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Digital platform for emergency services

Emergency services are jumping onto a revolutionary digital platform that uses mobile phones to put responders instantly on scene.

Software bug and other issues blamed for iPhone 15 overheating issues

IPhone 15 overheating issues are reportedly being caused by a software bug among other issues.

Inside Meta’s plan to bring generative AI to billions

The Facebook parent is far from the first to use generative AI in its products, but it does have some advantages.

Meta’s new devices show us what our future could look like

We try on the new smart glasses and Quest 3 VR headset, which are very small steps towards the metaverse.

Zuckerberg’s new world: Meta unveils AI agents, mixed reality headset and smart glasses

A range of AI people will soon be available to chat with across Meta’s platforms, and may one day join you at the dinner table.

Meta rolling out AI chatbots

Tech export Trevor Long reveals Meta will roll out AI chatbots on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

As it happened: Quest 3, AI agents, smart glasses revealed at Meta Connect

At Meta’s annual developer conference in California, Mark Zuckerberg unveils a range of new products and developments.

NASA's first asteroid samples land on Earth after release from spacecraft

NASA's first asteroid samples fetched from deep space have parachuted into the US desert.

Less is still more for the latest Xbox

Why a new $550 console could be the best option for entry-level next-gen gaming.

Huge crowds as iPhone 15 goes on sale in Sydney

Large crowds have gathered at Apple's George St store in Sydney for the release of the new iPhone 15.

Trevor Long reviews the new iPhone 15

Tech expert Trevor Long takes the first look at the new iPhone 15 ahead of its release to the public.

New cameras and a USB port: Is iPhone 15 worth the upgrade?

The lack of surprises in Apple’s latest iPhone lineup might not be all that surprising. But as far as modern releases go, the devices hitting shelves on Friday have made some significant advances.

Apple’s annual peek behind the curtain was very revealing

Like its products, Apple’s latest reveal event was fun, expensive and meticulously planned, with a hint of insularity.

Hands-on gameplay with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Mirage

Assassin's Creed Mirage is taking the popular video game back to basics, offering a fresh retake on the franchise. went hands on with the game ahead of it's October 5th release.

For $1500, does the iPhone 15 do enough?

Apple’s latest devices are its most expensive ever and are missing a few features compared to the competition. But that’s never hurt the iPhone before.

NASA stepping up its investigations into UFOs after space agency releases study

NASA space agency releases long-awaited report into UFO sightings

Everything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhones

From USB-C to the “action button” and something called a tetraprism, here’s what’s new in Apple’s latest (and more expensive) iPhones.

Apple introduces iPhone 15 with USB-C, Apple Watch with ‘double-tap’

The phones have the same charging cable used for Macs and iPads, as well as a new 48MP main camera, allowing for sharper shots and a clearer 5x zoom.

Apple braces for backlash after caving to demands on iPhone chargers

Apple is set to unveil its latest line of iPhones. But one update to the new phones was beyond its control.

Far from niche: Four out of five Australians are gamers

Driven by evolving game design and a pandemic-led digital adoption, three-quarters of Australian 65-74 year olds are now among our growing audience for games.