next. In the case of the automotive industry, the tremendous upsides to a technology-driven shift were clear: Work environments became safer, decision-making became streamlined, and, independent of losses in traditional assembly jobs, a host of new roles were created to fulfill needs to maintain and enhance the machinery, in addition to facilitating integration within the workforce.

It was as much of a start to a new era as it was the end of the old. 

This isn't just exclusive to the auto industry, but can be seen across sectors. Throughout history, technology has not only made it easier for us to work, it has created opportunities to explore new and exciting career paths that simply didn't exist before.

Since the dawn of time humans have used technology to make their lives easier — from the creation of the wheel to the harnessing of electricity, from the automation of the assembly line to the introduction of household microwaves that allowed us to cut down our meal preparation time drastically. 

Technological advancements like automation allow us to alleviate physically demanding or dangerous tasks, potentially expanding accessibility and enabling some workers to transition into roles they find more fulfilling and intellectually stimulating.

These advances, while disruptive at first, can be a huge boon to moving our society forward as they encourage people to constantly pursue lifelong learning. I value my freedom of choice above all else and always believe in never allowing ourselves to be boxed in by a limited set of skills that are only suited for one particular career path.

Embracing a growth mindset to find your next lane

The fear that AI will replace the human workforce is hyperbolic, an exaggeration. One of the foundational things to understand about automation, as well as AI, is that this technology can only achieve maximum success when working within certain predefined parameters. Human input of some degree — and managing the chaos that comes with the unpredictability of human nature — will remain a crucial component in the AI-integrated future of work, but it will be on us to determine where we fit into that evolution.

Forcing more people to consciously invest in their own continuous development will allow for greater flexibility in career options for many. The new "cheat code" for a career will be finding ways to incorporate AI into your workflow to enhance what you're already able to produce — this will be key in staying relevant in a rapidly changing job market.

The introduction of AI and automation to the white-collar space will, ironically, allow for greater emotional intelligence within the workplace. By automating repetitive and laborious tasks, AI and automation will enhance the capabilities of white-collar workers, enabling them to focus on higher-level tasks that require creativity, critical thinking, and emotional quotient (EQ).

In theory, people will have a higher chance of finding passion within their workplace because they'll have more free time to pursue projects that require a higher level of strategic thinking. 

Cultivating digital literacy and technological proficiency to effectively collaborate with AI tools and algorithms will be among the most important assets for white-collar workers to be able to offer going forward. This changing job market will put even greater emphasis on the development of ever-valuable transferable skills, such as adaptability, complex problem-solving, and interpersonal communication.

Emerging job roles will be in demand due to the increased use of AI and automation; for example, white-collar workers with high EQ could pivot into becoming AI trainers to help people with reskilling. Data-oriented people could become information analysts. And all the people who are worried about the potential dangers of AI could leverage that fear into becoming ethics consultants or other professionals overseeing regulation and responsible applications. 

The business of ethical considerations associated with AI and automation, such as data privacy, algorithmic biases, and the need for transparent decision-making processes will be ascendent as AI becomes more mainstream and woven throughout our lives. But it will be important for white-collar workers to embrace a growth mindset and be open to new opportunities that arise with advancements in AI and automation in order to find their next lane.  

Building pathways to the future of work: The big picture 

The bigger discussion of how to move into the new era without succumbing to the same missteps of the past should surround the importance of collaboration between governments, educational institutions, and businesses to ensure a smooth transition to a future that embraces AI and automation. 

As AI becomes the dominant emerging technology it's important to put pressure on legislative bodies for policies that support and, in some cases, force employers to invest in job reskilling and upskilling initiatives. Developing equitably accessible, lifelong learning opportunities to empower individuals to adapt to the evolving job market, and supporting robust pathways for blue-collar workers and others to build livelihoods in trades and fields projected for longevity, must be part of the conversation surrounding the future of work in an AI-integrated society. 

And, if a broadened support network of retraining and relocation opportunities can facilitate a shift away from the burdens of student debt and employer-based healthcare, perhaps AI could someday be looked back on as having been a catalyst toward advancements in the freedom found through career and social mobility. One can only hope.

While it's natural and even wise to have concerns about the impact of AI and automation on jobs, we must approach this future with a positive outlook. It's coming, whether we're ready or not. By acknowledging the potential benefits, preparing ourselves through continuous learning, and advocating for supportive policies, we can shape a future where humans and technology work together to create a more prosperous and fulfilling society. 

The key lies in embracing change and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead. Disruption and change always present the possibility of a better future, and that's a vision we should all be ready to embrace.

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Best mattress deals this week: Extended Memorial Day sales and more

Purple RestorePremier Mattress

UPDATE: Jun. 1, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT This list has been updated to reflect the latest mattress deals this week. Check out our top picks below:

Best mattress deals this week

Best memory foam mattress deal
The Casper mattress

Splurging while online shopping isn't always advisable — unless you're shopping for a mattress. In that case, we recommend worrying less about the price tag and more about the quality of what you're buying. That doesn't mean you should scoff at a solid discount, though, and that's exactly what we're here for. Every week, we'll be rounding up all the best mattress sales from across the web. Time for some sweet deals and sweet dreams. (Note: All prices are for queen-sized mattresses.)

Best budget mattress deal

Why we like it

The Bear Original mattress may be on the cheaper side, but that doesn't seem to affect the quality. Featuring four separate layers, the Bear Original employs a breathable quilt cover, cooling gel, dynamic memory foam, and firm support foam to create a mattress that'll keep you cozy through the night. The queen size is currently on sale for $649 as part of Bear's 35% off flash sale.

Best memory foam mattress deal

Why we like it

Casper's newest launch, The Casper, serves as an homage to the mattress that started it all. The mattress employs layers of Casper's signature foam, as well as premium memory foam to provide comfort and ergonomic support through the night. It also makes great use of the brand's patented AirScape technology, which keeps the mattress breathable and diverts heat and humidity away from you while you count sheep. If you pick up The Casper directly from the company's website, you'll even get some extras, including a sheet set and a Casper Pillow.

More mattress deals by brand







Brentwood Home

Brooklyn Bedding




Eight Sleep



Mattress Firm







Sleep Number


Tuft & Needle



Want to know more about LGBTQ history? Follow these accounts.

An illustration of the Instagram logo with a rainbow Pride pattern below it.

The protection of LGBTQ communities and their complex, deep histories is an ongoing battle waged by activists, politicians, and historians around the world. As government leaders and public figures attempt to diminish both the rights and visibility of these groups, observers of the political battleground don't have to sit idly by. From political advocacy to personal education, communities can rally behind the cause, armed with a depth of knowledge proving how the past can inform the future.

Accessible education has always been a significant tool for social change, and in the age of the internet, that rings more true than ever. Where lack of physical access used to be a nail in the coffin for accessing diverse, thorough information, growing technology and social media have risen to bridge much of that gap.

Digital divides still exist for many, but it's now easier than ever to access knowledge that would have been nearly impossible to find just a few decades ago. And that's incredibly important to communities that have had their histories systematically ignored, especially LGBTQ people, and LGBTQ people of color in particular.

So, on top of all the political organizing, nonprofit support, and social media engagement you put into bolstering LGBTQ communities, dive into the troves of LGBTQ history floating around the internet. It's a vital part of our nation's — and the global community's — existence. Here are just a handful of the many accounts sharing various parts of these communities' long histories.

Creators and social media campaigns


One of the biggest accounts on the list with more than 485,000 followers, Rainbow History Class is a TikTok-based crash course in all facets of LGBTQ history and culture. Videos span just about every topic, from stories about influential trans women in the music industry, like Grammy winner Wendy Carlos and the Academy Award-recognized composer Angela Morley, to a historical recounting of lesbian and gay solidarity during the HIV and AIDS crisis.

Beyond its regular host and contributor, Australian creative and pop culture enthusiast Rudy Jean Rigg, the account also invites outside voices (called "substitute teachers") to contribute commentary and featured history lessons based on their own areas of expertise (many videos focus on LGBTQ Australian history, in particular). Visit Rainbow History Class's website for more information on its mission and the account's teachers.


Ellie Medhurst is a lesbian fashion historian and previous contributor to Rainbow History Class, sharing her expert knowledge on all things clothes, design, and queer history. On her TikTok page, Medhurst posts about a wide variety of subjects, including the history of Black lesbian fashion, how queer fashion aesthetics appear in fictionalized media, and short biographies of lesser-known lesbian figures, like the early 20th-century feminist writer Otake Kōkichi. Medhurst also runs a personal blog and Instagram page, where you can find lengthier discussions of lesbian and queer fashion choices, like dungarees (overalls) and their connection to lesbian feminists or the history of short hairstyles and community resistance.  

A screenshot of one of Medhurst's TikTok videos
Medhurst dives deep into queer fashion history. Credit: Ellie Medhurst / TikTok
A screenshot of one of Medhurst's TikTok videos
Medhurst highlights more modern lesbian fashion, as well. Credit: Ellie Medhurst / TikTok


The It Gets Better project is a campaign and nonprofit organization working to empower and educate LGBTQ youth around the world through media programming and community building. The campaign also posts on TikTok, and while it's not just limited to historical content — also sharing videos about current politics, mental health, and media representation — the page frequently highlights unknown LGBTQ history through its "30 Second Queer History" series. Videos highlight moments, movements, and leaders like the celebration of Harvey Milk Day, the work of Stonewall activist Stormé DeLarverie, the legacy of the Los Angeles' Trans Empowerment Center and AIDS activists, and unknown facts about a variety of Black queer icons, from vogueing pioneer Willi Ninja to blues pianist and singer Gladys Bentley.


BiHistory is an Instagram account and digital archive project created by Mel Reeve, a writer and former archivist based in the United Kingdom. The Instagram project was conceptualized as a way to preserve the history of bisexual communities and activists, as well as highlight bisexual icons and activists throughout history, like First Nations Anishinaabe artist Norval Morrisseau, 17th-century opera singer and swordsman Julie d'Aubigny, and famed performers Bessie Smith and Josephine Baker.

On Instagram you'll find historical images, interviews, and other media like zines, flags, and advertisements created by and for bisexual organizers, as well as current events in LGBTQ organizing and event programming. BiHistory has previously published three zines about the BiHistory archive, and is set to release its fourth, chronicling the "close, spiritual, and arguably queer relationships between medieval monks, saints, and nuns."

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Museums and archives

GLBT Historical Society 

The GLBT Historical Society was founded in 1985 as a primary resource for preserving public LGBTQ history. Based in San Francisco, the society collects and exhibits historical materials related to queer communities around the country, hosting events and educational opportunities for the public to engage in the rich and complex stories of LGBTQ people. On both its Twitter and Instagram pages, the society posts glimpses into the vast archive, which includes one of the first Pride flags hoisted at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade in 1978. You can find more of the archive, primary source databases, research guides, and online exhibitions on the society's website

Digital Transgender Archive

The Digital Transgender Archive is an online initiative to preserve and democratize access to transgender history, inspired by the difficulties faced by researchers and historians of transgender and gender nonconforming communities. The archive aggregates various databases, online media, and independent history projects, including independent trans publishing houses, newsletters, and other historical media like photograph collections and random ephemera, which cover a wide variety of transgender history.

Portions of this database are shared on the archive's Instagram page. If you're interested in the stories shared, dive deeper into the database, and its accompanying map, as well other educational resources offered on the official website

Making Gay History

Making Gay History is an oral history archive turned podcast (and Twitter account) created by journalist Eric Marcus, sorting and sharing 30 years' worth of archival audio clips featuring the voices and stories of LGBTQ people, friends, and family. The Making Gay History podcast turns these clips into fully fleshed-out pieces of queer history, representing a diverse community of everyday people. The stories cover the varied lives of activists, like playwright and gay rights activist Larry Kramer, former UCLA cheerleader and LGBTQ novelist Randy Boyd, and collegiate tennis star and AIDS activist Sara Boesser. After visiting the initiative's Twitter page, visit the official website for more information, or listen to the podcast

Wearing Gay History 

Wearing Gay History chronicles the use of clothing, specifically T-shirts, in LGBTQ organizing and community building, with thousands of photos and accompanying information made available in a free, accessible digital archive and shared on its Twitter page. The account and database were co-created by Dr. Eric Gonzaba, a historian of LGBTQ and African American culture at California State University, Fullerton, who brought together the digital archives of numerous LGBTQ databases across the globe. With more than 4,500 items, Wearing Gay History shares textile examples of both LGBTQ art and design, and the history of LGBTQ clubs, events, and other community spaces. Find the full collection of textiles and histories on the Wearing Gay History website.

Mapping the Gay Guides

Another fascinating Twitter follow is the digital archive Mapping the Gay Guides, which chronicles the history of queer spaces across the United States. It was co-created by Gonzaba and historian Dr. Amanda Regan and is based on travel guides written by Bob Damron, a gay man who traveled extensively throughout the 1950s and 1960s and published one of the earliest travel guides compiled explicitly for gay men in 1964. The archive physically maps the legacy of LGBTQ organizing both for fun and political community.

The site includes tens of thousands of LGBTQ-friendly spaces around the country, like Washington, D.C.'s Paramount Steak House — one of the few commercial Damron listings that has remained open and LGBTQ-friendly since the first travel guide was published. The initiative shares the histories of notable locations in the form of short vignettes, all honoring the legacy of Damron's books and the historical battle over LGBTQ safe spaces.

The best Midjourney courses you can take online for free

Boy staring at screen

TL;DR: You can find free Midjourney courses on Udemy. Learn how to generate stunning images, boost your business, and so much more with help from artificial intelligence.

You've probably heard about Midjourney, or maybe you've seen something that the program has produced on your timeline. The results are pretty impressive.

Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence service that produces images from natural language descriptions called prompts. If you're looking to get an insight into how you can make the most of this technology, you can take a wide range of online courses on Midjourney with Udemy. Better yet, some of these highly-rated courses are available for free.

These are the best online Midjourney courses you can take for free as of June 1:

These free courses include unlimited access to all the video content, so you can enroll and start learning at your own pace. The only catch with free courses is that you miss out on things like a certificate of completion or direct messaging with the instructor. However, you do have the option to upgrade for a small fee and get your hands on that all-important certificate of completion.

Master Midjourney with Udemy.

Run Windows apps on your Mac with this discounted subscription

Apps on laptop screen

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to the CrossOver+ Windows Compatibility App is on sale for £40.46, saving you 32% on list price.

As great as Mac computers are, there’s just so much useful software that’s exclusive to Windows. While that normally may pose a problem, Mac users may still be able to boot up their favourite Windows apps on Mac without software lag or clunky integration. CrossOver+ is a Windows Compatibility App for Mac that lets you seamlessly run hundreds of Windows programs as if they were native Mac software, and you can get a one-year subscription for only £40.46. 

If you’re transferring from a Windows to a Mac computer, you may not have to lose all those apps you’ve been collecting. CrossOver+ lets you combine the smooth, high-powered hardware of a Mac with many popular, super useful Windows apps. 

Before you purchase, take a look at some of the supported apps. There are a ton to choose from ranging from productivity software to games and big-name companies like Adobe. CrossOver+ isn’t an emulator. Instead, it translates Windows commands for Mac so you don’t have to pretend like your MacBook is actually an HP laptop. No more missing out on high performance because you have to dedicate so much memory to running your emulator. Play Windows-exclusive games, get some work done, and more.

CrossOver+ doesn’t give you subscriptions to all of these programs. It just makes it so you can use Windows subscriptions and licenses on your Mac. When it’s time to boot up a program, just click the icon within the CrossOver window. You may not even realise you’re opening up a Windows app, considering CrossOver+ doesn’t require you to interact with the Windows interface at all. 

You don’t have to be stuck with one pool of programs because you prefer Macs.

For a limited time, get a one-year subscription to CrossOver+ Windows Compatibility App on sale for £40.46. 

25 of the best Stanford University courses you can take online for free

Stanford University building

TL;DR: A wide range of online courses from Stanford University are available to take for free on edX. This month you can learn about everything from computer science to communicating with presence, without spending anything.

A new month means another batch of free online courses from one of the most famous educational institutions in the world. The first stop on this free tour is Stanford University.

A wide range of online courses from Stanford University are available for free on edX. You can take lessons on programming fundamentals, computer science, quantum mechanics, and a whole lot more without spending anything. That might sound too good to be true, but you really can pursue your passion without leaving the comfort of your own home.

We recommend taking some time to properly research everything on offer, but to give you a flavour of what's on offer, we have lined up a selection of the best courses available for free as of June 1:

It's important to note that a lot of the courses hosted by edX are not exactly beginner friendly. It's worth reviewing the course summary so that you don't become overwhelmed after enrolling. Don't try to run before you can walk.

You can learn at your own pace, and even receive a verified certificate of completion for a small fee. There's no pressure to pay anything, but it might be nice to stick something on your CV. We are talking about Stanford University, after all.

Find the best free online courses from Stanford University at edX.

How to unblock porn sites for free

Laptop lit up in dark room

TL;DR: Unblock porn sites with ProtonVPN. This popular VPN offers a free version with access to 24 servers in three countries, strong connection speeds, and a strict no-logging policy that protects your data and identity.

ProtonVPN logo
Credit: ProtonVPN
ProtonVPN (opens in a new tab)
Create a free account and download at ProtonVPN
(opens in a new tab)

In the face of a new law in Utah that forces visitors to verify their age before watching adult content, Pornhub began blocking connections from the location. Was this a declaration of war? Not quite, but it did highlight Pornhub's argument that this law is not the most effective solution for protecting users and will put children and the privacy of users at risk.

With at least 12 other states taking or considering similar steps, this conflict isn't going to disappear.

How to unblock porn sites for free

In the two days after Pornhub blocked access to its users in Utah, there was a surge of 967% in VPN demand in the state. What's the connection between online blockades and VPNs? It all comes down to access.

With a VPN, you can hide your real IP address and connect to a secure server in another location, meaning you can trick sites like Pornhub into providing you with access from anywhere in the world. This might sound complicated, but the process of unblocking porn sites is actually really straightforward with a VPN:

  1. Sign up for a VPN

  2. Download the app to your device of choice (the best VPNs have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more)

  3. Open up the app and connect to a server in a location that has access to Pornhub

  4. Visit Pornhub from anywhere in the world

Most of the best VPNs for unblocking streaming sites are not free, and many of the best free VPNs come with serious catches or restrictions that make them basically unusable. All is not lost though, because ProtonVPN offers a genuinely free version that won't let you down.

What is the best free VPN?

ProtonVPN continues to lead the way when it comes to free VPNs.

The free version of ProtonVPN provides access to 24 servers in three countries, strong connection speeds, and a strict no-logging policy. There are also no adverts or limitations on data usage. Users are limited to a single connection, but that shouldn't stop you from using ProtonVPN to unblock your favourite porn sites.

Unblock porn sites for free with ProtonVPN.

Wordle today: Here's the answer and hints for June 1

Wordle game displayed on a phone and a laptop screen

There's a fresh Wordle today, as there is every day, and boy, is it a DOOZY. (That's not today's answer, by the way.) Struggling? We did too. But now we're here with some tips and tricks to help you figure out the solution.

If you just want to be told the answer, you can scroll to the end of this article for June 1's Wordle solution revealed. But if you'd rather solve it yourself, keep reading for some clues, tips, and strategies to assist you.

Where did Wordle come from?

Originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, Wordle rapidly spread to become an international phenomenon, with thousands of people around the globe playing every day. Alternate Wordle versions created by fans have even sprung up, including battle royale Squabble, music identification game Heardle, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess multiple words at once

Wordle eventually became so popular that it was purchased by the New York Times, and TikTok creators even livestream themselves playing.

Not the day you're after? Here's the Wordle answer for May 31.

What's the best Wordle starting word?

The best Wordle starting word is the one that speaks to you. But if you like being strategic in your approach, we have a few ideas to help you pick a word that might help you find the solution faster. One tip is to select a word that includes at least two different vowels, plus some common consonants like S, T, R, or N.

What happened to the Wordle archive?

The entire archive of past Wordle puzzles used to be available for anyone to enjoy whenever they felt like it. Unfortunately, it has since been taken down, with the website's creator stating it was done at the request of the New York Times.

Is Wordle getting harder?

It might feel like Wordle is getting harder, but it actually isn't any more difficult than when it first began. You can turn on Wordle's Hard Mode if you're after more of a challenge, though.

Why are there two different Wordle answers some days?

Though usually Wordle will only accept one correct solution per day, occasionally it will rebel against the norm and deem two different answers acceptable. This is due to changes the New York Times made to Wordle after it acquired the puzzle game.

The Times has since added its own updated word list, so this should happen even less frequently than before. To avoid any confusion, it's a good idea to refresh your browser before getting stuck into a new puzzle.

Here's a subtle hint for today's Wordle answer:

If you played it in Scrabble, it would be worth 33 points — even before any bonus squares.

Does today's Wordle answer have a double letter?

It certainly does!

Today's Wordle is a 5-letter word that ends with...

Today's Wordle ends with the letter Y.

What's the answer to Wordle today?

Get your last guesses in now, because it's your final chance to solve today's Wordle before we reveal the solution.

Drumroll please!

The solution to Wordle #712 is...


Don't feel discouraged if you didn't manage to guess it this time. There will be a new Wordle for you to stretch your brain with tomorrow, and we'll be back again to guide you with more helpful hints.

'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for June 1

A woman's hands holding a mobile phone playing 'Quordle'

If Quordle is a little too challenging today, you've come to the right place for hints. There aren't just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and there it is. But are you sure you need all four answers? Maybe you just need a strategy guide. Either way, scroll down, and you'll get what you need.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a five-letter word guessing game similar to Wordle, except each guess applies letters to four words at the same time. You get nine guesses instead of six to correctly guess all four words. It looks like playing four Wordle games at the same time, and that is essentially what it is. But it's not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

Is Quordle harder than Wordle?

Yes, though not diabolically so.

Where did Quordle come from?

Amid the Wordle boom of late 2021 and early 2022, when everyone was learning to love free, in-browser, once-a-day word guessing games, creator Freddie Meyer says he took inspiration from one of the first big Wordle variations, Dordle — the one where you essentially play two Wordles at once. He took things up a notch, and released Quordle on January 30. Meyer's creation was covered in The Guardian six days later, and now, according to Meyer, it attracts millions of daily users. Today, Meyer earns modest revenue from Patreon, where dedicated Quordle fans can donate to keep their favorite puzzle game running. 

How is Quordle pronounced?

“Kwordle.” It should rhyme with “Wordle,” and definitely should not be pronounced exactly like "curdle.”

Is Quordle strategy different from Wordle?

Yes and no.

Your starting strategy should be the same as with Wordle. In fact, if you have a favorite Wordle opening word, there’s no reason to change that here. We suggest something rich in vowels, featuring common letters like C, R, and N. But you do you.

After your first guess, however, you’ll notice things getting out of control if you play Quordle exactly like Wordle.

What should I do in Quordle that I don’t do in Wordle?

Solving a Wordle puzzle can famously come down to a series of single letter-change variations. If you’ve narrowed it down to “-IGHT,” you could guess “MIGHT” “NIGHT” “LIGHT” and “SIGHT” and one of those will probably be the solution — though this is also a famous way to end up losing in Wordle, particularly if you play on “hard mode.” In Quordle, however, this sort of single-letter winnowing is a deadly trap, and it hints at the important strategic difference between Wordle and Quordle: In Quordle, you can't afford to waste guesses unless you're eliminating as many letters as possible at all times. 

Guessing a completely random word that you already know isn't the solution, just to eliminate three or four possible letters you haven’t tried yet, is thought of as a desperate, latch-ditch move in Wordle. In Quordle, however, it's a normal part of the player's strategic toolset.

Is there a way to get the answer faster?

In my experience Quordle can be a slow game, sometimes dragging out longer than it would take to play Wordle four times. But a sort of blunt-force guessing approach can speed things up. The following strategy also works with Wordle if you only want the solution, and don’t care about having the fewest possible guesses:

Try starting with a series of words that puts all the vowels (including Y) on the board, along with some other common letters. We've had good luck with the three words: “NOTES,” “ACRID,” and “LUMPY.” YouTuber DougMansLand suggests four words: “CANOE,” “SKIRT,” “PLUMB,” and “FUDGY.”

Most of the alphabet is now eliminated, and you’ll only have the ability to make one or two wrong guesses if you use this strategy. But in most cases you’ll have all the information you need to guess the remaining words without any wrong guesses.

If strategy isn't helping, and you're still stumped, here are some hints:

Are there any double or triple letters in today’s Quordle words?


Are any rare letters being used in today’s Quordle like Q or Z?


What do today’s Quordle words start with?

E, A, B, and S.

What are the answers for today’s Quordle?

Are you sure you want to know?

There’s still time to turn back.

OK, you asked for it. The answers are:

  1. ETHIC

  2. ALIKE

  3. BIRTH

  4. SLAIN

TikTok spotlights creators in its first-ever LGBTQ Pride Visionary Voices list

A collage of photos of 15 TikTok creators on top of a pink and blue gradient sky, with clouds floating around them.

As Pride Month kicks off, TikTok has joined in the celebration of LGBTQ identities, history, and communities in its own way: shouting out a select bunch of LGBTQ+ creators and small business owners who the platform says have helped "build connection and community" on the app.

TikTok's first-ever LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list is accompanied by new platform-wide initiatives, and company commitment to protecting its LGBTQ users, known as the "You Belong Here" campaign.

"As a platform that thrives to inspire creativity and bring joy, TikTok has been powered by the contributions of our incredible LGBTQIA+ community who inspire millions through their creativity, passion, and advocacy. In honor of Pride Month, we are celebrating and recognizing the collective visibility and impact of our LGBTQIA+ community by introducing our 2023 LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list and Pride campaign, You Belong Here," the platform wrote in its announcement.

The app will launch its #ForYourPride hashtag and hub, with TikTok LIVE events and other programming with creators and LGBTQIA+ owned businesses including @lovewithpride, @rainbowcertified, @everywhereisqueer, @icedabove, @milky.tomato, @musiccitycreative, @thegrowinggroves, @queerency, @verygaypaint and nongovernmental organizations like @itgetsbetter, @translifeline, @humanrightscampaign, @gamergworls, @glaad, @pride_site, and @lgbtq.

Other highlights include a #PrideAnthems activation on the app's Sounds page, which will feature special music guests like Grammy winner @samsmith, rapper @villanoantillano, country music duo @brothersosborne, singer-songwriter @fletcher, singer-producer @victoriamonet and more, as well as curated playlists.

The platform will also host webinars and in-person events, like the TikTok Pride Creator Ball celebration in Los Angeles, California.

While the "You Belong Here" campaign and TikTok's Pride Month efforts acknowledge the need for protections and safeguards to keep LGBTQ creators safe, the app's ecosystem has created an easily permeable division between safe space for LGBTQ users to explore their stories and find community, and hateful content and interactions — like many other spaces online.

Accounts like the infamous Libs of TikTok have built a following spreading misinformation and doxxing fellow creators. Popular trans and nonbinary creators like Dylan Mulvaney, James Rose, and Jeffrey Marsh have become figureheads of anti-LGBTQ tirades, bearing the brunt of campaigns against their images and messages. Broadly, LGBTQ creators on TikTok still have to contend with the app's frustratingly confusing moderation policies.

"We believe that people should be able to connect with one another, express themselves authentically, and thrive on the platform," TikTok wrote. "And we know that fostering an inclusive space requires prioritizing the needs of our community. We strive to protect our LGBTQIA+ community on TikTok by taking action, including removal, on content and accounts that engage in harassment, bullying, hate speech, and hateful behavior, such as deadnaming or misgendering — as explained in our Community Guidelines. We also empower people to create the best TikTok experience for themselves by providing a range of safety features, such as confidential ways to report potentially violative content and accounts, comment filtering tools and privacy settings to choose who can engage with their content.

"Honored and humbled to be part of our community's path to Pride, we will continually look for ways to build an inspiring and inclusive platform for all voices."

The full Visionary Voices list can be found below.


Devin Halbal (@hal.baddie), a trans social media icon, lifestyle and travel vlogger, and meme queen.

Jae Gurley (@jaegurley), a nonbinary performer recognized for their "Bougie B" lifestyle content and personal storytelling.

Mercury Stardust (@mercurystardust), a professional home maintenance technician, performer, and award-winning activist known as the app's "Trans Handy Ma'am."

Jake Shane (@octopusslover8), a comedian and content creator who gained a following for his PSAs and Gen Z reimaginings of significant historical events.

Am and Noey Zletnis (@thezletnis), a queer sister duo who post about self-expression, inclusive fashion, and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Industry Disruptors

Saucy Santana (@saucysantana), a recognized artist and performer known for TikTok-popular hits like "Walk Em Like A Dog" and "Material Girl."

Tate Farris (@imbabytate), a multi-genre artist whose discography has become viral on TikTok with sounds like the confidence-boosting “I Am,” the playful “Hey, Mickey!,” and her feature on Ashnikko’s massive single “Stupid.”

Mick, Robert, Jessay, and Bill (@oldgays), the minds behind humorous The Old Gays account, known for their trendy and heartwarming videos.

Jonathan Kung (@jonkung), a chef and creator with a mission to teach others how to combine their cultures and personalities in their food.

Andre Isaacs (@drdre4000), an associate professor of chemistry who uses his platform to challenge stereotypes of the STEM community through dances, skits, and educational content with his diverse student lab staff.

Small-Owned Businesses

Jodyann Morgan (, the Black, queer candle business owner of CTOAN Co.

Eunice Straight Head (@n00nice), an Indigenous artist (Mnicouju Lakota, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe) who combines photography with fashion, cosplay, beading, sewing, and Indigenous representation.

David Yi (, a journalist and Korean American co-founder of the gender-inclusive beauty brand Good Light Cosmetics.

Jack and Bec (@jackandbec), sisters, illustrators, designers, and makers, who create art centered around body positivity, deaf pride, LGBTQIA+ pride, mental health awareness, and social justice.

Nicholas Scheppard and Jenson Titus (@verygaypaint), comedians-turned-painters and owners of Very Gay Paint, a muralist company centered around their own queerness and colorful designs.

'Black Mirror' Season 6 trailer: All the Easter eggs you may have missed

A woman in pigtails, a cheerleading top, and a brown cardigan sits on a couch.

The trailer for Black Mirror Season 6 is crammed chock-full of weird technology, nightmarish scenarios, and several Easter eggs linking to the show's past.

Black Mirror has included self-referential Easter eggs to prior episodes throughout its run — but those that can be glimpsed in the Season 6 trailer are especially meta. In one of Season 6's upcoming episodes, titled "Joan Is Awful," an average woman named Joan (Annie Murphy) discovers that her life has been adapted into a prestige drama by streaming service Streamberry. (In a nod to Netflix, Streamberry has the same logo and opening sound.)

The trailer gives us a glimpse at the Streamberry menu, where we see "Joan Is Awful" alongside a whole host of made-up dramas — each of which is a reference to a prior "Black Mirror" episode. Take a look.

A TV screen showing the home page of a streaming service called "Streamberry."
What are we watching next? Credit: Screenshot: Netflix

Rowdy and Peanut are characters created by Charlie Brooker.

First up on Joan's Streamberry "Recommended For You" page is an animated show called Rowdy and Peanut, about a cat and a dog. Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker came up with these characters as part of his interactive Netflix special Cat Burglar. The special, which sees Rowdy try to steal a piece of art from under security guard Peanut's nose, is geared toward children, so it's decidedly un-Black Mirror. However, if you want the interactive Black Mirror experience, check out Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

The Callow Years references "The National Anthem."

Next up on Streamberry is The Callow Years: A Six-Part Documentary Event, a callback to Black Mirror's first-ever episode, "The National Anthem." The episode focuses on UK Prime Minister Michael Callow (Rory Kinnear), who must have sex with a pig on live television in exchange for the safe return of a kidnapped princess. If The Callow Years truly were real, we'd bet that incident would take up a whole episode — possibly more.

Keep your eyes out for a sneaky "White Bear" Easter egg.

Right under Rowdy and Peanut, we see the top half of another one of Streamberry's shows or movies. While we don't see the title, we do see the top half of a very familiar face: That of Victoria Skillane (Lenora Crichlow), the lead of Season 2's "White Bear." At the start of the episode, she doesn't remember who she is. However, by the time her nightmarish journey through the White Bear park is done, she's told that she and her fiancé Iain Rannoch abducted and murdered a child. Another photo of Victoria and Iain appears on the Streamberry title card, suggesting that this is a true crime documentary about the pair. Or perhaps, even more sinisterly, it's footage from Victoria's subsequent torture at the justice park.

Botherguts! ties to "15 Million Merits."

We don't get much of an image for the show next to Victoria Skillane's, but we do get a title: Botherguts! The show is one of many that the characters of "15 Millions Merits," including Daniel Kaluuya's Bing, watch while pedaling to earn merits. In this one, a panel of judges laugh at and dehumanize fat contestants. We don't see much of it in "15 Million Merits," but the concept is so nasty that's for the best.

Ashley O returns in On a Roll.

One of the other Streamberry shows, titled "On a Roll," references Season 5 episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too." The episode stars Miley Cyrus as pop star Ashley O, whose hit single "On a Roll" is a certified banger based on Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole." Is Streamberry's "On a Roll" just the music video? A documentary? A concert movie? Whatever it is, the song is stuck in my head again.

Junipero Dreaming is a nod to "San Junipero."

"San Junipero," one of Black Mirror's best and most-beloved episodes, gets a quick tribute in "Joan Is Awful" with a show or movie titled Junipero Dreaming. The image on Streamberry looks like a tropical sunset, referencing the resort town where Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) fell in love. Another possible reference to "San Junipero" is the Fancy Dogs title card above Junipero Dreaming. The dog in the image looks like Yorkshire terrier, tying to the name Yorkie.

Black Mirror Season 6 hits Netflix June 15.

The Roomba Combo j7+ is pretty good at cleaning and really good at not eating phone chargers

Roomba and charging dock on hardwood floor with cat in hallway in the background

The chokehold that iRobot has had on the robot vacuum market since the early 2000s always makes it hard for me to believe that a Roomba that also mops was still nonexistent 20 years later.

It's not that iRobot had never dabbled in robotic mopping at all. There have been a handful of iterations of the Braava Jet, iRobot's dedicated robot mop. But while the Braava Jet was capable of extremely light dry sweeping, it's not an actual robot vacuum — hence not getting the Roomba title. (iRobot confirms the separation by bundling the Braava Jet m6 with actual robot vacuums like the Roomba i3, s9, and j7.)

And you were probably today years old when you learned that the alleged first mainstream robotic mop ever, the Scooba "floor washer," was also a member of the iRobot fam.

But it wasn't until 2022 — years after competitors like Roborock, Eufy, and Shark had released multiple hybrid robot vacuum mops — that iRobot dropped its first true 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop. iRobot really let this one marinate, so what's the tea? Was the Roomba Combo j7+ worth the wait?

The smartest Roomba to date, now with a mop

The Roomba Combo j7+ is the mopping version of iRobot's newest and smartest vacuum collection yet, the j series. Its claim to fame is PrecisionVision: the ability to detect and avoid small obstacles that are typically blind spots, like pet waste, socks, and cords or chargers.

As a refresher, the "+" tacked on the end of any Roomba signifies automatic emptying. There's no difference in cleaning capability between the j7 and j7+ vacuums themselves, and the only difference with the Combo is that it has a retractable mop. The Clean Base (self-emptying dock) that comes with the j7+ and Combo j7+ is shorter than the older ones included with the i7+ and s9+, but the official 60-day capacity hasn't changed. Come to think of it, I've only had to swap the bags in my Clean Base once in the past six months, so it's even more hands-off than advertised.

Roomba on charging dock with lid lifted to show automatic empty bag inside
The j7+ dock isn't bagless, unfortunately, but the bags are super easy to swap. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
Roomba on charging dock with water tank ejected
Accessing the water tank doesn't require flipping the bot over. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

iRobot moved the camera that traditionally sits atop robot vacuums (that can't see items below their three-ish-inch lid) to the front of the vacuum, expanding the viewing angle. This vigilant eye is also assisted by a front-facing LED light that illuminates the path in front of the j7 that helps it better perceive the floor in front of it. If the j7 scoots up to an object it senses as a problem-causer, it'll go around it.

Roomba with LED light facing forward cleaning rug and hardwood floor
The light is kind of creepy at times, but we'll ignore that. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

Obstacle avoidance is a non-negotiable for me now

People have been enjoying automated cleaning via robot vacuums for years before small object avoidance was a thing. They just simply accepted the pre-cleaning ritual of clearing cords, socks, pet toys, and such off the floor before sending the vacuum out. It's not that big of a deal, right?

False. I shouldn't have to clean before the thing I bought specifically to clean cleans.

The convenience of a robot vacuum really starts to dwindle when you feel like you can't trust it to cover the whole home without eating something or getting stuck on a bath mat, which is especially annoying when you're not home to set it free. The clutchness of the j7+'s obstacle avoidance particularly set itself apart when I began simultaneously testing a robot vacuum lacking that technology — and felt my anxiety skyrocket when forcing myself to give the less-advanced vacuum a shot. If you've ever had to pry a precious phone charger from the jaws of a bumbling robot vacuum, you understand.

After being sure the floor was clear while the j7 mapped my apartment with obstacle avoidance off, I'll admit that ignoring the urge to pre-clean to test the true competence of PrecisionVision made me nervous. I accept that there has to be some room for error with any perceptive tech feature of this nature — but I was going to be pissed if my fast charging cable was eaten.

I'm proud to report that, in the six months I've spent with the Combo j7+, that it has never once not correctly identified a charger or the HDMI cord that's always lying in the living room. I'm equally proud to present you with my very first video-turned-GIF, which shows the j7 gently approaching and turning away from a charger in its path on my bedroom floor.

Though PrecisionVision is impressive as hell, it's not perfect. It's still important to manage expectations and remember that even a front-facing camera physically can't pick up on items that basically lie flat on the floor. After doing my nails while watching TV, I completely forgot that I left my metal nail file on the living room floor. The j7+ tried its damndest to pick it up before I heard the clatter and rescued it.

While many of my cat, Sansa's, toys (like her mini stuffed mouse) got a pass, more ambiguous small obstacles like fake snow from our holiday decor and feathery wand toys were gobbled up. Actually, the first time I saw the ring light on top of the j7 light up red was due to a blockage between the on-board dustbin and dock dustbin caused by — wait for it — a damn feather. The app pinpointed the problem and a Youtube video showed me how to fix it, but Sansa says iRobot will be hearing from her lawyer.

Bath mats are also a perpetual problem for robot vacs, and even the j7 isn't completely immune. While it usually was able to successfully scale and clean my bath mats while only leaving a corner overturned, there was one instance where the j7 scrambled my bath mat to the point of getting completely stuck.

Roomba stuck on corner of white bath mat
I wouldn't want the j7 to avoid cleaning my bath mats completely, but I feel like the wheels could have done more. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
Person holding robot vacuum above folded bath mat
It actually tried so hard to get off the mat that it shredded the grippy rubber side underneath. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

Mapping is accurate and floor coverage is (pretty) thorough

PrecisionVision builds on iRobot's already-great broad navigation abilities and smart mapping of rooms and specific areas of your home. Like the Roomba s series, the j series uses vSlam (optical-based navigation) to create a map of your home. You can label it and tweak the map to your liking, including drawing specific zones within a room that the Roomba can either go directly to or stay out of completely.

Of the robot vacs with smart mapping that I've tested, I think this Roomba produced the fullest and most accurate map on the first run. Barring a few tweaks to dividers for bedrooms, the j7+ was mostly able to regurgitate the general setup of walls in my 1,500-ish-square-foot apartment after its first trip around, including noting large pieces of furniture like the island. It even marked where our living room rug and kitchen runner sit as a note to increase suction on those areas.

Of course, I still had to tweak the map to move dividers around and label the rooms, as well as create zones. The iRobot OS app is super easy to use, though, so editing the map isn't a pain.

iRobot app with labeled map of apartment on screen
The space underneath my bed is so crammed with stuff that the j7 thought it was a wall. Credit: Screenshot: iRobot OS

Like obstacle avoidance, iRobot's smart mapping was super reliable the whole time. The j7 made it to the correct room or zone upon command (and back to its dock) and never got lost. Maybe this can be attributed to the amount of pausing and thinking it stops to do mid-sweeping. Once, it stopped in front of the the huge floor-length mirror in our living room — facing forward — and I think I witnessed an existential crisis. The vacuum resumed its job afterward, though.

The j7's cleaning isn't intolerably loud by any means, and is actually quieter on rugs than on hard floors. But I still find myself taking advantage of zone cleaning rather than hitting "clean everywhere" just to keep the incessant hum shorter. I'd argue that smart mapping and virtual boundaries (that actually work) are also must-have features since there are multiple spots that I feel need more frequent attention, like the area near the front door where all of the shoes step and in my bathroom where the litter box is.

The kitchen is an obvious staple zone, too, and not just to pick up after eating a crumby meal or tidying after some food prep remnants made their way to the floor. I also discovered the genius hack that is cleaning the countertop by simply pushing the crumbs or shredded cheese onto the floor and calling the j7 over to vacuum by the counter. The j7's hard floor cleaning is quite successful on debris ranging from spilled parsley flakes to kibble, and the side brush does a pretty good job of pushing peripheral debris into the cleaning path.

Roomba cleaning around table legs on hardwood floor
The j7 wove around these table legs to swipe (most of) the catnip that Sansa spilled. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
Roomba cleaning rug around spherical coffee table with chair and TV stand in background
The j7 detailed the round border of the coffee table and was never tripped up by the decorative blanket tassels. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

Furniture-wise, the j7 is quite good at getting right up against the edges of large obstacles without actually running into them. Our coffee table is a round half sphere (it's giving acorn) and the j7 was able to delicately detail the perimeter by backing up and making small adjustments to go around the bend. It also wasn't afraid to go between kitchen table chair legs and the legs of a table in the hallway, and was able to guide itself out without getting stuck.

I did notice the j7 randomly skipping a few feet of floor on the occasional zone cleaning that I know it covered the last time it cleaned that area. Annoying, but easy to prevent by opting to double up on passes in the app. (This also helped to ensure any debris that was missed the first time was grabbed.)

The mop doesn't provide much elbow grease, but it's better than nothing

A robot vacuum that mops is crucial for anyone whose eye twitches when a guest forgets to take off their shoes at the door. And after the Dyson V12 Detect Slim's laser showed me just how dusty my floors get even after daily vacuuming, I was even more sold on the premise of a wet mop to wipe my floors of what a vacuum doesn't always pick up.

The mopping pads on these hybrid models pretty much fall under one of two categories: They either scrub or they don't. Often called "sonic mopping," the scrubbing ones use some sort of forceful mechanism to push the mopping pad into the floor and vibrate to go after tougher, dried-on stains and footprints. The vacs without that mechanism just drag a wet pad across the floor, mostly tackling wet spills or loose surface-level gunk.

I was surprised to learn that the Combo j7+ was only in between these after seeing the price tag. (It exerts force between the pad in the floor, but doesn't vibrate back and forth like other hybrids.) iRobot's whole thing with the Combo j7+ is flexing the retractable mopping pad as "the world's only 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop that senses carpet then fully retracts to the top of the robot." The retractable mop isn't not cool, but to me, this statement kind of implies that the Combo j7+ is the only robot vac that senses carpet and lifts the mop — and that's not the case. I tested the Roborock S7 over a year ago and it also lifted the mop on soft floors, just not completely on top of the vacuum body like the j7. (And FWIW, I never experienced soggy rugs with that approach.)

So I do wish that iRobot would have covered some sort of sonic scrubbing element in its premium debut 2-in-1. That aside, the mop's performance was satisfactory for daily brown sock prevention. I found it particularly handy for regular upkeep of the area near the front door and in my bathroom, which made me feel better about stepping out of the shower in bare feet onto the same tile that my cat steps on after exiting the litter box. The pad also lapped up assorted dried stains in the kitchen and did an OK job of making the hardwood near the door look less gray with shoe prints. At any rate, the j7 does seal the deal after dry cleaning, and I like that it's a rare hybrid option that can clean with water or one of iRobot's Bona hard surface cleaning solutions.

Droplet stains on hardwood floor with refrigerator and rug in background
These unidentified dried droplets showed up on the kitchen floor near the trash can. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
Roomba cleaning hardwood floor with refrigerator and rug in background
The j7's pad, though stationary, was able to wipe almost every drop up in one pass. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

Downsides: Carpet cleaning should probably be more thorough at this price

FWIW, iRobot doesn't claim that the j7 is a deep carpet cleaner like the s9. The listings on iRobot's website officially state that the j series delivers 10 times the power-lifting suction of the baseline 600 series Roombas while the s series delivers 40 times that. So I'm not saying it's misleading marketing, but I still kind of expected the j7+ to be tougher on carpet and rugs.

Needing more than one pass to put the finishing touches on a carpet or rug job is understandable. Carpet fibers can act like velcro for debris, especially anything with rough edges that could latch on (like crunchy food crumbs) or pet hair that's been stepped on and matted into the floor. But on multiple occasions, even after the two passes that the app allows you to schedule at once, I found myself starting a completely new job for a third (or fourth) pass because the j7 still hadn't quite finished the job.

iRobot robot vacuum using light to clean chip crumbs off rug
I smashed up some stale chips to see how the j7+ would handle the mess. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
A few chip crumbs on patterned rug with round coffee table in corner
Even after two or three passes, the j7+ still left a few crumbs behind. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

The j7+'s automatic emptying noise is short but so, so far from sweet

My audiologist friends would spiral if they knew that people stand near this thing mid-emptying and don't have earplugs in. I thought I was being dramatic until the Decibel X sound meter app clocked the peak of the Clean Base's cycle at around 85 db, which the CDC says is equivalent to city traffic (inside the car) or a leaf blower. (The j7's actual cleaning typically stayed under 60 db, which is like normal conversation or an air conditioner.)

You know it's bad when you find yourself opting to do the job yourself with a stick vacuum over running the Roomba just to avoid enduring the automatic emptying noise at the end. The very specific sound of the j7+ locking in on its dock and pulling in to charge sends shivers down my spine because I know the longest five seconds of my life are coming. Plugging my ears and warning my roommates of the impending plane takeover are subconscious reflexes at this point.

But no, the sound of the Clean Base (or any loud self-emptying dock) isn't bad enough for me to consider going without automatic emptying. That's just another one of those robot vacuum features that, once you live with it, you won't be able to live without it. Not having to empty the botvac's dust bin and potentially touch that gross gray ball of filth after every few cleaning runs seriously ups the advantage of automated cleaning.

I'll just say that the j7 being so self-sufficient saved me when it came to this noise issue. Because if you're going to bank on a robot vacuum cleaning when you're not home to avoid the noise, this is the robot vacuum with built-in babysitting to do it with.

Unlike LG's All-In-One cordless stick vacuum, which can be set to only empty the vacuum into the dock when you tell it to, the iRobot app doesn't have an option to switch automatic self-emptying off. That leads me to my last bone to pick.

The iRobot app is so intuitive except for one thing

iRobot OS is probably the smoothest experience I've had with a robot vacuum app. From WiFi setup and room labeling to daily scheduling and tweaking of specific cleaning runs, everything is straightforward — to the point where it wouldn't even be a pain for someone who hates messing with apps to use. I really like the option to bump to two passes instead of one, to adjust the water level for tougher messes, or to opt out of mopping all together.

So the fact that the app doesn't allow a queue of jobs once one job is in progress — such a non-intuitive hill to die on — is wild to me. If I send the j7 out to clean the kitchen and think "actually, let's do the entry way while we're at it," I have to let the j7 finish the kitchen, return to the dock, empty and hurt my ears, and then drive back to the zone one foot over from where it was originally cleaning. Note that you can line up a list of several rooms or zones to be cleaned in row, but after one job has started, you're screwed.

Speaking of zones, you have to create one any time you want to spot clean, which is a real buzzkill when you just want to quickly assign a random spot. I'd love to be able to draw a tiny target on a whim and have the bot go there without having to name the spot that'll never probably never need to be specifically cleaned again.

The competition

First, it's obvious to pit the Combo j7+ against iRobot's dedicated robot mop, the Braava Jet M6. But considering the Braava Jet M6 doesn't have obstacle avoidance and is so not an actual vacuum that it often comes bundled with Roombas like the i3+ and s9+, there's no question about the Combo j7+ being the winner there.

Fiercer competition comes from Roborock and Ecovacs. Roborock recently one-upped its own impressive S7 MaxV Ultra with the S8 Pro Ultra — both of which have phenomenal suction, sonic mopping, small obstacle avoidance, automatic emptying, and auto-washing mopping pads. The S8 Pro Ultra also dries the clean mopping pads to avoid that soggy washing machine smell — one feature iRobot skipped when designing the Combo j7+. The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni also does everything that the S8 Pro Ultra does, but is a good reminder that skills and a premium price point on paper don't always translate to a good experience. (Remember when the X1 Omni dragged my hair straightener all the way to the dock?) Both of these go for $1,599.99 at full price, while the X1 Omni goes on sale for as low as $999.99.

For $649.40 or $449.40 on sale, Shark's newest AI Ultra model omits small obstacle avoidance but still empties itself and scrubs. For just over $600 on sale, the slightly-older Samsung Jet Bot AI+ omits mopping but has decent small object recognition and, like the X1 Omni, also acts as a live pet camera.

Is the Roomba Combo j7+ worth it?

As the most expensive Roomba and one of the most expensive self-emptying hybrids, the Combo j7+ might look like overkill upon first glance. But after comparing the features it packs to the price of models that offer the most similar feature lineup, the Combo j7+ is actually a solid purchase. The one thing it lacks is the ability to wash its own mopping pads — but it's also a few hundred dollars cheaper than the models that do that, even when they're all on sale.

The thing about the Combo j7+ is that it's not a stellar sweeper or a stellar mopper, but it all comes together to make a pretty stellar overall cleaner. When both wet and dry aspects of cleaning performance are still satisfactory and supplemented by such reliable obstacle avoidance and home navigation, iRobot strikes a serious hands-off rating that ultimately is the whole point of getting a robot vacuum in the first place.

Dyson's cheapest laser vacuum made me feel bad about my dirty a good way

Person holding Dyson V12 Detect Slim to clean hardwood floor with laser on

If you think your hard floors are clean just because you vacuum on a regular basis, you're wrong. That's what I learned after just a few days with the Dyson V12 Detect Slim.

Dysons are the "it" vacuum of the cordless vacuum world not because of automation or fancy app features, but because of innovative yet super practical upgrades to how well the (OK, their color palette contributes to the icon status, too.)

Dyson's latest cutting-edge element has nothing to do with the cyclonic suction itself. Rather, the new feature — a laser — highlights microscopic pieces of debris that the human eye would miss, ultimately leading to a deeper clean by showing you the spots that need attention. New cleaning paranoias unlocked!

With the release of the $649.99 V12 Detect Slim, Dyson offers customers a more budget-friendly way to incorporate the laser without spending between $749.99 and $969.99 (the price range of the other Dysons with laser technology.) The V12 Slim also rocks the digital display first seen in the V11, plus a piezo counter that reports on the size and amount of particles encountered. Dyson calls it "scientific proof of a deep clean."

The price cut can be attributed to a downgrade in battery life (60 minutes versus 120 minutes), a skimpier dust bin (0.1 gallons versus 0.5 gallons), a smaller motor (11 cyclones versus 18), and fewer attachments. It still comes with two interchangeable cleaner heads: the Laser Slim Fluffy and the Motorbar.

Dyson V12 Slim and attachments
Everything that comes in the box. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

As one of Dyson's smallest-capacity stick vacuums, the V12 Slim doesn't look like it holds much. But for a 1,500-square foot apartment with three girls that shed and create a decent amount of crumbs, I was pleasantly surprised to only have to empty the bin once a week or so.

Front of Dyson V12 Detect Slim motor and dustbin
I wish the V12 Detect Slim's button was closer to my thumb. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable photo composite
Hand holding the Dyson V12 Detect Slim with dust bin open over trash can
The dustbin is easy to dump directly into the trash can, but dust bunnies get stuck sometimes. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable photo composite

FWIW, the downsizing is what keeps the V12 Detect Slim so slim and lightweight. Weighing in at 5.2 pounds, it's nearly three pounds lighter than the Dyson Outsize Absolute+, and a breeze to whip around with one hand.

A button under the V12's display allows you to manually choose between three cleaning modes: auto, medium, eco, or boost. Auto makes the decision for you by constantly scanning the floor and adjusting suction power accordingly. The cyclonic boost in heavy-debris areas, like the soiled floor surrounding plants that my cat insists on digging in, is audible — and comforting, because you know it's working.

Even with a few cut corners, I found the V12 Detect Slim to be a game-changer, and I'd quickly tell anyone to consider splurging on it over the cheaper, less-powerful Dysons.

This laser made me feel like shit about the status of my floors in the best way possible

We're all regretfully aware of the fact that dust is technically concoction of things like sloughed-off skin cells, hair, and dust mites — so even if you stay on top of vacuuming the obvious stuff like everything bagel crumbs or tumbleweeds of pet fur, other stuff is constantly gathering behind the scenes. The thing is, it's barely visible to the naked eye.

I, a chronic daily vacuumer, was the last person I expected to be shocked by how much dust and hair congregates on my floor in less than 24 hours. Naturally, one would think their floors are pretty damn clean if they're vacuumed literally every day. The laser says "sike."

It highlighted hair, fur, dust, and even minuscule shards of glass in spots that genuinely look spotless, like a black light illuminating glow-in-the-dark details on a bowling alley carpet. One rule: The lights stay OFF during sex vacuuming with the laser. It's the only way to get the full experience of watching microscopic pieces of dust light up like teeth and white T-shirts in the indoor roller coaster.

Tile bathroom floor with dust illuminated by green laser
This layer of dust congregated in, like, a day. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
Hardwood floor with hair illuminated by green laser
I SWEAR our hardwood floors look spotless when not under the laser. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

The laser saved our feet from rogue pieces of a broken mirror that weren't big enough to spot with the naked eye. As for the saving of my roommate's soul from seven years of bad luck, stay tuned.

My mother is the one person I know whose reaction to what's hiding on the floor would be even more visceral than mine. I brought the V12 Slim along on a visit to my parents' house and told her to let the laser rip on her textured tile kitchen floor. "This is the most depressing thing I've ever seen," I heard her say as she witnessed so many more pieces of dander and tufts of cat fur than you'd ever notice with a casual glance.

But after you've spent a few good minutes rocking in the fetal position whilst ruminating over what you've been stepping on all this time, it's really satisfying to visualize just how thorough of a job this vacuum is doing.

Most of us know the space underneath our bedroom furniture or behind the couch is a breeding ground for dust bunnies. We pretend we don't know, but we do. But if you ever do feel so inclined to give those "out of sight, out of mind" spots a much-needed sweep, the laser head makes it easy to see what you're doing.

Dyson vacuum with green laser cleaning under dresser
Not me airing my dust bunny petting zoo on the internet! Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

The laser fluffy head ditches the tennis ball-sized ball that the motorized head uses to swerve around (it's like the mini version of the Big Ball that corded Dysons have). Instead, it takes on a bendy straw design. This keeps its profile low and allows the whole vacuum to lay almost parallel to the floor, depending on how close to the ground you feel like getting. I was able to push it under furniture where even a slim robot vacuum definitely couldn't fit. Its soft bristly approach laps up specs of dust similarly to how a cloth or Swiffer pad would, rather than relying on sheer suction to pull them up. After going over a particularly dirty spot, you can take a second look with the laser to ensure the pieces you saw before are gone.

While the fluffy head's wheelhouse is bare floors, it does a decent enough job on carpets and rugs that I didn't bother to swap heads unless I was strictly vacuuming plush carpet. I actually preferred it on the flat weave rugs in my apartment that toyed with the Motorbar. When my cat Sansa knocked her container of catnip off the coffee table (classic), the fluffy head picked up most of the leaves in one or two passes.

No, the laser doesn't highlight invisible debris on carpet, but I wish it did.

Cat and spilled cat nip on patterned rug
Who, me? Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

The Motorbar is great for heavy debris, but sometimes too strong for its own good

The Motorbar cleaner head is the go-to for thick carpeting. It's half an inch thicker than the slim head, optimizing air flow for stronger suction. The conical shape digs deeper into carpet fibers than the soft design of the fluffy head, using special anti-tangle spirals designed to tear hair out of carpet fibers and push them into the bin without wrapping around.

As you reminisce on all the times you've had to cut jumbles of long hair out of the bottom of a vacuum with scissors, you'd be right to be skeptical about how anti-wrap any cleaning head could possibly be. It's probably inevitable eventually, but I haven't had to give the V12 Detect Slim a trim yet — and I vacuum daily in an apartment that's home to three long-haired 20-somethings who shed.

I was most impressed by the Motorbar's success rate on kibble on my parents' medium-pile carpet. (This mess was self-inflicted because the cats' bowls live on tile, but vacuums are better put to the test on a surface where crumbs can stick like Velcro.) In my experience, the most a vacuum typically interacts with heavier debris is pushing it around or sucking it up then shooting it out the back of the cleaning head — or glossing over it completely.

Dyson V12 Detect Slim sweeping cat food on beige carpet
Not all suction is strong enough to pull up large pieces of debris, especially on the first pass. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
Dyson V12 Detect Slim cleaning turquoise bath mat
The Motorbar will probably eat your bath mats, even on the lowest power setting. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable photo composite

I drove the V12 Detect Slim right through the middle of the pile and watched a pristine path form behind it, clearly showing where the vacuum had and hadn't been. Not a single piece of food was left after just one pass.

However, the Motorbar's beastliness was also its downfall on some floor types. A flat weave floor runner, a low-pile bath mat, and a furry rug all tripped the Motorbar up to the point where it stopped spinning completely. At that point, you have to turn it off and back on to make spinning resume. Quelling suction with eco mode helped to avoid this on some surfaces, but it often stopped spinning so quickly that I didn't even have time to switch modes. Plus, when strong suction is typically associated with better performance on carpet, doesn't it seem antithetical to decrease power just to avoid a brush bar malfunction?

While I'd still prefer the fluffy head's fibers to lick up tiny specs of dust, I found the Motorbar to be really effective on heavy debris like soil on my hardwood floors. It's a godsend each time my roommates and I decide to re-pot plants inside.

Dyson V12 Detect Slim sweeping soil on hardwood floor
The Motorbar is tough on dense piles of dirt. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

With these attachments, a dedicated hand vacuum is obsolete

Dyson Humdinger who?

Starting with the best, the motorized hair screw tool is essentially a mini version of the full-sized motor head with the same anti-tangle conical brush bar designed to target long hair and fur. This little beast is so powerful that no one would be surprised if it were a separate, extra purchase, so it's nice that Dyson includes it. (Mini motorized attachments aren't often included with cheaper cordless vacuums.) But if you have pets that sit on the furniture or car seats, motor-driven cleaning for smaller spaces is almost as crucial as the full-sized cleaning heads themselves.

Most of my cat's fur doesn't collect on the floor. It collects on her multi-story cat tree, which was the perfect place to test the mini Motorbar's tenacity on pressed-down pet fur. Its compact size allowed me to get close to the curved edges of her tree where my ChomChom is too wide and stiff.

Dust bin on Dyson V12 filled with pet hair
The dust bin was basically empty before I used the vac on the cat tree. Just sayin'. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable
Hand using Dyson V12 as handheld vacuum cleaning yellow chair
The mini Motorbar was great at combing crumbs off of velvet furniture, which is sometimes stubborn. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

My apartment is only one level, but it's not hard to see how the mini Motorbar could come in clutch for carpeted staircases that collect fur where a full-sized vacuum can't provide the flexibility to nail the corners. Obviously, that detailing is something a robot vacuum can't provide.

The other included attachments (a crevice tool and a combination tool with a wide nozzle and brush) can be found in just about every cordless vacuum box regardless of price or brand, but are useful nonetheless. The skinny extender gets precise with where it's pointing and is great for squeezing between cushions, sweeping out crevices in the car, or tending to those nasty baseboards.

Hand using Dyson V12 Slim vacuum to clean cupholder in car
The McDonald's fries salt living in my cupholders has met its match. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

Downsides: A few quirks, but they're not big deals

If anything, large homes (more than 2,000 square feet, maybe) with multiple pets that shed heavily might consider bumping up to a Dyson with a larger dustbin and longer battery life. You can squeeze just under an hour out of the V12 Detect Slim on one charge if it's on low power mode, but that's hard to achieve when the vac automatically works harder on areas it senses to be dirtier.

I like the idea of not actively holding a trigger to keep the vacuum on, which is what I had to do with my Dyson V10. But the on/off button on the V12 Detect Slim is positioned just far away enough from the handle that you can't hit it with your thumb on the hand that's vacuuming. It's not a striking inconvenience, but did get annoying if my other hand was busy moving an obstacle out of the way.

Is the Dyson V12 Detect Slim worth it?

The V12 Detect Slim takes advantage of Dyson's best features, like the laser, digital display and automatic boost, and powerful, precise attachments. The bullet points that it sacrifices to keep the cost down aren't major hits.

Between the laser, low profile, flexible swerving mechanism, and less-hostile suction on finicky rugs, I almost always found myself reaching for the Laser Fluffy Slim head over the more intense Motorbar. This says a lot about whether to opt for the V12 Detect Slim over a cheaper Dyson that doesn't have the laser head.

The lite (like diet but also like lightweight) version of Dyson's latest laser creation isn't Dyson's cheapest or highest-end vacuum. But the Dyson V12 Detect Slim will tell you the truth about your floors for hundreds of dollars less than its siblings, and that's what makes it such a worthwhile purchase.

Twitter will now put Community Notes 'fact checks' on images

Twitter images

With AI images now going viral across Twitter, the social media platform has decided to update its crowdsourced "fact checking" feature to directly deal with not just the tweet that includes the media, but the media itself.

Twitter is now rolling out "Notes on Media" as part of its Community Notes program. Users who take part in Community Notes, which allows users to add context or fact checks to tweets, will now be able to add these addendums to AI-created photos and other forms of manipulated media as well.

Previously Community Notes users could add notes at the tweet level and the note would follow the tweet around in retweets, quote tweets, and embeds. However, if the actual image itself was reuploaded in a new post, the Community Note on the original upload which added context to the image would not be included. Twitter says the Community Note will now follow the image around as well and will "automatically appear on recent & future matching images."

Users who want to take part in Community Notes need to apply for the program. Once accepted, they can start rating existing Notes. Once they rate enough Notes that get added to a tweet, their Rating Score will go up and they will then be able to write their own Community Notes. But, in order to write Notes on images, users must have had their own originally authored notes added to a tweet, which builds their Writing Impact Score. A Writing Impact Score of 10 will allow users to write a Community Note on an image.

Notes on Media looks just like the previously existing Community Notes label, except it denotes that "Readers added context to this image."

This feature should also not be confused with Twitter's previously existing "Manipulated media" label, which is affixed by the company itself to a tweet containing "synthetic" or "manipulated" images or video. Twitter launched that label back in 2020 in order to combat AI-created images when deepfakes exploded in popularity.

For now, Notes on Media will only work on tweets containing a single still image. Twitter says it hopes to roll out the program for videos, GIFs, and tweets containing multiple pieces of media in the near future.

As the feature was just launched, it remains to be seen how well it'll work. Twitter will need a system in place to detect reuploads and users have found various ways over the years to avoid content detection on platforms like Facebook and YouTube in order to get around copyright issues.

'Ted Lasso' Season 3 ending explained: One final game, and a whole lot of mess

Ted Lasso smiling in his office.

Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) always encourages his players to "be a goldfish" so they can forget their past mistakes. I would like to be a goldfish so I can forget I watched the Ted Lasso series finale.

Titled "So Long, Farewell," Ted Lasso's final episode crams resolutions for Season 3's myriad plotlines into its 75-minute runtime — something that may have felt more satisfying had Season 3 not been so back-loaded. Breakthroughs that could have been exceptional in an earlier episode get lost in the bloat of Ted Lasso's big wrap-up, and even though we do get answers to our burning questions about the season, it's hard to experience the same emotional payoff after 11 episodes of treading water.

So how does Ted Lasso wrap up its biggest (and last) season ever? And more importantly, why doesn't it work? Let's take a look.

Ted Lasso finally confirms Tedbecca — SIKE!

Ted and Rebecca sit in front of a movie projector.
Hannah Waddingham and Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso." Credit: Apple TV+

"So Long, Farewell" opens by setting the stakes for the finale: For their final game of the season, Richmond is up against West Ham, pitting Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) against her ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head) once more. If Richmond wins — and importantly, if current Premier League leader Manchester City loses or ties — they win the Premier League title.

But enough about football, because Ted Lasso is in Rebecca's house, all disheveled in his pajamas. He asks Rebecca if she wants to talk about "it," and she says she's not quite ready. Could it be? Did they sleep together? Did Ted Lasso confirm Tedbecca ... off-camera?

Nope! Turns out, Ted, Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), and Jane (Phoebe Walsh) are all staying at Rebecca's house due to a deadly gas leak in their neighborhood. The Tedbecca ploy was all a huge fake-out — something the show already pulled in Season 2 by making us believe the two were texting on Bantr when in reality Rebecca was texting Sam (Toheeb Jimoh). While I am not a Tedbecca truther and personally prefer their relationship being platonic, the number of fake-outs surrounding the possibility of them having a romantic relationship reads as anticlimactic and slightly cruel to a large subset of the Ted Lasso fanbase that has been vocally shipping them since the start. If that was never going to be the arc of the story, why bother playing around with it so much over and over again? At this point, you're not beating a dead horse: You're beating a horse that was never alive in the first place.

Ted's truth bomb is that he's leaving Richmond.

Ted Lasso walks down a London street.
Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso." Credit: Apple TV+

So what was the "it" that Rebecca and Ted didn't want to talk about, anyway? Rebecca is referring to the truth bomb Ted brought up in the final moments of Ted Lasso's penultimate episode, "Mom City." Ted has made the difficult decision to return home to America after the season, a choice that has clearly devastated Rebecca. It probably would have devastated her more in the moments after hearing it, but we do not get to see that. Nor do we even get to see Ted break the news to her. For the millionth time this season, Ted Lasso writes around a key event and only shows the aftermath — a problem that absolutely tanked Nate's (Nick Mohammed) redemption arc. But we have time for an entire Sound of Music number, why not?

Ted's truth bomb is not the only big moment from episode 11 that Ted Lasso skirts entirely in the finale. At the end of "Mom City," we see Rebecca letting Rupert's current wife Bex (Keeley Hazell) and former assistant and mistress Ms. Kakes (Rosie Lou) into her house, presumably to discuss Rupert's sexual misconduct. We learn in "So Long, Farewell"s opening that Bex and Rupert are getting a divorce following his affairs — a decision surely helped along by a heart-to-heart with Rebecca and Ms. Kakes. But we do not get to see any of that either, and any of the joy of Rupert's exes joining forces against him is relegated to an expository news report.

AFC Richmond prepares for its big match.

The Richmond Greyhounds cheer together at a practice.
The ensemble of "Ted Lasso." Credit: Apple TV+

At their last practice of the season, the players of AFC Richmond clearly aren't ready for Ted and Beard to leave, putting on a performance of The Sound of Music's "So Long, Farewell" that echoes their "Bye Bye Bye" dance to Dr. Sharon (Sarah Niles) in Season 2. The dance is cute but slightly redundant, and it's also proof that Ted Lasso definitely had time to explore Ted's truth bomb more had it felt like it!

Back in the locker room, we see that Nate has returned as assistant kit man — sorry, assistant to the kit man. He seems incredibly happy and ready to work for his redemption, and the Greyhounds have accepted him back with open arms. It's all too easy of a resolution given how much they wanted to kill him after he ripped up the "Believe" sign. Not even a sweet reconciliation scene between Nate and Ted (finally!) is enough to save this storyline.

Elsewhere in the club, Trent Crimm (James Lance) worries about Ted and Beard's reactions to a draft of his book, The Lasso Way. Rebecca ponders selling Richmond after Ted's departure — "If you go, I go," she tells him later — and Jamie (Phil Dunster) invites Keeley (Juno Temple) to a commercial shoot in Brazil, much to Roy's (Brett Goldstein) horror.

Roy, Jamie, and Keeley hash it out.

Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt sit at a table taking questions during a press conference.
Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster in "Ted Lasso." Credit: Apple TV+

After spending the entire season becoming fast friends, Roy and Jamie get in a major fight over Keeley's affections — even though that love triangle hasn't really been a thing all season long. However, in a show of some emotional maturity, Roy and Jamie realize that they shouldn't be fighting over a woman. Unfortunately, the next decision they come to is that they should show up to her house unannounced and make her choose between them. Keeley chooses herself and kicks them out, and by the end of the season, the three are still good friends.

While it's lovely to see Keeley prioritize herself, it's a frustrating ending to a season that didn't seem to know what to do with either Roy or Keeley after breaking them up right at the start. In distancing Keeley's PR firm from the rest of the Richmond ploy, Ted Lasso did a major disservice to Temple and reminded us that its characters are much stronger together. Keeley's relationship with Jack (Jodi Balfour) was an odd blip in a season full of odd blips, and the show failed to treat her sex tape storyline with the care it deserved. Truly, it only felt like it was included in order to service the men of the story: We get that locker room scene where the Greyhounds wax on about the importance of deleting nudes, which then leads to Isaac (Kola Bokinni) learning that Colin (Billy Harris) is gay. Then the video resurfaces when Jamie tells Roy Keeley made it for him — why bring it back simply to stoke the flames between Jamie and Roy when Keeley is the real victim?

In addition to the mishandling of Keeley this season, Ted Lasso also failed to give Roy anything particularly compelling to do beyond train Jamie and utter a few well-timed "fucks." He tells the Diamond Dogs in "So Long, Farewell" that he's been trying to change for the better this past year — a statement which is, quite frankly, news to me. If any Greyhound has been taking steps to improve himself, it's Jamie. Roy's just been along for the ride.

"Believe" helps Richmond overcome West Ham.

Roy Kent, Ted Lasso, and Coach Beard stand on the sidelines of a soccer field.
Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, and Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso." Credit: Apple TV+

The match against West Ham gets off to a rough start, but a classic Ted Lasso pep talk at halftime helps turn the team's spirits around. In what is easily the best scene of the finale, each Richmond player reveals that they've kept a piece of the "Believe" sign. They reassemble the sign in front of Ted, at which point he says, "and there it is. Number four."

The line is a callback to Season 3, episode 7, "The Strings That Bind Us," which sees Ted teaching the players the Total Football tactic. He tells them them there are four aspects of Total Footballs: conditioning, versatility, and awareness, and a fourth component that he doesn't quite know yet. Turns out, it was hanging on the wall (or sitting in pieces in each player's cubby) the whole time: Believe. It's a sweet full-circle moment that re-emphasizes the show's ethos and prompts the Greyhounds to play their best in the second half. They come from behind to win the whole game 3-2, leading to the most joyful celebration in Ted Lasso history.

However, it's not enough to win the Premier League. Manchester City wins their match and the title, but Ted Lasso fades to black before we can see how anyone reacts. For once this season, I appreciate the restraint in writing around that particular event. Richmond has already had a historic season, and they'll be advancing to the Champions League. They did everything that they could to get to second place, and by the end of the West Ham game, that's what they're really celebrating: how they managed to get all the way to the top. We don't get to see their reactions to the Manchester City victory because they don't matter: Richmond has already won, in their own way. The only way this cutaway could have worked better would have been if Ted Lasso had not established a troubling pattern of avoiding key moments this whole season long.

So how does Ted Lasso end for all of our characters?

Keeley Jones in a fluffy pink jacket.
Juno Temple in "Ted Lasso." Credit: Apple TV+

Ted indeed makes good on his promise to return to Kansas, where he winds up coaching Henry's (Gus Turner) soccer team. The final shot of the whole show sees him watching, fulfilled and content, as Henry plays on.

But still, I have questions: Have Ted and Michelle (Andrea Anders) gotten back together? Crucially, her boyfriend (and their former marriage counselor) Dr. Jacob (Mike O'Gorman) is nowhere to be seen, especially not after his active disdain for the Richmond-West Ham game. Ted Lasso leaves the future of Ted and Michelle's relationship ambiguous, a move that honestly feels annoying after Ted's personal growth in London and the show's hasty attempts to redeem Michelle in the back half of the season. Hopefully they can just be friends and good co-parents, because it seems like they need different things in a partner.

Across the pond, Rebecca decides to keep the majority of Richmond, although she sells 49% of the club to the fans, who view her as a kind of matriarch. With the club becoming her family, the last piece of her mother's psychic's visions falls into place — but wait! After a tearful goodbye to Ted in the airport (an admittedly lovely scene), she runs back into Hot Dutch Houseboat Guy (Matteo van der Grijn) from the Amsterdam episode. He's a pilot, and the two seem to strike up a new relationship, one in which Rebecca becomes a mother figure to his daughter.

Roy becomes the new manager of Richmond, while Beard (whose first name, we learn, is Willis) stays behind to continue coaching alongside Nate. He also gets married to Jane (in his magical "Beard After Hours" pants no less), another odd move from Ted Lasso given how unhealthy their relationship is — something that weirdly became a bit as the show went on. We don't get Roy and Keeley back together, but we do get this? A choice.

Elsewhere, Keeley and Barbara (Katy Wix) join forces to create KBPR. Trent publishes his book, now titled The Richmond Way, because Ted reminds him it was never just about him. Colin comes out publicly by kissing his boyfriend in celebration at the match, Sam gets to play for Nigeria, and Dr. Sharon returns to Richmond to head up mental services. (Justice for Dr. Sharon, who has been nowhere to be seen since episode 1 of Season 3 and really only turns up in the finale to provide reactions to the big match.) Happy endings all around! Except for Rupert, who gets majorly humiliated in the final game. At least we get that.

So is this the end for Ted Lasso? Or can we expect a spin-off?

Ted Lasso smiling while walking through doors.
Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso." Credit: Apple TV+

Throughout the rollout of Ted Lasso Season 3, Sudeikis and the rest of the show's team were all fairly coy about whether this season was indeed their last. After all, they'd said many times that they envisioned the story they wanted to tell as a three-season arc — but could more story have opened up as they wrote these three seasons?

Based on Ted's departure from England, this tweet describing the episode as Richmond's "final match," and a goodbye video streaming on Apple TV+, it's pretty clear that this is the end of the road for Ted Lasso as we know it — especially for its titular coach.

Does the finale leave room for spin-offs though? Absolutely. We could certainly continue to see Roy, Nate, and Beard coach our beloved Greyhounds. But in a more interesting turn of events, the finale sets up another fascinating possibility: A Richmond women's team. Keeley proposes the idea to Rebecca in the show's final minutes, and based on Rebecca's elated reaction, it looks like it'll be happening! A show focused on a women's team (and hopefully Rebecca and Keeley's role in supporting them) would be an exciting direction for a Ted Lasso spin-off, especially since the show never focused on women's side of the sport at all.

Still, before we entertain the possibility of re-entering the world of Richmond, I'll need the Ted Lasso team to step back and take some hard lessons from Season 3 and its finale. If nothing else, we need to return to the half-hour episode format.

All episodes of Ted Lasso are now streaming on Apple TV+.

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When is the UEFA Europa League final?

The 2023 UEFA Europa League final will take place at Budapest's Puskás Aréna on May 31. Kick-off is at 8:00 p.m. BST.

Where can you watch the UEFA Europa League final?

Fans can find their local UEFA Europa League final broadcaster listed right here:

  • Albania — DigitAlb

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  • Azerbaijan — CBC Sport

  • Belgium — Telenet, SBS VRT, RTBF, beTV

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Best dildo

Why we like it

Everyone has their preferences regarding dildos (or any sex toys, for that matter), but here's why the Pipedream Basix Slim 7-inch dildo is worth a second look. This multi-colored silicone dildo is smooth and silky, giving it a realistic texture. It also features a suction-cup base for hands-free pleasure, including strap-on and pegging play. Plus, it's waterproof, so you can have a wet and wild time in the bath, shower, or wherever else.

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Best penis sleeve

Why we like it

When it comes to sex toys specifically for people with penises, Fleshlight might be the most recognizable name out there, and for a good reason — they're masters at the masturbation sleeve. Fleshlight's sleeves have made our favorites list before, and this bundle comes with a compact version of one of the brand's most popular sleeves, the Stamina Training Unit, as well as lube and cleaner.

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Best anal toy

Why we like it

JimmyJane's Ario glass plug is a literal work of art. It's the ideal size for anal beginners, and the glass construction makes it lube-compatible and easily insertable. Hand-crafted of luxe borosilicate glass, this little gem can also be used for temperature play — place it in hot or cold water for a few minutes beforehand for a new and satisfying sensation.

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This jacket uses fog to supply you with healthy water

Fog-X Jacket

The Fog-X Jacket transforms into a station that creates drinkable water. This jacket uses fog to supply you with healthy water. Simultaneously providing shelter and harvesting water from fog you can travel in the most dry areas without worry of dehydration. Find which areas are best at catching fog by using the Fog-X app which uses real time weather data. Fog-X has the ability to collect up to ten liters of water a day and then transform back into a light and mobile jacket.

These drones can autonomously scan large, challenging, environments

3D Capture Drone

These drones can autonomously scan large, challenging, environments.Skydio 3D Scan is a scanning software designed to automate the data capture process needed to generate 3D models in detail at ultra-high resolution. When paired with the software, Skydio drones can be piloted by a single operator to capture both indoor and outdoor facilities and use the data to create high-res digital replicas. Indoor Capture is the newest Skydio 3D Scan mode, allowing for the capture of hard-to-reach or higher up areas that may otherwise be left out.

Using ChatGPT this robot formed a unique sense of self-awareness

Turtlebot 4

Employees at Clear Path Robotics are testing interactions between man and machine. Echo 4-R is a robot that was given the ability to communicate via AI. Using ChatGPT this machine formed a unique sense of self-awareness. Echo 4-R is equipped with sensors that detect the surrounding area. These sensors can be used to prevent the robot from falling off ledges, or cliffs. After being presented with numerous “cliffs” Echo 4-R began to communicate a phobia of cliffs. This is an interesting experiment on how the advancement of AI may be introduced into society with the machines we interact with.

This glamping RV is a cross between a tiny home and a travel trailer

Luxury Mobile Home

This Glamping RV has a unique twist to it. The Romotow is a cross between a tiny home and a travel trailer. An automatic hydraulic system swings the cabin out 90 degrees allowing for more space and amenities to be utilized. The 30.5 foot main cabin reveals an open deck area when opened. The dining area doubles as a second bedroom since the table can be converted into a double bed. With the ability to sleep up to six the Romotow gives new meaning to home is where the heart is.

Gear up for the ultimate staycation in your backyard this summer

Collage graphic of Walmart products, including a grill, string lights, outdoor speaker, outdoor loveseat

With all the FOMO-inducing travel posts on social media, it's easy to feel like you're missing out. But trust us, there's plenty of fun to be had this summer without spending a fortune. Whether you're looking to unplug and unwind, or gather friends and family for a lavish evening of summer cocktails and mouth-watering BBQ, these Walmart discoveries are here to unleash your creativity, experiment with new ingredients, and satisfy your cravings without ever leaving your own backyard. Plus, get your new finds fast in as little as a day with Walmart delivery. Looking for more summer products? Visit Walmart's seasonal shop.

'Black Mirror' Season 6 trailer promises murder, space travel, and something called 'Red Mirror'

A woman with brown hair and blonde bangs.

The sixth season of Black Mirror is almost here, bringing with it technological woes, existential dread... and five new episodes.

The latest trailer for the season gives us a brief look at each upcoming story. In "Joan Is Awful," an average woman realizes a streaming platform has made a dramatized adaptation of her life — starring none other than Salma Hayek Pinault.

"Loch Henry" sees a young couple traveling to a Scottish town to make a nature documentary, only to stumble upon a juicier story tied to the town's past.

"Beyond the Sea" takes us to an alternate 1969, where two men on a high-tech space mission wrestle with tragedy. And in "Mazey Day," a young starlet tries to evade invasive paparazzi following her after a hit-and-run incident.

Perhaps most perplexing is the fifth and final episode, "Demon 79," in which a meek sales assistant is told she must commit atrocities to prevent disaster. The trailer states that this particular story is presented by something called "Red Mirror" — could it be an alternate version of Black Mirror? Or some in-universe app characters use? Either way, we're ready (and slightly worried) to find out.

The gravy to so much sci-fi scariness is a cast that boasts Aaron Paul, Anjana Vasan, Annie Murphy, Auden Thornton, Ben Barnes, Clara Rugaard, Daniel Portman, Danny Ramirez, Himesh Patel, John Hannah, Josh Hartnett, Kate Mara, Michael Cera, Monica Dolan, Myha'la Herrold, Paapa Essiedu, Rob Delaney, Rory Culkin, Salma Hayek Pinault, Samuel Blenkin, and Zazie Beetz.

Black Mirror Season 6 hits Netflix June 15.

'Succession' finale: Roman's 'bloodline' line about Kendall's kids, explained

A man leans on a barrier.

Out of all the messed-up things the Roys and their offsiders have said to one another across four very stressful seasons of Succession, there was one line in the finale that hit extra hard.

As the three younger Roy siblings attempt to get back on the same page during the climactic board meeting, with Shiv suddenly the deciding vote as to whether the company their father built will be sold off to a Swedish tech mogul, Kendall's panic-entitlement cocktail goes to his head.

"I’m the eldest boy!" he shrieks (committing a very common level of Connor erasure).

"And, you know, it mattered to him. He wanted this to go on," Kendall adds, meaning family control of Waystar Royco.

"She’s the bloodline, though," says Roman, meaning Shiv and her pregnancy. "If you’re going to play that card, dad’s view was that yours weren’t real… not real real. They're a pair of randos. … One is a buy-in, the other is half Rava and half some filing cabinet guy, right?”


And you thought that terrifying, stitch-splitting hug was brutal.

What did Roman mean by the "bloodline" comment?

Translating from the Roys' maximum-emotional-damage dialect, we can take this to mean that neither Sophie nor Iverson are Kendall's biological children. Sophie, whose background is never discussed explicitly but is played by Indian-American actor Swayam Bhatia, was evidently adopted by Kendall and Rava; while Iverson is implied to have been conceived with sperm from a donor.

There's a whole backstory of fertility struggles implied there. Not all parents who adopt are physically unable to have biological kids, but an adoption and donor sperm suggests that this might have been the case for Kendall. And just imagine telling the heir apparent to Logan Roy's legacy that being a Real Man has very little to do with the clinical qualities of one's jizz — it's not rational for people struggling to conceive to feel like failures, but feelings don't care about your facts.

A man sits on a park bench staring out over the river.
Come on Ken, this could be the perfect time to actually reconnect with your kids. Credit: HBO

So hiding in plain sight all this time has been yet another reason why Kendall is so desperate to prove himself worthy in the eyes of his father. It's not hard to picture Logan, who was abusive towards his own children and once hit Iverson with a can of cranberry sauce during a game, dismissing Kendall's children for not having a lick of actual Roy genetic material between them.

That said, whatever happens in the post-finale future, Sophie and Iverson will certainly inherit the Roy legacy of trauma, and I don't just mean their rabbit's bagel-induced demise. Rava had to beg Kendall to consider the very real harm that was already happening to their daughter as the Menckenites felt empowered by the rhetoric being amplified by ATN. (And while Sophie's wealth will protect her from some of life's hardships, it can never fully insulate her from racist comments or abuse, let alone the unique struggles of transracial adoptees.) And Iverson will probably dread Thanksgiving for the rest of his life.

Freed from his all-consuming goal of following in his father's footsteps, Ken could actually dedicate himself to fatherhood, repair his relationship with his co-parent, show more of the tenderness towards his kids we have seen in a few moments across the series. But the damage of his neglect and his bloody-minded focus on corporate intrigue for its own sake will have taken a toll on the kids even if he can do better.

The best alternatives to Max

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'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' final Season trailer teases John Krasinski back in action mode

A man stands in the sun with a smirk on his face.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is back for its final season, and you'd better believe that means a whole lot more of John Krasinski running around fighting corruption while looking serious.

The show follows the titular CIA Analyst (now Deputy Director) attempting to weed out traitors on his home soil while also taking on a combined drug cartel and terrorist organisation. Yikes!

Michael Peña and Louis Ozawa join existing stars Wendell Pierce, Michael Kelly and Abby Cornish.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is available to stream on Prime Video from June 30.

'Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse' review: This is what animation was made for

Spider-Man flung high above New York City in

Miles Morales and his coterie of cartoon colleagues have come to save not only the day, not only the multiverse, but the future of cinema itself. In a year that has menacingly bombarded audiences with computer graphic heavy but imaginatively dead action movies and lifeless "live-action" remakes of animated classics, Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse has swung into the scene to remind us of the wonders animation can bring — even to the overexposed superhero genre. 

Why make worlds realistic when they can look like these? 

Where does Spider-Man Across The Spider-verse pick up? 

You may want to revisit the first film, Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse, as its sequel begins roundabout its teasing final shot and that curious post-credit scene

This time, we begin with Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld), who is her universe’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man while ducking the suspicions of her cop father (Shea Whigham). But when fallout from her cross-multiverse adventure with Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) causes an anomaly to pop up in her city, she joins forces with a super-army of Spideys to set things right (and in their proper dimensions). A special portal gizmo from this group is how she’s able to pop back in on Miles. 

In this still from Across the Spider-Verse, a young blonde woman hangs upside down; a young Afro-Latino man looks at her quizzically.
Pop! Credit: Sony Pictures

For his part, Miles is trying to balance living up to his parents' standards while battling baddies as his superhero alter ego. In pursuit of one comical "villain of the week" (Jason Schwartzman) he and Gwen end up in a headquarters full of Spideys. (Think the Citadel of Ricks from Rick and Morty.) There, Miles bumps heads (and ideologies) with angsty Miguel O'Hara (Oscar Isaac), who was introduced in that post-credit moment and is now a grim extreme of what Spider-Man can be. So, Miles must fight for the future he wants to see, even if it pits the Spider-Verse against him. 

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse is a marvel of modern animation. 

The first film played with comic book and graffiti inspirations to bring to life Miles’ art and his point of view. In the sequel, audiences are whisked into other worlds, where the animation shifts to distinguish their heroes from each other. 

Gwen’s world is one of bisexual lighting — a dynamic color palette of blues, purples, and reds — and an impressionistic style that resembles watercolors. The background settings are abstract, sometimes splotches of paint and simple shapes. And the colors change as the mood of the scene does:  A somber scene in blue will blush radiantly into pink over a heartfelt hug.

Spider-Gwen in  "'Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse."
Credit: Sony Pictures

Other characters' worlds have sharper lines, reflective of sharper attitudes toward fate and duty. India-based Spider-Man Pavitr Prabhakar (Karan Soni) has a world alive with vibrant, warm colors, reflecting his verve and whimsy. Another standout is the world of Spider-Punk, which is London, but specifically a London made up of paper collages. Spider-Punk himself (Daniel Kaluuya) has the edgy air of a zine come to life, with the rough edges of torn paper as his outline. 

When these worlds collide, it can be visually cacophonic. But that, too is intentional, using these styles — and their collisions — to reinforce the ideological battle between these heroes. In the film's centerpiece, hundreds of Spider-People collide in various quips and slings and poses. The result is frankly overwhelming, but rather than being an eyesore (looking at you Quantumania!), it made me wish I could just watch the sequence over and over on a loop, absorbing every elemtent. The details here are abundant and lovingly layered in, be they obscure references to forgotten Spider-Men, dialog boxes that add another layer to a character, or graphic footnotes that pop up to explain a bit of Spidey-slang.

Watching these sequences is a revelation. Movie theaters have become overrun by Disney branded merchandise labeling itself as cinema. Superhero movies desperately aspire to indulgent spectacle without an apparent care for beauty or emotion, while fairytales are reimagined "realistically", becoming less fantastical and more flesh and blood. Spider-Verse reminds us of the power of animation, how truly even the sky may not be a limit if you can imagine beyond it.

And without those limitations made of flesh and dreadful reality, Spider-Verse grows to be something greater more exciting and more dangerous than creatively bankrupt dreck that's been masquerading as blockbuster entertainment. Every burst of color carries meaning and emotion; every gesture born through computer animation brings character instead of a fruitless pursuit of manufactured reality. It's an explosion of art, sometimes goofy, sometimes gorgeous, but overall glorious. 

Shameik Moore and Hailee Steinfeld lead a sensational voice cast. 

While the animation alone is enough for a ticket prices to see the sequel, the voice cast is once more impeccable. Shameik Moore and Hailee Steinfeld reprise their roles with earnest emotion and teen angst, which brings their flirtations to that satisfyingly awkward space of teenage passion and fumbling. Naturally, there will be a Spider-Man who comments on this with a meta quip!

Two animated characters, a young blonde woman and an older man wearing a baby carrier, cling to the side of a building.
Gwen Stacy and Peter B. Parker in "'Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse." Credit: Sony Pictures

Returning as Peter B. Parker — who is a new dad! — Jake Johnson brings a rumbling joy that is enchanting. New to the cast is Karan Soni, who is downright charming as a teen dream of a Spider-Man. Issa Rae plays the dynamic Jessica Drew, bringing no-nonsense vibes and a solid intensity to this motherly role. Isaac digs deeper into Miguel — who was little more than a meme joke in the first film — going dark with a snarl that is scary, and admittedly sexy. But the breakout among this bunch is Daniel Kaluuya as Spider-Punk, aka Hobie Brown. 

Slinging webs and Cockney rhyming slang, Hobie is an exciting new addition to the Spider-family in part because of his ludicrously inconsistent ideology, but also because you can feel Kaluuya smirking through a cheekily surly performance that refuses to take this character too seriously. (Think of the fun Nic Cage had Spider-Man Noir.) 

Be warned: Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse is darker than the first film. 

As you'd likely expect from a Spidey movie, there's plenty of quips, whimsy, and awesome action sequences full of dizzying whiz-bang. But with that comes the pain and grief that has been a part of Spider-Man's story in just about every incarnation — which the second act makes very clear! Like the live-action Spider-Man No Way Home, Miles and his Spidey fam touch on these tropes of their similar origin stories

Rather than feeling tedious, it feels like a web of fate closing in on Miles, demanding a future he rages against. And fans might be shocked with how this movie chooses to leave us dangling in this web. It's a bold move that makes Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse not only one of the most enthralling movies of the summer, but also one of the most stressful. 

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse demands to be seen — over and over. 

Miles Morales in battle mode in  "'Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse."
Credit: Sony Pictures

We should take a moment to note how incredible this achievement is. Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse was a near-universally revered film, boasting praise from critics and audiences. The anticipation for its sequel was skyscraper high, especially as its release date got bumped from 2022 to 2023. As compelling casting announcements and tantalizing teasers and promising promo rolled out, the fandom has grown downright giddy in excitement. But how could Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse top its predecessor with the bar — and our hopes — so high? 

Directors Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson make it look easy, when it was anything but. Remarkably, they've maintained the clumsy but kinetic romantic chemistry between Miles and Gwen. They've expanded the world of this film series without losing a grip on what drew audiences to it to begin with. The animation is exhilarating, dynamic in its action, expressive in its gestures and colors, and chaotic without being confounding. The voice cast matches the energy of the aesthetic with performances that are playful yet poignant. Then, the story, penned by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Dave Callaham, revisits themes, characters, and plot points from the first film, while avoiding feeling like a lazy retread. Instead, these recurrences probe deeper into the dilemma of being Spider-Man. 

Altogether, this makes Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse not only wildly entertaining, but also the kind of movie that demands to be gnawed on, considered, and seen over and over. In short, it's a stunner, perfect for summer fun — and pondering afterwards. 

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse opens in theaters June 2.

Why you can orgasm from masturbation but struggle to come during sex

A woman's hand peeks out from underneath a white duvet, she is holding a pink vibrator in her hand.

Picture this: You just finished a movie marathon of Marvel's The Avengers and something about Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor gets you in the mood. You quickly run to the bed, pull out your favorite vibrator and make yourself climax within minutes from your deepest fantasies of Thor taking you to pound town.

Now picture this: A day later, you meet your partner for a romantic candlelit dinner and of course, one thing leads to another until you’re both in bed naked. The sex that you’re having with your partner isn’t necessarily bad, but you can’t help but notice that having an orgasm during partnered sex isn’t nearly as guaranteed as it is when you’re engaging in solo play.

If you read that and thought, "That is definitely me. I can easily reach orgasm when I’m masturbating, but it’s damn near impossible to get off when I’m having sex with someone else," then you’re not alone. In fact, research shows that while the majority of women can masturbate to orgasm, up to 50 percent of heterosexual women do not orgasm during vaginal sex, even with additional stimulation.

Why can't I orgasm during partnered sex?

Lisa Lawless, PhD, a clinical psychologist and CEO of sex toy retailer Holistic Wisdom, says that masturbation is often a more effective way to orgasm because "masturbation can create a more conducive psychological state for reaching orgasm as there are no concerns caused by performance anxiety, uneasiness about appearance, pressure to please a partner, and other distractions."

Besides, when you’re masturbating alone, you usually have no audience, making it easier to relax and enjoy the experience. When you’re stressed about performing, you’re not going to be able to perform. It’s a vicious self-fulfilling prophecy.

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"Women also understand their bodies better, including their preferred erogenous zones, stimulation techniques, and arousal patterns," Lawless adds. And let’s face it, no one else knows your body better than you do, right? 

Speaking of the preferred pleasure zones of our bodies, another reason women may reach orgasm easier during masturbation rather than penetrative sex is due to the reality that most need direct clitoral stimulation to do so. "Rarely do people with vulvas orgasm from penetrative sex alone due to the fact that the majority of nerve endings are found in the clitoris," Sophia Murphy, doctor of behavioral health, certified sexologist and director of wellness at TBD Health, explains. 

Despite the romance films or mainstream porn videos that often depict women orgasming after barely 30 seconds of penetration alone, clitoral stimulation is essential in real life. Because of unrealistic portrayals of sex in pop culture (and lackluster sex ed), some partners might not be aware that stimulating the head of the clitoris is comparable to stimulating the head of the penis. 

Furthermore, one of the biggest blocks to orgasming could be that you're so focused on your partner's pleasure that you neglect your own. "It's common that people with vulvas are socialized to focus more on their partner's needs or not ask for the exact stimulation they need which can contribute to a decreased ability to orgasm during sex with a partner," Murphy continues. "When engaging in masturbation it's common for people to report feeling less pressure to perform and the ability to relax and enjoy the experience is enhanced."

Though, just because someone struggles to orgasm during partnered sex doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Here are some ways that women can incorporate their masturbatory routine into penetrative sex with a partner:

Should I try mutual masturbation?

Incorporating mutual masturbation with your partner can be a great way to introduce your masturbatory routine into your sexual routine together. Megwyn White, certified sexologist and director of education at Satisfyer, suggests taking turns "Start by touching yourself separately, so you and your partner can see what turns the other on and what makes them feel stimulated. Slowly and with consent you can start to touch each other and then move into foreplay and penetrative sex."

"Start by touching yourself separately, so you and your partner can see what turns the other on and what makes them feel stimulated."

Mimic your masturbation routine with different sex positions

If you have a habit of masturbating on your stomach then opt for a modified version of doggy style where you're lying flat on your stomach and your partner penetrates you behind. By doing so, you can place your hand underneath your vulva and grind against it during sex. Feel free to get directly on top of your partner too and grind your clitoris against their pelvis from above if that’s more comfortable.

Use sex toys 

Many sex toys for vulvas are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris directly through air pressure, sucking motions, and more, so don’t be afraid to bring out your favorite clitoral vibrator when you’re getting freaky. White suggests using pleasure devices such as the Satisfyer Double Whale or Satisfyer Swordsman because both can provide stimulating elements to both parties.

Focus more on body exploration

Allow yourself to freely explore your body during penetrative sex. "Exploring highly erogenous zones like your nipples, or clitoris can not only help increase arousal but also help to send the message to your body that you are safe and in charge of your own pleasure and can be a huge turn-on for your partner as well," White says.

It’s also important to remember that sex isn’t just about orgasms. Of course, orgasms feel amazing. And yes, we should be advocating for our pleasure at all times. However, it could be useful to expand our outlook on what’s "supposed to happen" during a sexual experience. Sex is way more than a goal-oriented action that must end in a mind-blowing finish every time. Besides, sex can still feel amazing even when you don’t cum. So, don’t worry if it takes you longer to get there (or if you don't get there at all) when you’re having sex. With effective communication, more time for exploration, and more incorporation of your masturbation routine, you’re still taking ownership of your own pleasure — and what’s more empowering than that? 

'Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham and Kelly Clarkson compete in intense sing-off

A woman on a talk show looks confused.

Is there anything Hannah Waddingham can't do? Following a wildly popular turn as Eurovision co-host and a wildly popular run in Ted Lasso Season 3, the star has now shown off her impressive singing skills during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

In the video above she faces off against the host in a game of "Throw Me a Line", which basically involves being first to buzz in and sing the title of a song after hearing only its first couple of lyrics.

Both contestants struggle with the lyrics bit, but neither struggles with the singing.

How generative AI will affect the creator economy

A machine picking up social media posts.

Amid all the talk about AI replacing creative workers in the future, there's perhaps not enough talk about the creative tools it's replacing here in the present: Instagram influencers brainstorming post ideas with group chats, notes apps, crumpled paper and scattered Post-It notes.

With AI taking over the role of idea generators, the creative process is evolving rapidly. That's because, for all their weaknesses, when it comes to the tasks associated with the sometimes-brutal work of idea-generation, AI applications have already saved creators from the headache-inducing glare of the dreaded blank page.  

Luca Schaefer-Charlton, a Canadian TikToker with 6.7 million followers, Johnny Valentine, an American TikToker with 7.3 million followers, and Essex-born reality TV star Chloe Veitch were all in London for an event when their management decided it'd be a good idea for the three to collaborate.

Schaefer-Charlton and Valentine have an online following that Veitch could benefit from, and Veitch has relevancy that Schaefer-Charlton and Valentine could benefit from. 

"It just made a ton of sense," Jeff Duncan, CEO of the talent agency Ingenuity Live that represents all three of the influencers, told Mashable. 

He set them up in a WhatsApp chat and suggested that they "build some content together." Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch were all down, but they didn't know what kind of content they should make together.

"I sat there in front of the WhatsApp channel for a few minutes, and I was trying to come up with some concepts that made sense," Duncan said. But he felt he was wasting time creating these concepts himself — and took it to ChatGPT instead.

Duncan gave ChatGPT some context about all three creators and asked the generative AI tech to come up with social media content for the three creators to make, focusing on the results: "bridging followers from one creator to the next, and creating viral strategies that will have the highest chance of getting the most views." The 20-or-so ideas ChatGPT sent him — like working with musical buskers to create new TikTok videos or competing in a street art scavenger hunt — were "awesome." He sent the ideas to Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch, and the trio used the ChatGPT responses to craft multiple videos for their channels.

"That was a perfect example of using AI in order to make the content strategy smarter and give some ideas to them," Duncan said. "If you can give artificial intelligence some level of understanding as to what you're trying to accomplish, the content creators can use it in order to make themselves more effective in what they're trying to do."

Influencers and their teams are already using generative AI — a type of artificial intelligence that produces content, like ChatGPT and Midjourney. It has the potential to revolutionize the creator economy and its two million full-time creators and 46 million amateurs. Generative AI can be an incredibly helpful — and powerful — tool. For now, creators and creator marketers use it predominantly for creative ideation, like Duncan did for his talent. 

How creators use generative AI

There are two main types of generative AI that are being used online right now: text-focused, and visual-focused. More text-focused generative AI, like ChatGPT, is used exactly for what Duncan did with Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch. Using image generators to create ideas might seem like a less obvious use of AI, but they're actually making a huge impact. 

Jordan Harrod, a research scientist, graduate student at Harvard and MIT, and creator who runs a YouTube channel about artificial intelligence, told Mashable that she's been using Midjourney and other visual-focused generative AI tools to help her ideate on an image idea that she doesn't have the ability to draw herself. She doesn't use the entire Midjourney image, but will use it as a starting point. There are also generative AI tools like Opus that will take a longer video — like a YouTube video — and turn it into shorter clips for TikTok or Instagram Reels. 

"The thing that I see not being very useful is a lot of the discourse around generating content wholesale. Like 'I'm never going to film a video again because I'm just gonna generate the whole thing using AI and it's gonna go viral,'" Harrod joked. "First of all, I haven't seen a lot of tools that are actually good at that. Second of all, if you're going into the creative space, you're doing it because you have ideas and you want to create them, and you're looking for tools that can help you do that. Not because you're trying to just generate as much content time as physically possible."

Dave Wiskus, the founder and CEO of Nebula, a streaming service for creators, told Mashable that this tech has the potential to make content creation more accessible.  Beyond idea creation, Wiskus sees use of ChatGPT and Midjourney to be a set of creative starter tools that will set creators up for success if they have raw talent that may once not have been put to use.  

"Autotune didn't destroy singing: It only made people with a different kind of creativity more likely to find a good way to express that creativity," Wiskus said. "Photoshop didn't ruin photography. It just made it so that more people could get into photography; it made photography more accessible so that we could get better art from more artists. I think that AI, at least as we understand these tools today, will give the same effect."

The simple answer to how generative AI affects the creator economy, or any job, really, is that it saves you time. None of these tools are perfect, yet. That's why Duncan encourages his clients to use it for everything they can — from finding recipes to getting movie recommendations — to get to know what it does well and what it doesn't do well.

"For now, my suggestion to every content creator has been: You have to become the master of what currently exists," Duncan said. "Because you don't want to start from ground zero when the new product comes out."

The pitfalls

Currently, generative AI is still pretty stupid. It's not great at producing complex videos, streamlining the process of creator identification, writing anything well on the first go, or even coming up with completely original ideas. And, of course, there are copyright issues. And there's a fear that, because so many creators are being encouraged to use AI, they'll all have the same creative ideas.

Rem Darbinyan, who works both in the AI world and the influencer marketing world as the CEO of SmartClick, an AI and machine learning solutions provider, and Viral Mango, a micro- and nano-influencer marketing platform, told Mashable that generative AI is an "amazing tool" for creators, but if everyone starts using it in similar ways, it could affect the way creators come up with new ideas.

"I'm expecting that it's gonna be some kind of erosion of human creativity," Darbinyan said. He worries that instead of exercising our creative muscles, we'll start using tools like ChatGPT as a crutch. "Over time, the more we rely on AI, the less creative we're going to become and more we're going to rely on AI to generate ideas."

Darbinyan added that, of course, we don't know for sure. These tools are incredibly new, but creativity is simply something we should consider. Wiskus, for his part, isn't entirely sure that this kind of AI actually will hurt human creativity — it might just change it.

"The most likely scenario isn't that AI destroys human creativity," Wiskus said. "It's going to be that humans — creative humans — find new ways to use new tools to express that creativity."

The future of generative AI and the creator economy

It's pretty inarguable that generative AI is having a strong impact on the creator economy today, but it's unclear if its impact will grow stronger or stay stagnant. Generative AI, in the way we know and use it today, is relatively new. ChatGPT was only officially launched on November 30, 2022, the data that powers it is only updated through 2021, and, as OpenAI admits, it has limitations including "social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts." With each new update, those limitations will likely decrease.

Despite the potential drawbacks, using generative AI saves time, opens up creators to new ideas and approaches, and, at its core, is pretty fun to play around with if you're a creator. Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch told Duncane they had a lot of fun creating the videos ChatGPT helped them ideate on.

Duncan said he doesn't know which of the many ChatGPT-fueled concepts the three creators ultimately chose to record, and they haven't posted all of the content they took with each other yet. But he says the process presented a perfect example of how creators can work with AI to "make themselves more effective in what they're trying to do." The creators who refuse to use these tools could risk being overtaken by creators who do use AI tools. 

But it's important to remember that this is new, it's unexplored, and, despite all the fascinating work it can do, AI isn't a replacement for anything truly meaningful yet.

"We have no idea what's actually gonna happen," Harrod said. "Five months ago, no one would have predicted what is happening right now. It's just very much a moving target to try to make predictions on these types of things."

For now, Harrod and other creators are just playing around with the tools and seeing what they can create. 

Thousands of delivery robots are being deployed for Uber Eats

A robot on the sidewalk surrounded by people.

Your next meal could be hand-delivered by a robot.

Food delivery service Uber Eats is partnering with Serve Robotics, an autonomous delivery startup, to deploy up to 2,000 of the latter's robots in multiple markets across the United States.

This is an expansion of the partnership between Uber and Serve, who collaborated in a pilot in West Hollywood a year ago. Uber robot deliveries via Serve increased by over 30 percent month-over-month, with over 200 participating restaurants in Los Angeles.

Dr. Ali Kashani, co-founder and CEO of Serve Robotics, said they are "thrilled" to be expanding their partnership with Uber.

"This partnership is a major step towards mass commercialization of robotics for autonomous delivery, and it is a testament to the success of our partnership," said Dr. Kashani in a statement. "We are excited to continue our work with Uber to bring this innovative technology to more cities across the country."

Serve says its sidewalk robots are capable of Level 4 autonomy, which is described by the Society of Automobile Engineers as being able to handle all aspects of driving without human intervention, in certain conditions. According to Tech Crunch, the robots can "reroute" if they encounter obstruction, and can also avoid collision with drivers.

The startup has also piloted programs with Walmart in Arkansas and Pizza Hut in Vancouver. Since 2021, Serve has worked with 7-Eleven on robotic sidewalk delivery in LA, too.

Breville’s indoor pizza oven is the best way to cook pizza without using actual fire

Breville pizza oven on a wood table next to a pizza pan and a peel

If you’re short on outdoor space, you might feel like you’re missing out on the great pizza oven trend of the 2020s. For apartment dwellers, an outdoor, wood-powered pizza oven isn’t just unrealistic — it’s also a fire hazard. 

Top pizza oven brands like Ooni and Gozney only offer outdoor pizza ovens. Sure, you could grab one and take it on your next camping trip, but you can’t be sure that only using it away from home would justify the prices. The next best thing? The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

Breville’s nifty electric pizza oven gets hot enough to recreate that wood-fired taste and feel and doesn’t require outdoor space. You can plop it right on your kitchen counter or plug it in on the patio, and you’ll be just minutes away from cheesy, crispy Neapolitan-style pizzas.

How hot does the Breville Pizzaiolo get?

The Breville Pizzaiolo reaches up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t nearly as hot as your standard wood-fired outdoor oven (those can top out at up to 900 degrees), but it’s still way hotter than most in-home appliances. Conventional ovens and convection ovens both tend to top out at around 500 or 550 degrees, so they really can’t compare to the Pizzaiolo. 

Two perfectly cooked, golden-brown pizzas on a wood cutting board
After I got the hang of the temperature settings, the pizzas I made were impressive. Credit: Jae Thomas / Mashable

Higher temperatures yield better crust results, and some types of pizza (namely, the Neapolitan type with the crisp, blackened crust) require super high temps to get the correct crust texture. With a higher-temp oven, you can get a crispy bottom crust, a well-browned top crust, retain moisture on the inside of the crust, and cook all the toppings.

What settings does the Breville Pizzaiolo have?

The Pizzaiolo boasts seven preset functions: 350 degrees, frozen, pan, New York, thin & crispy, "wood-fired," and 750 degrees. It also has a manual mode that allows you to set the top and bottom deck temperatures separately, and a knob for preferred crust darkness from light to dark. You can also use the built-in timer (up to 20 minutes) to control your cook times.

Does the Breville Pizzaiolo make good pizza?

The pizzas I made in the Breville Pizzaiolo were the best home-cooked pizzas I’ve ever had. Honestly, they rivaled (or were better than) some of the restaurant pizzas I’ve had in the past, too. It takes a while to get the temperature settings just right so you have a crispy bottom crust, cooked-through top crust, and perfectly melty cheese, but once you master it, you’re golden. While I cooked pizza on every setting, I played around with the "wood-fired" setting and the manual setting the most, and found that those two options yielded the best crust textures.

a pizza on a wood cutting board
The first pizza I made overcooked on one side and was slightly undercooked on the other. Credit: Jae Thomas / Mashable

The Neapolitan-style crust recipes I tried cooked the best in the Pizzaiolo, but it took some finagling with the temperatures to get the crust textures right. Each pizza cooks in about three minutes or less, so there’s not a ton of time to experiment. I thought about the process a little like cooking pancakes — the first one was never perfect.

Is the Breville Pizzaiolo worth it?

The Breville Pizzaiolo is ideal for families who host, amateur chefs who love experimenting with new kitchen appliances, and anyone who identifies as a Big Pizza Guy. It makes great pizzas in just a few minutes, and doesn't require you to know how to light a fire (or keep one at the perfect temperature while you cook) like a traditional wood-fired pizza oven does. Since it controls the temperature for you, it’s way faster and easier to get pizzas in the oven and on the table.

Though at a glance, the Pizzaiolo doesn’t seem like the most versatile appliance, I could see it being a great high-heat oven to roast vegetables, meats, and anything you want that charred, wood-fired flavor on. 

Aside from the high price, the only downside of the Breville Pizzaiolo is that it's hard to clean. Like other Breville appliances I've tested, the inside tended to stain and get discolored with use (even when wiped down between uses), so it won't always look as perfect as it does right out of the box. The pizza stone was also hard to get completely clean, but that's sort of the nature of pizza stones.

A pizza oven is open with a pizza inside. The pizza oven has some staining and discoloration on the inside of the door.
After three uses, I started to notice some staining and discoloration. Credit: Jae Thomas / Mashable

At $999, the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is pricey, but it compares pretty closely to some of the other large pizza ovens on the market (like the Gozney Dome) and is way simpler and easier to use. 

This Saturn moon gushes water beyond scientists' wildest dreams

Water vapor spewing from Enceladus

Saturn's moon Enceladus spews geyser-like plumes of water vapor more than 6,000 miles above its surface, roughly the distance of New York to Seattle and back.

Enceladus — about 800 million miles away and 25 times smaller than Earth — has captured the imaginations of planetary scientists searching for life beyond the blue marble. Its constant volcanic spray creates a misty halo in space, which contributes to Saturn's rings.

A study of the moon using the James Webb Space Telescope, a collaboration of NASA and the European and Canadian space agencies, has provided new insight into how it supplies water for the entire Saturnian system. Scientists hope such research will help them better understand the ocean world's potential for hosting microscopic life.

In the research team's telescope observations, they found the moon whipping water jets as it orbited Saturn every 33 hours, said Geronimo Villanueva, lead author of the research recently accepted for publication in Nature Astronomy, in a statement.

They never expected to find such massive sprays: Previous telescopes saw jets hundreds of miles from Enceladus' surface — nowhere in the ballpark of what Webb revealed. Rather, the new team discovered the small moon to be gushing about 79 gallons per second, a rate that could fill an Olympic swimming pool in a couple of hours.

"Not only was the plume huge, but there was just water absolutely everywhere,” Villanueva said.

"Not only was the plume huge, but there was just water absolutely everywhere."

For comparison, the doughnut-shape plume is 20 times the diameter of Earth's moon. The team's research shows about 30 percent of that water stays in Enceladus’ wake, but the other 70 percent escapes to supply the rest of the system, which scientists are finding is teeming with moons. A group of astronomers recently announced the discovery of 62 more moons orbiting the sixth planet from the sun, bringing its total natural satellites up to 145.

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Cassini capturing Enceladus
Scientists have pushed NASA to explore the intriguing ocean world, Enceladus. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

When Enceladus, a small world just over 300 miles wide, was first studied in 1980 by NASA's Voyager 1 probe, it didn't appear as much more than a little snowball. More recently, researchers have learned the moon's thick layer of ice conceals a saltwater ocean, spewing methane, a gas that usually comes from bacteria and other microorganisms on our home planet. Between 2005 and 2017, NASA's crewless Cassini spacecraft flew through Saturn's rings and moons, revealing an abundance of new information.

Scientists have pushed NASA to endorse future missions to explore the world, requesting financial support to land on its surface. One such proposal, the Enceladus Orbilander designed by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, would study it from the moon's ground — as well as from space — over a 1.5-year period beginning in the 2050s. The complex mission would cost an estimated $2.5 billion, according to The Planetary Society, a nonprofit focused on advancing space science.

Meanwhile, the Webb team will revisit Enceladus next year to study specific habitability indicators, looking for organic signatures and hydrogen peroxide. Scientists are particularly interested in the latter because it has the potential to provide much more "potent" sources of metabolic energy, said Christopher Glein, a planetary geochemist who will lead the future study, in a statement.

"The observations could help us determine if Orbilander can access ocean samples near the equator," he said, "which may help us get back to Enceladus sooner.”

Save 35% on this wireless portable charger that attaches to the back of your phone

magnetic wireless charging stand with phone on colorful gradient background

TL;DR: As of May 31, you can pick up this magnetic wireless portable charger with foldable stand for only $38.99 instead of the usual $59.99. That's a savings of 35%.

Keeping your iPhone juiced up on the go is often harder than it should be. Instead of having tangled cords in your bag or relying on finding a wall outlet, you may want this magnetic wireless portable charger that pops out into a phone stand

Just charge it up at home and snap it to the back of your compatible iPhone when you're running low on power. Grab one for only $38.99 (reg. $59.99).

A seamless charging experience

This wireless portable charger packs in 5000mAh of battery capacity, which could charge your iPhone up to one or two times. That's likely enough juice to top off your phone battery a couple of times before the power bank needs a recharge.

Bring the charger along with you anywhere since it can fit right in your bag or pocket. When you need a power boost, just attach it to the back of your compatible iPhone and the magnets hold it in place. Even with the charger on your phone, it's thin enough to take calls or selfies with one hand.

You need a MagSafe case (or no case at all, depending on your phone model) to use magnetic wireless charging. Or, you could use a charging cable with the USB-C output. This could be great if a friend wants to borrow your charger without having to remove or replace their current case. Power up any USB-C device, not just iPhones.

Convenient phone stand

The portable charger has a 180º foldable aluminum stand that can prop up your iPhone as it charges. Pop it out to keep your iPhone upright when watching videos or chatting with friends on FaceTime while your phone recharges.

This foldable design also works to displace heat from your iPhone while charging, so you can worry less about your phone overheating when you power up on the go.

Wave goodbye to the days of bringing a tangled charging cable with you everywhere.

Normally $59.99, grab the magnetic wireless portable charger with foldable stand for just $38.99.

Prices subject to change.

This magnetic rower is easy to store at home and 50% off

man using stamina rowing machine with yellow and orange background

TL;DR: As of May 31, you can snag the Stamina X Magnetic Rower for only $223.99 — that's 50% off its MSRP of $449.99.

It might be time to turn your workout into a work-in as the weather gets warmer. Jogging outside in spring may be fun, but sweating through summer can be a pain. If you want some low-cost home exercise equipment that is made to give you an intense workout, try the Stamina X Magnetic Rower. It was designed to be smooth-riding and quiet with adjustable intensity — and it's on sale for $223.99 (reg. $449.99). 

Row yourself toward a full-body workout with this magnetic rower. The Stamina X gives you eight levels of quiet magnetic resistance so you can use it in a full house without sounding like you're fighting your way upstream. Just pop yourself in the padded, molded seat, pick the resistance level that works for you, and start rowing. 

If you want added security, you can slip your feet in the foot straps to help hold you in place. The rowing handles are coated in foam for your comfort, and you can check your progress in the built-in workout monitor. That's where you can track your total strokes, strokes per minute, workout time, distance traveled, and how many calories you've burned. Whether you're working toward a fitness goal or just maintaining, this magnetic rower could be your new favorite piece of equipment.

Pull up the ​​müüv app on your iOS or Android device if you want an informed guide to talk you through your workout. Your purchase comes with free access to müüv, but you can use it with any workout equipment — or none at all!

Once you’re done with your workout, slide this rower under the bed or flip the Stamina X vertically and wheel it into the closet. 

Home fitness doesn't have to take up a whole room.

Get the Stamina X Magnetic Rower while it's on sale for $223.99 (reg. $449.99). 

Prices subject to change. 

Upgrade your desk setup with this $119 iPad stand hub

person working at desk with ipad on ipad stand, phone, and laptop

TL;DR: As of May 31, you can get the Mag M Pro Magnetic iPad Stand Hub for a 12.9-inch or 11-inch iPad for just $118.99 instead of $129. That's $10 in savings.

What does your home office setup look like? Maybe it's a laptop and a comfy spot on the couch. Perhaps you have a laptop stand with a wireless mouse and keyboard. There are endless WFH variations, but without a second screen, you could be missing out on increased productivity.

The Mag M Pro Magnetic 8-in-1 iPad Stand Hub turns your iPad into a second screen for your current laptop or monitor. Grab one for your 12.9-inch or 11-inch compatible iPad for only $118.99 (reg. $129).

The silicone rubber pads covering the stand's base hold it in place and protect your desk from scuffs or scratches. An all-aluminum, lightweight design gives this hub a sleek appearance and makes it easy to move around your workspace.

Once you're settled and ready to get to work, adjust the 80º hinge to find your optimal viewing angle. If you're taller, you may want to angle your iPad higher up, and vice versa. A 360º rotating joint allows you to fully customize your iPad's position, which means you can work comfortably while putting less strain on your neck.

Your purchase also comes with a USB-C-to-USB-C cable with a right angle. This reduces the strain on the cord — which makes it last longer — and creates a cleaner-looking workspace. Plug the Mag M Pro into a power source using one of its USB-A ports. Then, use the included USB-C cable to connect your iPad to the stand itself. This will charge up your iPad while it's attached to the Mag M Pro.

There's also a slew of ports that transforms your iPad into a multimedia workhorse. The 4K HDMI port allows you to connect to an external TV or monitor, a second USB-A port transfers data, the 3.5 mm AUX input jack allows you to use wired headphones or speakers, and the MicroSD and SD card slots read and transfer files, pictures, or videos.

These connections may make your iPad feel more like a second laptop or monitor to create a more productive you.

Expand your home office setup with these options:

Prices subject to change.

Make movie night magic with this portable projector and 50-inch screen, on sale now

group of people watching movie on wemax go projector at campsite

TL;DR: As of May 31, you can get the Wemax Go portable projector and 50-inch portable screen bundled together for just $249.97 — that's 68% off its regular retail price of $798.98.

Summer is prime movie night territory, but you don't have to stay inside if you want to marathon your favorite flicks. Take the show outside, inside, and practically anywhere at all with this outdoor movie bundle. This extended Memorial Day deal brings you the Wemax Go portable projector and a 50-inch portable screen for $249.97.

The first billing on this double feature goes to the Wemax Go portable projector. This compact laser projector packs 300 ANSI lumens of movie magic anywhere you can plug it in (including your trusty power bank). Project your favorite films using Wemax's patented ALPD laser, which has a 25,000-hour life. 

This Indiegogo-funded projector isn't that much bigger than a phone, but it's designed to project a clear picture on screens anywhere from 15 to 100 inches. It even comes with its own bag to help keep it safe and clean between uses. So connect your phone, laptop, or game console with WiFi or HDMI and enjoy the show. 

Whether you're hosting movie night in your backyard, living room, or campsite, bring along the Wemax 50-inch ALR Portable Projector Screen. The "ALR" stands for Ambient Light Rejection, which means it focuses more light back at you for a brighter picture. This 50-inch screen has a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, with a crisp 4K HD screen resolution.

Change the venue on movie night this year. Plan cozy outdoor screenings and scary movies at the campground when you take advantage of this Memorial Day deal.

Until May 31 at 11:59 p.m. PT, get the outdoor movie bundle featuring the Wemax portable projector and 50-inch portable screen for just $249.97 (reg. $798). 

Prices subject to change.

These deals on fans from Dyson, Levoit, and Vornado will blow you away

Three different fans on light lavender background

As of May 31, there are several fans on sale from brands like Dyson, Levoit, and Vornado to help cool you down during the dog days of summer. Shop the best deals here:

When it comes to hot weather, fans are a great option for cooling down your home. They're also great for circulating the air in a room, and helping you escape the heat if you don't have air conditioning. Pair them with the breeze from an open window and you've got pure, unadulterated summer bliss. Even if you do have air conditioning, you just can't beat soft wind blowing in your face for total relaxation.

If you're looking to add a fan to your home this summer, first of all, good idea, and second of all, there are plenty of great brands on sale right now. As of May 31, you can choose from models from Dyson, Levoit, and Vornado to help you avoid a sticky, uncomfortable summer. And it's not just fans that you can choose from: you'll find air purifiers and combination hot and cool air fans as well. Shop our picks for some of the best deals below.

Best overall fan

Why we love it

The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier and Fan not only cools your home, but its 350-degree filtration system is perfect for removing odors and 99.97% of particles floating around in the air. It can swivel between 0 and 70 degrees, and it can be programmed to turn off on a customizable schedule. Plus, its thin form factor ensures you've got plenty of space to place it in the rooms you need it in most. The fan will also alert you when the filter needs to be changed, so there's no need to play guessing games.

Best tower fan

Why we love it

The Levoit Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control is an affordable remote-controlled fan that has three speeds with 90-degree oscillation and a 360-degree oscillating top so you can have cool air at every angle of your room. It boasts an LED display so you can set the indoor temperature you'd like to stay at as well as the speed, mode, and timer settings to ensure refreshing, cooling air blowing around on your schedule, wherever you need it the most.

Best budget fan

Why we love it

The Vornado Duo Tower Circulator Fan is a tower fan that can move air up to 50 feet. It has four-speed settings for quick and easy customization, and despite having 120V of power for easier air circulation, it's still super quiet. You can use it as a tower fan or low-profile option for better airflow, depending on what works better for you. Its strong breeze will help cut through the heat quickly, despite its small stature.

Other fan deals

Feeling an existential crisis brewing? Here are 3 ways to cope.

A illustrated person under a wave that's about to crash.

Don't look now but existential dread seems to be creeping back into our lives, ready to wreak havoc on our mental health and well-being.

No doubt your social media feeds have documented this sense of despair — and contributed to it — at a breakneck pace.

There's the looming threat of a brutally hot summer partly thanks to climate change, the prospect of yet another mass shooting, ongoing economic uncertainty including last-minute negotiations over raising the debt ceiling, and the fear that marginalized groups feel as they become targets of attacks based on their race, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexuality, among other aspects of who they are.

Each crisis, whether we're anticipating it or living through it, can lead to feelings like anger, helplessness, and anxiety. It's easy to become stuck as these emotions dominate daily life.

But Dr. Luana Marques, author of the new book Bold Move: A 3-Step Plan to Transform Anxiety into Power, believes that if people persist through moments of dread and discomfort, they'll become more capable on the other side.

Marques, a psychotherapist and an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, takes a well-known technique called cognitive behavioral therapy and distills it into easy-to-follow steps.

She described a brief version of this approach in a conversation with Mashable about how to deal with existential dread:

1. Pause to check in with your body, feelings, and thoughts.

Life in the 21st century affords few moments for genuinely mindful pauses, thanks to the siren call of ever-present devices and digital connectivity. Yet Marques urges her patients to regularly stop what they're doing to consider physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts, all of which may make for an overwhelming combination.

Intentional pauses can be particularly helpful when a scroll through social media, with its seemingly constant drumbeat of bad news, sets off alarm bells in the brain.

Marques says the brain is designed to "protect and predict" at such a rapid clip that it can sometimes mistake bad news or tragedy in the world for a personal life-or-death threat.

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In other words, a mass shooting that happens thousands of miles away might lead someone to feel like they're immediately unsafe. That can start in the body, as blood pressure rises or the throat clenches, which prompts anxiousness or fear. In turn, those feelings may become certain thoughts like, "I know this is going to happen to me soon, too."

While gun violence in the U.S. is a very real problem that legitimately makes millions of people feel less safe, the trick to dealing with the intense dread it can unleash is being aware of that dynamic in the first place.

"Whatever it is that causes discomfort, notice that discomfort, pause, and then really identify what it is you're saying to yourself, how does that make you feel, and what you want to do, before doing anything," says Marques.

Additionally, Marques says that people's responses to these and similar events will depend on their own life experiences. Someone with a history of trauma, or someone who's a gun violence survivor, may have a much different reaction to a mass shooting than an individual without those experiences. But pausing to deal with individual emotions can offer a sense of control that struggling under the weight of them all at once would fail to provide.

2. Don't avoid what you're feeling.

Whether or not someone has identified what exactly they're feeling, there's the constant temptation to respond to a perceived threat by avoiding discomfort. In fact, Marques writes in Bold Move that without proper training "avoidance is a force far more powerful than any of us can handle."

That's because habitual avoidance of discomfort trains the brain to believe the tactic is singularly responsible for delivering relief. Avoidance can look like responding to a perceived threat by reacting, retreating, or remaining in ways that aren't productive, says Marques.

Scrolling social media, for example, can be a way to retreat from whatever is uncomfortable. That might sound counterintuitive in cases where more exposure to news would only lead to further distress, but social media can also generate unexpected whimsy, laughter, or connection that serves to distract from unpleasantness.

Other forms of retreat can include putting off small tasks, exercising excessively, or grabbing a glass of wine. Of course, there's nothing inherently wrong with any of these behaviors, but they can become problematic when they facilitate avoidance.

"Most people...when they start to feel anxiety or discomfort, they jump in avoidance so fast."
- Dr. Luana Marques, author of "Bold Move: A 3-Step Plan to Transform Anxiety into Power"

"Most people...when they start to feel anxiety or discomfort, they jump in avoidance so fast," says Marques. "For us to see reality, we have to tolerate discomfort."

Confronting difficult feelings can feel hard or impossible, but Marques adds that avoiding them only prolongs painful experiences.

There is important nuance to understand about this process, however. Understanding how to handle negative emotions should come with healthy boundaries that are appropriate for someone's own unique situation.

"It's very important to understand the limit for everybody's brain," says Marques.

If avoidance of discomfort is preventing someone from doing something that really matters or is deeply meaningful, then the tactic is not helpful. Think, for example, of limiting most trips to public places out of fear of a mass shooting, which might prevent someone from seeing close friends or pursuing hobbies.

But if the subject of avoidance will only amplify pain, like viewing viral videos of gun violence victims, then it's healthy to maintain boundaries.

"Pain is necessary, suffering is not necessary," says Marques, paraphrasing a well-known Buddhist adage.

3. Do the opposite of what the anxiety wants you to do.

Once someone has identified and acknowledged how their feelings have shaped their thoughts, and effectively calmed their nervous system, Marques says they should do the opposite of what anxiety is prompting them to do.

Oppositional action, which defies the urge that comes with a strong emotion, is critical for getting to the other side of discomfort. This could be as simple as swapping a glass of wine for a five-minute meditation or walk around the block. It might also mean having a tough conversation that's been delayed because it means potential conflict.

Importantly, Marques recommends practicing this technique slowly, and in lower-stakes situations. Attempting to use it for the first time in an extremely challenging situation, like getting fired or being on the brink of an emotional breakdown, can backfire since the brain isn't used to the technique yet.

When the source of anxiety is existential dread related to national or global events, Marques recommends taking stock of the situation and then identifying specific actions within their control.

If climate change or gun violence are concerns, someone might look for ways to help make their own community safer. When it comes to social media, shutting it down would be a healthy choice if it creates a restorative break.

"At some point or another, we have to face reality," says Marques. "We don't have to like reality, but we have to understand where the world is and take a look at it. There is danger out there, but not everything is dangerous."

If you're feeling suicidal or experiencing a mental health crisis, please talk to somebody. You can reach the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988; the Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860; or the Trevor Project at 866-488-7386. Text "START" to Crisis Text Line at 741-741. Contact the NAMI HelpLine at 1-800-950-NAMI, Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. ET, or email If you don't like the phone, consider using the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Chat at Here is a list of international resources.

You can still grab the Series 8 for $70 off, plus more savings on Apple Watches this week

person looking down at apple watch with price tag attached on their wrist

UPDATE: May. 31, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT We've updated this post to reflect the most recent pricing and availability on Apple Watches.

It's been over seven years since the first generation Apple Watch began to grace people's wrists. In that time, the Apple wearable has evolved in size, power, and — because it's Apple — price. If you're into the idea of having a fitness tracker, an extension of your phone, and all the world's conveniences (or, at least a few more than you're used to) wrapped around your wrist, but aren't into shelling out the max amount of cash, you've come to the right place. Every week, we'll keep a watch out (too much?) and update this post with the best Apple Watch deals from across the internet.

Apple Watch Series 8 deals

Why we like it

The Series 8 is still $70 off in most colorways. While it's not an essential upgrade, for those who like their health trackers up-to-date or are on the last legs of an older watch (or investing in one for the first time,) the Series 8 is a great pick.

More Apple Watch Series 8 deals

Apple Watch Series 7 deals

Why we like it

For a watch that closely resembles the Series 8, plus a 45mm watch face and cellular capabilities, under $300 is a pretty good deal. You'll get your pick of most colorways, the same 18 hours of battery life as the Series 8, and the same CPU (aka you won't notice a processing speed difference). The only reason we wouldn't jump on this deal is if you're not looking for a blood oxygen sensor or ECG monitoring, in which case you can get the experience you're looking for in the second-gen SE for about $30 less.

More Apple Watch Series 7 deals

Apple Watch SE deals

Why we like it

Unless you're into the blood oxygen and ECG sensors, we're betting you won't really notice the difference between the second-gen SE and the Series 8. The watch comes equipped with the same S8 chip, the same 18-hour battery life, and the same basic tracking features. This watch's price gets slashed by $30 on a good week so, admittedly, this isn't the best week to grab it if you're looking for the best possible discount. Still, it's better to save $9 than pay full price.

More Apple Watch SE deals

Second generation

First generation

Apple Watch Ultra deals

Why we like it

We wouldn't recommend this watch for everyone, but if you're looking for a watch for the hardcore outdoor adventurer in your life, the Ultra is it. Its hefty price tag reflects an array of top-of-the-line features, including the largest watch face Apple's ever made, built-in cellular, 36 hours of battery life, a titanium case, 100m water resistance, and a host of advanced fitness metrics.

Get AirPods Max for nearly $100 off, plus more of the best Apple deals this week

a person uses the attached keyboard on their ipad

UPDATE: May. 31, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT We've updated this post with the best deals from across the Apple universe. Here are our top picks:

Apple may have an iron grasp on the general population, but when it comes down to it, their products look good, work well, and stay cutting-edge — so of course, people love 'em. Whether you build your calendar around Apple events or you just want solid tech no matter the brand, Apple's got you covered. Sure, they're a little notorious for their high prices, but we've rounded up the best deals on iPads, AirPods, MacBooks, and more to help you save where you can. Check them out below.

Mac and MacBook deals

Why we like it

Two weeks ago, the Mac mini dropped to a record-low price of $499.99, marking the lowest price so far for an M2 Mac by a landslide. Last week it dropped even lower — only 99 cents, but a better discount is a better discount. If you're working from home or looking for a portable desktop that doesn't take up space or break the bank, the M2 mini will more than get the job done. While we've seen this computer drop down to this price point a few times now, it usually doesn't stay for long, so you'll want to grab this deal while you can. And if you're looking for a bit more built-in storage, the 512GB mini also dropped to a new low price this week.

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2021 MacBook Pro

2020 MacBook Air

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iPad deals

Why we like it

The best iPad for most people is still the classic one, and at the time of writing, it's nearly $150 cheaper than its next-gen counterpart. We like the 9th generation because it doesn't come with the bumped-up price of last fall's 10th gen release, instead keeping things firmly in the entry-level tablet range. Despite not being the latest iteration, it still has up to 10 hours of battery life, a 10.2-inch Retina display, and more than enough processing power to get you through most standard tasks.

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iPad (9th gen)

iPad Air

iPad mini

iPhone deals

Why we like it

Check out Mashable's official review of the iPhone 13 Mini.

The iPhone 14 may be the latest phone in Apple's lineup, but the iPhone 13 is by no means outdated. Unlike newer models, you won't need a trade-in to score some savings with this Verizon deal. It'll get you a free 13 mini if you open a new line at Verizon on an unlimited plan.

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Apple Watch deals

Why we like it

While it's not an essential upgrade, especially if you already have a Series 7 on your wrist, the latest gen does bring all the fitness features you've come to love, plus fertility tracking and crash detection. You'll want to grab it at this price while you can — between Walmart and Amazon, every basic colorway except for the (Product)Red option is on sale.

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SE (Second gen)

SE (First gen)


Apple accessories deals

Why we like it

Read our full review of the second gen AirPods Pro.

Nine times out of 10, we're going to choose the AirPods Pro as the best possible pair of AirPods you can buy. That's thanks to their excellent active noise cancellation (our favorite of any earbuds), easy multipoint pairing, and comfort. With six hours of battery life per charge and 30 hours overall with the case, you'll be able to take them on the go no problem.

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The 7 best Peloton alternatives of 2023

Three indoor cycling bikes on a colorful background

UPDATE: May. 11, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT This story has been updated to include new pricing information and new recommended stationary bikes.

You probably know that the pricey, cult-favorite Peloton bikes skyrocketed in demand at the beginning of the pandemic. As gyms and boutique fitness studios shuttered in 2020 and folks turned to exercising from home, home gym equipment (especially connected versions like cycling bikes and smart mirrors) became indispensable. They were a way to work off stress, helped people stay active indoors, and offered an online community through app- and Zoom-based classes.

But now, over three years into the pandemic, demand for Peloton fitness equipment has slowed down significantly, and the future of the connected fitness brand is unclear. For buyers in the market to build out their home gyms, purchasing a bike from Peloton might not be top of mind any longer.

Peloton's rocky road

Things have been unstable at Peloton the last few years — and that's putting it lightly.

According to a report from CNBC at the end of January 2022, Peloton planned to temporarily halt production of connected bikes and treadmills due to waning demand. The company paused manufacturing for two months to recoup costs following diminishing interest in their products, which they attributed to increased price sensitivity on the part of consumers, as well as a steep hike in competitor activity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amid these production issues, Peloton also announced on Feb. 8 that 2,800 workers would be laid off and that the Peloton CEO and founder, John Foley, would be stepping down. On Aug. 12, 2022, Peloton announced that it would once again be cutting jobs and hiking prices. One more for you: As of Oct. 6, Peloton announced it would be cutting 500 more jobs.

If you're still in the market for an at-home fitness bike, it's no longer Peloton or bust. For folks who don't want to deal with the instability of the fitness tech giant, there are some amazing studio-quality bikes available that will give you the same thrill and sweat as a Peloton bike. Some of them are even compatible with the Peloton app.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Peloton?

While Peloton had some significant price drops in 2022, permanent prices on its flagship products are back up, likely due to company instability. The OG bike originally sat at $2,195, dropped down to $1,895, to $1,495, and finally down to $1,195, but now is back up at $1,445. The original Peloton bike is now available at Amazon at this price, with free Prime delivery.

Similarly, the Bike+ went from $2,495, down to $1,995, and back up to $2,495 since its 2020 release. These prices, of course, are on top of the monthly membership fee that was hiked up to $44/month as of June 1, 2022.

Peloton's connected fitness equipment was more worth it when the prices were lower in 2022, but now that they're back up, there are way more stationary bikes on the market than just Peloton, meaning there's pretty much one for every budget.

When shopping for an indoor bike, decide what type of cycling experience you want. Are you looking for a studio-style bike with an attached screen? Do you want to be able to stream interactive workouts directly to your bike? Or are you looking for something cheaper that can use your own device for workout streaming? The driving question here is which app or site you want to get your workouts from, or if you just want a bike to pedal indoors while watching TV. Bikes without connected monitors or membership-based fitness programs tend to be hundreds of dollars cheaper than those with flashy screens.

What is the best Peloton dupe?

To get a Peloton-like experience with even more added high-tech features, we recommend the NordicTrack S22i Commercial Studio Cycle. This bike is truly versatile: it comes with a free 30-day iFit subscription, lets you stream movies and TV to the screen, and has added incline and decline on top of resistance for an extra workout challenge. You'll also notice a 360-degree rotating screen that opens up a whole world of floor and mat workouts for those days when you need a break from riding. This feature is only available at Peloton with the Bike+, so NordicTrack is 100% on top of the trends.

If you're not already sold on a NordicTrack bike, check out our full list of the best Peloton alternatives on the market:

The best robot vacuums for hardwood floors

Roomba Combo j7+ cleaning hardwood floor

Arguably the most flex-worthy of all floor types, hardwood deserves attention both in terms of compliments and in terms of cleaning. It's basically begging for the daily care that you may not feel like providing, but that a good robot vacuum will.

A hybrid is usually the way to go with hardwood

Any avowed hardwood floor enthusiast is likely to be just as meticulous about dried shoe prints, wine spills, or that stubborn thin layer of dust as they are about visible, chunky debris. A robot mop's wet scrub tops off a robot vacuum's dry sweep with a satisfying shine, lapping up minuscule particles as well as spot-cleaning spills when necessary.

Here are our top picks for the best robot vacuums for wood floors in 2023:

These dating sites are actually good for finding a serious relationship

Graphic of people using dating apps.

Finally, dating in real life has become an option again (if still a nerve-wracking one). The pandemic may have changed dating forever, but one thing that hasn't is that meeting people can be really hard.

Any person who's been single and looking for love at some point (read: basically everyone) knows that finding someone who actively wants a long-term relationship versus a hookup or situationship can feel next to impossible and minorly destroy your faith in love. Though dating apps offer a place to meet people, actually meeting that person who wants the same sort of relationship you do and clicks with you makes the whole needle-in-the-haystack search look like a cinch.

All of this to say, apps or otherwise, finding your person takes some time. However, there's hope — dating apps and sites are not the strictly casual dating space they're sometimes made out to be. Over the past year, people have been "prioridating," which means they're caring less about superficial characteristics and more about finding genuine connection and compatibility. This shift is reflected in dating apps, too — more and more include dedicated sections about intentions right on your profile — including on the ever-hookup-friendly Tinder.

So, if you're ready for some commitment and don't know where to find these daters, or simply just need the breakdown of what apps are best for whom, know that you have more options out there than eharmony and Match.

Until a smarter AI can read minds and simply ban hookup seekers from serious sites, these are the best datings sites for serious relationships:

Popular anti-troll tool Block Party shuts down

Twitter logo

Last week, Twitter launched a new API subscription tier that was supposedly meant for "startups."

Instead of drawing startups in, though, it's already claiming victims. Block Party, a popular anti-harassment tool, has now gone on "indefinite hiatus."

"We fought hard to stay here, but recent changes have made it impossible for now," the company said in a tweet.

Block Party was a tool that helped Twitter users protect themselves from harassers, spammers, and trolls on the platform. Without access to Twitter's API, it cannot function, and the Twitter Pro API "access tier," which costs $5,000 per month, was apparently too pricey for Block Party to continue.

"We’re heartbroken that we won’t be able to help protect you from harassers and spammers on the platform, at least for now; we fought very hard to stay, and we’re so sorry that we couldn’t make it happen," the company wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. "In practice, this means when you log into Block Party, everything will be read-only. Lockout filters will no longer run, block lists will no longer process, and you won’t be able to take action on anything in your Lockout Folder."

Not everything is lost, however; Block Party, the company, is turning its attention to a recently announced, new safety product called Privacy Party. "It’s a browser extension that reduces your risk of harassment, cyberstalking, impersonation, fraud, spam, and other online attacks with automated privacy playbooks for your social media accounts," the company said.

Many Twitter developers greeted the API Pro tier with a negative sentiment as it was simply too expensive for most startups to bear. As one user put it, "Idk what kind of 'startup' you think wants to spend 5x the cost of their entire infrastructure on your overpriced data."

Twitter used to have free API access, but new CEO and owner Elon Musk did away with it and started charging a $42,000 per month minimum for Enterprise API access. There's also a free tier, as well as a $100-per month Basic tier, both being way too limiting for most apps to function. An additional problem with the freshly introduced Pro tier was that it took Twitter several months to launch it, which was just enough time for a big chunk of Twitter's ecosystem to wither.

Evie, the first medical-grade health tracker for women, will launch this fall

rose gold, silver, and gold adjustable smart rings

Medical device company Movano Health is positioned to make waves this September when it unveils the Evie ring, the first medical-grade health wearable that’s designed specifically for women. With 11 “Best of CES” awards to its name already, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance in the works, Evie combines health and wellness metrics such as heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, menstrual symptom and mood tracking, sleep patterns and vitals, active minutes, and calories burned to reveal a holistic picture of the user’s health. That data as well as personalized and actionable insights are delivered via a mobile app.

As a professional athlete and product reviewer, I’ve worked my way through a number of health trackers in recent years. One of my overarching critiques is that most of them are too bulky for my five-foot frame — which is not only uncomfortable and unflattering, but also makes getting accurate data a challenge. So when I heard that a health tracking ring made just for women is set to be rolled out this summer, I immediately wanted to know more. 

phone with menstrual tracking app next to evie smart ring
The Evie ring tracks metrics specific to female health. Credit: Evie / Mashable composite

Movano Health CEO John Mastrototaro stepped up to the plate. In our interview, he said his goal is for Evie to “indirectly be motivational to people… to allow them to see how their body is working for them and to feel more empowered about how they choose to live their lives.” Mastrototaro also wants Evie to be on the affordable side of wearables, so it will be priced below $300 and will not require a subscription.

To achieve his first objectives, Mastrototaro hired a ton of women, including for the roles of Vice President of Strategy and the Chief Marketing Officer. He also brought on a host of female advisors who will provide expert commentary and advice on subjects ranging from sleep to menopause. Finally, he ensured that women’s voices and opinions were taken into account, through Movano Health’s survey of 1,000 U.S. women between the ages of 30 and 75 (Evie’s target audience, although Mastrototaro says that younger women are showing interest, too). The survey revealed that FDA approval of wellness metrics is a high priority and accuracy is a significant concern for the majority of respondents.

That’s where Mastrototaro’s background in biomedical engineering — he has a Ph.D. and has spent more than 30 years in the space — and digital health comes into play. Unlike other consumer wearables, Evie will double as a medical device, meaning it will be monitored by the FDA and subject to FDA safety standards. “Our goal is to provide data when we believe it’s accurate and not provide it when there’s too much noise,” Mastrototaro says.

Evie’s software and hardware alike were engineered with women in mind. In addition to health metrics that speak directly to women — period estimation, ovulation estimation, symptom tracking, mood tracking, and more — the ring features an open and flexible design that accommodates fluctuations in finger size. Evie also comes with a portable charger with a rechargeable battery that can charge the ring 10 times, making it travel-friendly and seamless for everyday use.

Evie offers utility for all, Mastrototaro says, whether a user is in her reproductive years or post-menopause, starting her journey living with a chronic condition or trying to avoid ever getting a chronic condition. And judging by a common sentiment he has heard from early testers, the product is on the right track: “Finally, someone is doing something for us!”

Wordle today: Here's the answer and hints for May 31

Woman plays Wordle on her smartphone from the living room of her home

It is Wednesday, my dudes, and there is a new Wordle! As always, we're here with some tips and tricks to help you figure out the solution.

If you just want to be told the answer, you can scroll to the end of this article for May 31's Wordle solution revealed. But if you'd rather solve it yourself, keep reading for some clues, tips, and strategies to assist you.

Where did Wordle come from?

Originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, Wordle rapidly spread to become an international phenomenon, with thousands of people around the globe playing every day. Alternate Wordle versions created by fans have even sprung up, including battle royale Squabble, music identification game Heardle, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess multiple words at once

Wordle eventually became so popular that it was purchased by the New York Times, and TikTok creators even livestream themselves playing.

Not the day you're after? Here's the Wordle answer for May 30.

What's the best Wordle starting word?

The best Wordle starting word is the one that speaks to you. But if you like being strategic in your approach, we have a few ideas to help you pick a word that might help you find the solution faster. One tip is to select a word that includes at least two different vowels, plus some common consonants like S, T, R, or N.

What happened to the Wordle archive?

The entire archive of past Wordle puzzles used to be available for anyone to enjoy whenever they felt like it. Unfortunately, it has since been taken down, with the website's creator stating it was done at the request of the New York Times.

Is Wordle getting harder?

It might feel like Wordle is getting harder, but it actually isn't any more difficult than when it first began. You can turn on Wordle's Hard Mode if you're after more of a challenge, though.

Why are there two different Wordle answers some days?

Though usually Wordle will only accept one correct solution per day, occasionally it will rebel against the norm and deem two different answers acceptable. This is due to changes the New York Times made to Wordle after it acquired the puzzle game.

The Times has since added its own updated word list, so this should happen even less frequently than before. To avoid any confusion, it's a good idea to refresh your browser before getting stuck into a new puzzle.

Here's a subtle hint for today's Wordle answer:

Sprints, but not athletics.

Does today's Wordle answer have a double letter?

Not today!

Today's Wordle is a 5-letter word that starts with...

Today's Wordle starts with the letter A.

What's the answer to Wordle today?

Get your last guesses in now, because it's your final chance to solve today's Wordle before we reveal the solution.

Drumroll please!

The solution to Wordle #711 is...


Don't feel discouraged if you didn't manage to guess it this time. There will be a new Wordle for you to stretch your brain with tomorrow, and we'll be back again to guide you with more helpful hints.

This stacked MBA training course bundle is on sale for 87% off

Two suited men pointing at tablet

TL;DR: The 2023 Total MBA Training Course Bundle is on sale for £36.34, saving you 87% on list price.

These days, you don't even have to set foot in a classroom to get a world-renowned education. So if you've ever considered heading back to school, now is a great time to do so. Online courses offer an affordable and convenient way to learn from the comfort of your sofa, and you might be surprised which topics you can master from home in your spare time. 

The 2023 Total MBA Training in One Box by Chris Haroun, Award-Winning Business School Professor offers the equivalent of an entire MBA education in just one course, with five other ones included to further your business education. And these six courses can be yours for just £36.34.

Let award-winning MBA professor Chris Haroun walk you through these six informative courses that you can tune into from your laptop. He received his MBA from Columbia University and worked at Goldman Sachs in the past, so he's a great instructor for your business-learning journey. Kick off with An Entire MBA in 1 Course, which features seven hours of instruction on everything from launching a company from scratch to learning the ins and outs of taxes — all based on real-life experience. It's the perfect course for those dreaming of going to business school but don't quite have the time or money to make that leap. 

From there, advance with Certificate in Sales, Marketing, and Communication. Chris teaches you the art of selling in this course, while showing you how to identify potential customers and turn them into repeat customers in the process. You'll also learn how to record and edit a commercial or YouTube content. Four other courses on topics like Finance, Accounting, Excel, Economics, and more wrap up this bundle. 

Get a well-rounded education in the world of business with the 2023 Total MBA Training in One Box by Chris Haroun, Award-Winning Business School Professor, right now only £36.34, the best price online. 

How to livestream the F1 online for free

F1 fans

SAVE 49%: Livestream the F1 for free with ExpressVPN. A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £83.32 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan includes a money-back guarantee.

Can anyone stop Max Verstappen from claiming another F1 title this year? It's looking less and less likely, but there will still be plenty of teams and drivers looking to take the win this weekend in Spain.

If you're interested in following all the action from the Spanish Grand Prix, we've got the information you need.

When is the Spanish Grand Prix?

The 2023 Spanish Grand Prix takes place over 66 laps of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on June 4. The full schedule can be found here:

  • Practice 1 — 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. BST on June 2

  • Practice 2 — 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. BST on June 2

  • Practice 3 — 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. BST on June 3

  • Qualifying — 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. BST on June 3

  • Race — 2:00 p.m. BST on June 4

Sky Sports is broadcasting live coverage of every key event, with race highlights on Channel 4 after the race on June 4.

How to livestream the Spanish Grand Prix for free

Fortunately for dedicated fans not subscribed to Sky Sports, there is an alternative way to watch the Spanish Grand Prix.

Belgium’s RTBF and Austria’s ServusTV will show all of the 2023 F1 races free to stream. You can watch RTBF and ServusTV from anywhere in the world with a VPN:

  1. Sign up for a streaming-friendly service like ExpressVPN

  2. Download the app to your device of choice (the best VPNs have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more)

  3. Open up the app and connect to a server in Belgium or Austria

  4. Connect to RTBF or ServusTV

  5. Watch the Spanish Grand Prix from anywhere in the world

The best VPNs for unblocking streaming sites are not free, but they do tend to offer pretty generous money-back guarantees. By making the most of these guarantees, you can watch F1 livestreams without fully committing with your cash. This obviously isn't a long-term solution, but it does mean you can watch individual races for free with a VPN.

What is the best VPN for streaming?

ExpressVPN remains the top choice for unblocking streaming sites, and it offers a generous money-back guarantee. That means you can livestream the F1 for free with ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is the top choice for streaming the F1 due to its strong connection speeds, powerful levels of encryption, apps for all operating systems, five multi-logins, and helpful customer support. It also has a robust privacy policy, so your data is always secure when unblocking streaming sites.

A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £83.32 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan also includes a year of free unlimited cloud backup and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can sign up to watch the Spanish Grand Prix and then recover your investment without hassle.

Watch the Spanish Grand Prix for free with ExpressVPN.

'Silent Hill: Ascension' interactive series trailer introduces the characters you can kill off

A promo shot from

The official trailer for SILENT HILL: Ascension has arrived, giving us a look at a new cast of characters fighting for survival.

SILENT HILL: Ascension is an upcoming streaming series that will introduce multiple new characters, locations, and monsters to the horror franchise. However, rather than being a straightforward show, SILENT HILL: Ascension refers to its video game roots by incorporating an interactive element. Viewers watching live will be able to collectively make decisions that impact how events unfold, which will have a "direct and permanent influence" on the story, characters, and SILENT HILL canon.

It sounds a bit like playing a Supermassive horror game such as Until Dawn or The Quarry, but making decisions with millions of people across the globe instead of yelling with your friends in your living room.

"For the first time in the SILENT HILL history, the collective audience will be able to influence the story, determining crucial outcomes for the complex, evolving characters in this series," said Genvid Entertainment CEO Jacob Navok.

SILENT HILL: Ascension is scheduled to premiere this year.

'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for May 31

A woman's hands holding a mobile phone playing 'Quordle'

If Quordle is a little too challenging today, you've come to the right place for hints. There aren't just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and there it is. But are you sure you need all four answers? Maybe you just need a strategy guide. Either way, scroll down, and you'll get what you need.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a five-letter word guessing game similar to Wordle, except each guess applies letters to four words at the same time. You get nine guesses instead of six to correctly guess all four words. It looks like playing four Wordle games at the same time, and that is essentially what it is. But it's not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

Is Quordle harder than Wordle?

Yes, though not diabolically so.

Where did Quordle come from?

Amid the Wordle boom of late 2021 and early 2022, when everyone was learning to love free, in-browser, once-a-day word guessing games, creator Freddie Meyer says he took inspiration from one of the first big Wordle variations, Dordle — the one where you essentially play two Wordles at once. He took things up a notch, and released Quordle on January 30. Meyer's creation was covered in The Guardian six days later, and now, according to Meyer, it attracts millions of daily users. Today, Meyer earns modest revenue from Patreon, where dedicated Quordle fans can donate to keep their favorite puzzle game running. 

How is Quordle pronounced?

“Kwordle.” It should rhyme with “Wordle,” and definitely should not be pronounced exactly like "curdle.”

Is Quordle strategy different from Wordle?

Yes and no.

Your starting strategy should be the same as with Wordle. In fact, if you have a favorite Wordle opening word, there’s no reason to change that here. We suggest something rich in vowels, featuring common letters like C, R, and N. But you do you.

After your first guess, however, you’ll notice things getting out of control if you play Quordle exactly like Wordle.

What should I do in Quordle that I don’t do in Wordle?

Solving a Wordle puzzle can famously come down to a series of single letter-change variations. If you’ve narrowed it down to “-IGHT,” you could guess “MIGHT” “NIGHT” “LIGHT” and “SIGHT” and one of those will probably be the solution — though this is also a famous way to end up losing in Wordle, particularly if you play on “hard mode.” In Quordle, however, this sort of single-letter winnowing is a deadly trap, and it hints at the important strategic difference between Wordle and Quordle: In Quordle, you can't afford to waste guesses unless you're eliminating as many letters as possible at all times. 

Guessing a completely random word that you already know isn't the solution, just to eliminate three or four possible letters you haven’t tried yet, is thought of as a desperate, latch-ditch move in Wordle. In Quordle, however, it's a normal part of the player's strategic toolset.

Is there a way to get the answer faster?

In my experience Quordle can be a slow game, sometimes dragging out longer than it would take to play Wordle four times. But a sort of blunt-force guessing approach can speed things up. The following strategy also works with Wordle if you only want the solution, and don’t care about having the fewest possible guesses:

Try starting with a series of words that puts all the vowels (including Y) on the board, along with some other common letters. We've had good luck with the three words: “NOTES,” “ACRID,” and “LUMPY.” YouTuber DougMansLand suggests four words: “CANOE,” “SKIRT,” “PLUMB,” and “FUDGY.”

Most of the alphabet is now eliminated, and you’ll only have the ability to make one or two wrong guesses if you use this strategy. But in most cases you’ll have all the information you need to guess the remaining words without any wrong guesses.

If strategy isn't helping, and you're still stumped, here are some hints:

Are there any double or triple letters in today’s Quordle words?


Are any rare letters being used in today’s Quordle like Q or Z?


What do today’s Quordle words start with?

A, U, A, and F.

What are the answers for today’s Quordle?

Are you sure you want to know?

There’s still time to turn back.

OK, you asked for it. The answers are:

  1. APRON

  2. UNDER

  3. ALIKE

  4. FRUIT

Twitter is now worth one-third what Elon Musk paid

Twitter and Elon Musk

Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion last year, it's been a widely agreed upon stance that he greatly overpaid for the social media platform.

However, the amount in which he overpaid seems to be widening post-acquisition.

According to Fidelity, Twitter is now worth around 33 percent what the billionaire originally paid for it. That puts Twitter's value at roughly $15 billion. The number comes from the investment firm's own valuation of its own stake in Musk's Twitter, which Fidelity helped finance.

Twitter's valuation from Fidelity follows a pattern since Musk took over in October of last year. Fidelity has consistently downgraded its own holdings in the company, knocking the value of its stake by 56 percent just a month after the acquisition closed. By the end of February, Fidelity further downgraded its stake by more than 63 percent before knocking it down by a full two-thirds this month.

Despite Musk's recent claims about Twitter soon breaking even or even becoming profitable, the company's outlook has not been particularly good. Twitter lost around half of its biggest advertisers when Musk took over. Many still had not returned by earlier this year and those who had continued to advertise on the platform were spending a significant amount less.

Musk turned to subscription-based revenue models like Twitter Blue and Subscriptions to make up for those losses, but even those have proven to be unsuccessful. 

Twitter Blue is an $8 per month subscription service that gives premium features, such as longer tweets and videos as well as the once-coveted blue checkmark badge, to paying users. Based on the latest data from researcher Travis Brown, far less than 1 percent of Twitter's entire monthly active user base has subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Twitter's other subscription product, known as Subscriptions, allows users to pay a monthly fee directly to a specific Twitter user in order to access exclusive paywalled tweets and other content. Musk himself leaked that he had around 25,000 subscribers last month or only 0.018 percent of the roughly 136.4 million followers he had at the time.

Musk has since announced that Linda Yaccarino, a former ad executive with NBCUniversal, would be coming on board to replace Musk as CEO. This move was ostensibly made to help turn the tide regarding Twitter's issues with advertisers. However, Musk has made it clear that he will stay on board at Twitter regardless. It will be interesting to see what direction Twitter's valuation moves in the coming months.

'Succession' finale: What was really going on with Kendall and Roman's hug?

Three adults stand by a beach during sunset.

Shakespeare would have loved Succession's ending. 

The show's final episode was in all ways a tragedy, bidding a devastating farewell to the Roys and finally crowning a new, unexpected CEO — Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen). But within Succession's dramatic last hour were a string of moments simmering with symbolism and painfully jarring insight into how much the Roys have undone each other. One particular standout moment that has the internet at wit's end is Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman's (Kieran Culkin) incredibly unsettling "hug" right before the conclusive board meeting inaugurating the new CEO

The scene is a painful watch that starts with Kendall hugging Roman to comfort him, and then spirals into Kendall forcefully pushing Roman's head onto his shoulders to undo the stitches on his forehead. On a second watch, it feels like Roman wanted Kendall to do that and was digging his head into Kendall's shoulder purposefully. In either scenario, the hug was a twisted, torturous look into the brothers' relationship, demonstrating why Roman could never have been CEO so long as Kendall was his big brother. Let's dive in. 

What are some ways we can interpret Roman and Kendall's hug? 

A man wearing a suit leans over a fence on a street.
Credit: Macall Polay / HBO

Everyone has a different take on what was really going on with that hug. We know that Roman was abused as a child, and we know that's led him to becoming a masochist, which Kendall is aware of. It's possible that Roman needed to feel pain to be comforted because that's how he defines affection, and Kendall was willing to give him what he needed. 

On the other hand, there's the possibility that Kendall was using the hug to overpower Roman and remind him what he's capable of. Roman's been Kendall's punching bag since they were kids; he literally used to lock Roman in a dog cage as part of a game. Roman spiraling about being CEO was an opportunity for Kendall to reassert his dominance and remind his younger brother that he knows exactly how to undo him. 

There's the third possibility that Roman wanted to look tougher ahead of the board meeting, and what better way to look cool and collected than showing up to a meeting with a bleeding scar on your forehead? The hug could have played into all these scenarios at the same time! Kendall was comforting his brother the only way he knew how. He was overpowering him. And he was helping him get emotionally ready for the board meeting. But the real symbolism of the hug emerges when we remember that Roman only needed one because he saw Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron). 

Why did Roman panic after seeing Gerri? 

A woman wearing a grey dress and hat, and a man wearing a suit, talk at an upscale function.
Credit: Macall B. Polay / HBO

After seeing Gerri walk around at Waystar, Roman starts panicking and begins asking why he isn't CEO, how could it not be him when his stitches are healing (we'll get to the symbolism of that in a bit), and expressing his concerns about people thinking he "pussied out." Why did seeing Gerri trigger all of that? 

Well, Gerri is a living embodiment of everything Roman's been doing for the past four seasons to get the CEO spot. Despite the dick pics and kink talk, Gerri was still Roman's main accomplice, with the pair regularly scheming against Kendall and Shiv (Sarah Snook). But Roman ultimately failed Gerri when he fired her this season and left her with no choice but to threaten him and remind him of all the ways she could have helped him — lest I remind you of her incredible burn at the tailgate party.

Through Gerri, Roman sees all the mistakes he's made this season — mistakes he thought would be validated as soon as he was CEO. And despite his denial of it, Roman actually cares what Gerri thinks of him and doesn't want to look weak or wrong in front of her. When he sees her at Waystar right before the board meeting, it's like he realized how much he failed this season, but more importantly, how much he doesn't want it to look like he's failed — which gets us to the hug. 

What was really going on with Kendall and Roman's hug? 

A man sits on a park bench during sunset.
Credit: HBO

Before the hug, Roman was hyper-fixating on his stitches, repeatedly mentioning that they "look fine." The latter echoes something he's been ceaselessly saying since his father's passing — he's fine and doing OK. But Roman isn't OK. Out of all his siblings, Roman's been hit with grief the hardest. 

I apologize for sounding like an English lit teacher, but the scar on Roman's forehead is a metaphor for all the wounds he's been feeling this season. Although it's stitched up, it can easily be popped, because it's not done healing. Roman isn't done healing. He's arguably broken beyond repair and isn't doing anything about it, which Kendall realizes. 

Kendall opening up Roman's stitches was as much a reminder of his dominance as an older brother as it is a reminder of Roman's mental state. It's like Kendall was acknowledging how fragile Roman is, how easy it is for Kendall to break him, and how, because of his fragility, he can't be CEO. Roman breaks and Kendall does the breaking. That's been their dynamic since childhood. It continues to be their dynamic as adults, and the hug was a reminder of that. 

In a strange way, Kendall was comforting Roman by reminding him that he could never be CEO, not solely out of his own faults, but because Kendall exists as an infinite obstacle. In Kendall's eyes, CEOs should be the ones untangling the stitches, not the ones being stitched up. The hug also saw Roman accepting that his wounds haven't healed, proudly wearing his scars (both physical and metaphorical) to the board meeting. And by opening his stitches, Kendall was giving him a salve or an excuse — you aren't CEO because you've got a lot of emotional baggage that hasn't healed yet. And maybe that's an easier pill to swallow than accepting you were never right for the job to begin with. 

Whether or not the hug was against Roman's will doesn't really matter at the end of the day, because it doesn't take anything away from its intended symbolism. It was an assertion of power. It was an embodiment of Roman's fragility. It was a twisted saving grace for Roman to ultimately find comfort in. He's the baby brother who needs a lot of therapy, and you best believe Kendall will always be there to remind him of that. 

All seasons of Succession are now streaming on Max.

The best VPNs for unblocking Max from abroad

A new AI trend is 'expanding' classic art and the internet is not happy

image of openai on phone with tweet criticizing ai art

An AI capability has taken the internet by storm but assuredly not in the manner the creators had hoped. Basically, everyone is laughing at AI's ability — or lack thereof — to "expand" the background of classic art.

It all started with a few different AI-focused accounts on Twitter posting expanded versions of classic art where, you guessed it, AI filled in the background of famous artwork. What if the Mona Lisa zoomed out a bit and had a much wider field of depth that included a Middle Earth looking castle-ish thing?

This idea hints at the thing that AI Bros — and they are often bros — don't understand about art. The artists of these classic paintings chose the framing for a reason. It's called having a point of view. What is included in the piece is important but so is what is not. A work of fine art is more that just oh, pretty, and writing something compelling requires more than regurgitation of plot points.

The internet quickly jumped on the so-called expanded art, turning it into a meme in record time. The basic point of the memes suggested that the whole idea of expanding art in that way is utterly pointless and silly.

It is interesting to see what AI can do. But the folks taking something neat and turning it into an artistic or societal revolution are a bit annoying. I don't know if AI will one day create truly moving art — if it does, it'll owe that feat to the art humans already made — but I do know that day is certainly not today.

How to watch 'Love Island' UK from the US using a VPN

Love Island contestants

SAVE 49%: Unblock ITVX from outside the UK with ExpressVPN. A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £83.32 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan includes a money-back guarantee.

We know you're probably still reeling from the fact that Succession is gone from your life, but there is reason to hope once again. Love Island UK is back on June 5, which means a whole summer of seriously cringey pickup lines, awkward breakups, and massive meltdowns. There's also a small chance that contestants will find love, but despite the name, that's really not what the show is about.

It's super easy to follow all the drama in the UK, but the situation is not so straightforward for the millions of fans trying to connect from around the world. You can livestream every episode on ITVX in the UK, but if you try to connect to this popular streaming platform from outside the country, you'll be quickly blocked.

This is frustrating, but you can bypass this geo-restriction with a VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPNs are valuable security tools that provide protection for your information by creating a private network that hides your real IP address. All of your activity is untraceable and secure, because all of your online traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel. Nobody can see into the tunnel, and everything inside the tunnel is protected against online threats like hackers, viruses, and malware.

This act of hiding your real IP address is what can trick leading streaming sites into thinking you are based in another country, thereby providing access to all the content that is normally locked to that location.

How to watch Love Island UK from the US

The best VPNs for streaming can hide your real IP address and connect you to a secure server in another country. This process might sound complicated, but it's actually really straightforward. The quick and easy action tricks sites like ITVX into thinking you're connecting from the UK, meaning you can stream Love Island live from anywhere in the world:

  1. Sign up to a streaming-friendly service like ExpressVPN (get an extra three months for free for a limited time)

  2. Download the app to your device of choice (the best VPNs have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more)

  3. Open up the app and connect to a server in the UK

  4. Visit ITVX (select "live" from the top toolbar or watch on-demand)

  5. Watch Love Island UK from anywhere in the world

There are multiple services that can reliably unblock ITVX from anywhere in the world, but ExpressVPN is the top choice for uninterrupted streaming. Subscribers get impressive connection speeds, powerful levels of encryption, up to five simultaneous connections, and access to thousands of geographically diverse servers. ExpressVPN also has a robust privacy policy, so your data is secure when you're unblocking streaming sites.

Can you watch Love Island UK for free on ITVX?

The best VPNs for streaming are not free, but they do tend to offer money-back guarantees. By using these guarantees, you can unblock ITVX to livestream Love Island UK without fully committing with your cash. This is a sneaky trick, but it works, and we're all about saving you money.

A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for $103.36 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan also includes a year of free unlimited cloud backup and that all-important 30-day money-back guarantee. With the money-back guarantee, you can sign up to unblock ITVX, and then recover your investment after streaming the 10th season of Love Island.

Watch Love Island UK for free with ExpressVPN.

The best alternatives to ExpressVPN

Cool down during hot days with these ice maker deals

Black ice maker with jar of lemonade, oranges cut in half, and two cups of coffee on a counter

Hot summer days will be here faster than you think, but thankfully there are gadgets and devices that will help you cool down your delicious drinks. As of May 30, you can find multiple Frigidaire and New Air ice makers at discounts of up to 36% off at Amazon.

  • BEST XL ICE MAKER: The Frigidaire EFIC452-SSRED XL is energy-efficient and can make up to 40 pounds of ice at your command. — $130.49 $199.99 (save $69.50)

  • BEST COMPACT ICE MAKER: The Frigidaire EFIC108-RED ice maker is a compact powerhouse, perfect for individual needs or smaller gatherings. — $85.54 $108 (save $22.46)

  • BEST 3-SIZE ICE MAKER: The NewAir countertop ice maker can make up to 28 pounds of ice in 3 different sizes for your drinking pleasure. $158.94 $249.99 (save $91.05)

Ice makers have become all the rage for parties, gatherings, and even family meals. They quickly make ice, so you won't have to lug a large bag from a faraway store. Remove just one more thing from your to-do list, and always be ready for cold drinks with these ice maker deals on Amazon as of May 30.

Best XL Maker

Why we like it

The Frigidaire EFIC 452-SSRED XL may measure only 14 x 11 x 15, but don't let that fool you. It was made to save counter space and handle ice-making at large events. With a capacity to make up to 40 pounds of ice in one day, you'll get 24 clear ice cubes in 15 minutes to keep drinks and beverages cool as your guests arrive. Its red stainless steel exterior can handle the hustle and bustle of summer meal times. Best of all, you'll get a ton of performance without noise while saving energy. Keep water in the 2.3-liter reservoir to stay prepared for the next batch.

The EFIC 452-SSRED XL typically sells for $199.99, but it now costs $130.49 at Amazon, thus saving you $69.50, or 35%.

Best Compact Maker

Why we like it

The Frigidaire EFIC108-RED ice maker can make 26 pounds of ice per day in two sizes, so you have more options for cooling down your favorite beverages. You can expect an estimated 9 ice cubes every 7 to 15 minutes depending on your chosen size. Usually selling for $108, you can now purchase it for $85.54 at Amazon and save 22.46, or 21% off this ice maker's usual price. All you need to do is set the ice maker on your countertop or other surface, add water to the reservoir, and plug it in. Worried about counter space? This ice maker measures a paltry 14.9 x 11.2 x 14.8 inches and fits on most countertops or kitchen islands.

Best 3-Size Ice Maker

Why we like it

The NewAir countertop ice maker is great for people who know what they want. Offering up to 28 pounds of ice per day in 3 different sizes, this stainless steel ice maker can handle the demands of a charged summer gathering. Its LED menu allows you to choose ice size and makes it within minutes. Thanks to its 13.75- inch dimension x 11.75-inch width x 14.6-inch height dimensions, you can save countertop space or even take it with you in an RV if that's your thing. For added safety, the NewAir countertop ice maker shuts off when the ice bin is full or when the water reservoir is empty. Its menu will also notify you if more water is needed. Usually costing $249.99, you can now get this ice maker for only $158.94 at Amazon and save $91.05, or 26%.

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The best pet cameras for keeping tabs on your cat or dog

man standing beside dog and treat tossing camera

If you have a four-legged friend at home, chances are you consider them to be part of your family, and being away from them for any length of time can be difficult.

Luckily, plenty of cameras are available to help monitoring your precious pets easier than ever. These cameras allow pet parents to keep watch over their dogs and cats while away from home, often with just the push of a button on a smartphone.

Whether you’re looking for a no-frills, basic security camera or a full-fledged, feature-packed model to enjoy a video chat experience, we’ve got the best pet camera options to help ease your separation anxiety, in addition to your pet's.

LeapFrog's Magic Adventures Microscope really works, and your kids (probably) won’t break it

child playing with plastic microscope with screen

With two young kids, I feel like toys are slowly taking over my home and will, eventually, consume it — so it takes a lot for a children’s toy to impress me…but the LeapFrog Magic Adventures Microscope managed to do it.

Retailing for $89.99, the toy is a fully-functioning microscope that features a camera with a 2.4-inch screen to view your samples on, rather than a lens (like the microscopes you used in biology class). It offers up to 200-times magnification, and comes with a reusable slide and a reusable tray for your child’s scientific pursuits. But surprisingly, “it’s a real, working microscope” isn’t the main draw of the toy.

Using the microscope’s buttons as a simple controller, your kids can play educational games and watch tons of preloaded science content from the BBC. Additionally, the microscope comes with eight double-sided “smart slides” that allow kids to inspect several different microscopic samples (minerals, plant material, human cells, etc.) and watch videos related to them. 

To be clear, the slides don’t contain actual samples — instead, they’re more like memory cards. Placing a smart slide on the microscope allows you to access that themed content.

Overall, my son and I were both very impressed with the toy.

But is it worth buying? Let’s put it under the microscope to find out. (Sorry, I had to.)

plastic toy microscope in box
LeapFrog created a microscope you can feel comfortable letting your kids play with without supervision. Credit: SaVanna Shoemaker / Mashable

What kids will like

This toy is just straight-up fun. For my science-obsessed first grader, it was awe-inspiring. 

He loves the adventure games, and the slides were a perfect match for his interests, with titles like Flying Insects, Parts of an Animal, Crawlers, Micro-Animals, and Human Cells. 

He’s also a big Minecraft fan, so he’s intensely interested in minerals right now. When he discovered one of the smart slides featured gold, he screamed, “GOOOLD! Mom, they have GOLD!”

close up of gold on toy microscope screen
Calling all "Minecraft" fans. Credit: SaVanna Shoemaker / Mashable

What’s really cool, however, is that it actually works. And for a sub-$100 toy microscope, it works surprisingly well. It comes with two empty slides — one that’s completely flat (for flat/liquid samples) and one tray-style slide that’s about a quarter-inch tall (for small objects like beads). In microscope mode, you can also forgo the slides completely and just hold things over the illuminator if you want to look at, say, the pad of your finger, a french fry, or a teddy bear’s leg.

We’ve had this toy for a few weeks now, and it’s still a regular in the toy rotation — which speaks volumes. 

What parents will like

The microscope is packed with educational content. Each smart slide comes preloaded with images that your child can explore using the microscope. As they zoom in and out and pan across the image, they’ll find prompts that give them more information about each slide. The slides come with videos, too.

toy microscope with insect onscreen
Your kids can watch informational videos directly on the microscope. Credit: SaVanna Shoemaker / Mashable

Not to mention, it gives your child tons of learning opportunities from simply inspecting samples that they collect. We homeschool, and I definitely intend to incorporate this microscope into our science lessons.

I also greatly appreciate how durable it is. My 7- and 2-year-old have already put it through the wringer, but it’s built to survive the natural urge kids have to break things they enjoy.

Would I ever let them play with a real microscope — or even be near one — unsupervised? Absolutely not. But this? It’s a no-brainer. It’s a toy first, and a microscope second.

A few cons

My main gripe about this microscope is that there is no built-in storage for the slides. Now that we’ve had the toy for a few weeks, several of the slides are missing.

I’m also hoping that more slides with different themes will be available in the future. The themed slides are fun to look at once, but after my son looked through all the photos and videos he didn’t really return to them.

And, now when I tell my kids no screen-time I have to remember to confiscate the microscope, too. What a world. 

Add to cart?

The LeapFrog Magic Adventures Microscope is solidly educational, but also really fun to play with (and durable). It’s an excellent gift for any elementary-aged kid who loves science.

Seckton's low-tech digital camera is the best $40 you’ll ever spend as a parent

small pink digital camera

Kids love to take pictures. Just ask parents, caregivers, or anyone who’s ever had to pry a newly-smudged and crudded-up iPhone out of their preschooler’s hands. Little fingers are quick to take hundreds of selfies given the chance, a practice researchers say is indicative of just how delighted kids are with themselves. (They also like seeing all the ways they can move their faces.) 

Strangely, though, the kid-friendly camera landscape has long been lacking. Offerings from companies like VTech and Polaroid have seemed either too expensive or too gimmicky, with so many accessories that the cameras skewed more toward tablets than picture-taking devices. Lower cost options were available — something particularly alluring considering kids’ butterfingers — but they often produced photos that were so low res that they looked like they were taken on a Motorola Razr circa 2005. 

Cameras for kids don’t have to produce Canon-quality images — kids, after all, are generally more concerned with quantity than quality when it comes to their snaps — but as a parent you still like to feel like you’re getting some bang for your buck, especially if you secretly hope your kid is the next Annie Leibovitz. 

The Seckton Children’s Digital Camera seeks to solve all those issues, offering decent-quality images, a select amount of kid-friendly features, and overall durability, all for around $40. (It even comes in different colors, lest a pink-loving princess be forced to sully themselves by owning something in any other hue.) 

Having heard the hype, I snagged one to test out with my twin 4-year-olds and found myself pleasantly surprised. Here’s what I learned after putting the handy little camera to the test.

small pink camera in the palm of an adult man's hand
This thing is definitely child-sized. Credit: Marah Eakin / Mashable

What makes this camera so great 

You really can’t argue with the price. At just $40.99 on Amazon, the Seckton Digital Camera is relatively in line with the rest of the kids digital cameras on the site, save a few with far worse customer reviews. It’s also cheaper than other popular options for kids, like Polaroid’s Instax and Now cameras, both of which will require you to pony up for more packs of film down the road. Kidamento’s camera is adorable and popular, too, but it’s also almost twice the price of Seckton’s and the resolution isn’t as good. 

Speaking of resolution: The Seckton Children’s Digital Camera says it offers 8MP resolution, which is about what most modern security cameras use as well. That means the photo quality is pretty good, especially when you consider half the pictures your kids will take will be of their fingers or angled up their noses. You won’t be able to blow anything from this camera up to canvas size without it looking pretty blurry, but you should be able to order some decent 4x6 prints, should you want to create an album or a gallery wall. 

close up of young child's face
Example of an up-the-nose photo my child took. Credit: Marah Eakin / Mashable

With just six buttons total, the Seckton Children’s Digital Camera is also pretty easy to operate. There’s the shutter and the power button, of course, a set of up-down arrow buttons to toggle through the camera’s various screens and options, a timer button, and a button to switch from the front-facing to the rear-facing camera. All the camera’s menus are fairly straightforward and easy to navigate, meaning that even if your kid gets a little button-happy and presses everything a bunch of times, you won’t find it too hard to put things right again. 

When my twins got ahold of the camera, they were particularly thrilled with a few things. First, of course, were the 28 different filters, stickers, and frames that the shooter can apply to the picture. They’re right there on the screen, so your kid can easily take pictures of themselves or others looking like princesses or firefighters, aliens or clowns. The frames are as well, and they’re all pretty straightforward.

little girl with digital princess sticker over her
My daughter got to turn herself into a princess with this camera. Credit: Marah Eakin / Mashable

My kids also liked how light the camera was (about two ounces), the handy strap, and how easily it fit in their hands. My daughter in particular picked up all the settings instantly and was roaming around the house taking pointless photos of door jambs and cabinet knobs almost immediately. She’s used it for hours, making it a great value compared to other toys or trinkets we’ve brought home that she’s thought were fun for a couple of hours before shelving them and walking away. It’s small enough that I can throw it in my purse, too, so we’ve taken it to the park, to Zoo Lights, and to the airport, where it kept her occupied during a two-hour delay at the gate. Hallelujah. 

All those hours of play were made possible by the fact that the battery life is also pretty good. Seckton says the camera can “continuously take photos for one to two hours” on a full charge, but I tend to believe it’s even a bit better than that. When I plugged the camera in after my daughter’s marathon sessions, I would still see plenty of charge left, meaning that even if I had forgotten to charge the little snapper, it would have been good to go for the next outing.

two kids with digital frame around their photo
My kids loved playing with the different frames and stickers. Credit: Marah Eakin / Mashable

What could be better

Honestly, there’s not much I didn’t love about the Seckton Children’s Digital Camera — most cons were things I could live with, like the resolution. I was a little annoyed with the camera’s timer function, which is accessed via one of the buttons on the device’s back and allows the user to hit the shutter button and then wait two, five, or 10 seconds before the camera actually takes the photo. It would be great for group shots or posed selfies, but when my daughter was taking pic after pic of me, for instance, it just meant that I’d have to hold poses for a weirdly long amount of time. 

My other minor quibble is with the photo offloading process, which is a little more involved than I’d like. Every picture my kids took was stored on the camera’s 32GB micro SD card, which is included with your purchase and might seem tiny but can actually hold quite a lot of photos. The camera also comes with a USB cord, which I assumed could also be used to offload the pictures directly onto my computer. Sadly, that turned out not to be the case, as the cord appears to work only for charging purposes. Luckily I had a card reader and a larger SD card already, meaning I could use those when I wanted to grab the (literally 700) pictures my daughter took, since my MacBook Pro doesn’t come with those kinds of ports.

Is the Seckton Children’s Digital Camera worth it? 

In a word: Yes. As a parent of two, I’ve bought more than a few kid-centric digital cameras in my time and I’ve always been underwhelmed by the picture quality and usability of each one. I had none of that with the Seckton, which I found to be easy to use, fun to mess around with, and even surprisingly durable. 

More than anything, I thought it was a great bang for my buck. I can’t get out of Target these days without dropping $40 on stuff my kids say they absolutely need but really don’t. In contrast, the $40 you’d spend on this camera can give kids not just hours of fun, but also creative direction and thoughtful play. Kids may appreciate a family trip more, say, if they’re excited to take pictures when they get there. Even my daughter’s random excursion to urgent care was made a little more tolerable because I made the split-second decision to throw the camera in my purse on my way out the door. I can’t say that I kept the 300 or so photos she took of the exam room ceiling, waiting room TV, and me (all from horribly unflattering angles), but it kept her busy and she loved doing it. And in the end, that’s all that really matters.

Best headphones deals for May 2023: Memorial Day deals are still on

preson smiling and listening to sony wh-1000xm5 headphones

UPDATE: May. 30, 2023, 11:50 a.m. EDT This post has been updated with the latest headphone deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

Featured picks:

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