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Dell XPS 17 (9720) Review: Bright Screen Meets Efficiency Cores

Dell's big-screen XPS 17 gets Intel's latest CPUs for better performance and battery life. Its screen is also great but the design, while solid, feels stale.

MNT Research Unveils Arm Powered Pocket Reform

The Pocket Reform compact laptop from MNT Research is open source, modular, and extremely cute

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AMD Targeted by RansomHouse Extortion Group, 450Gb of Data Purportedly Stolen

The RansomHouse extortion group claims to have 450Gb of stolen AMD data and is charging an unknown ransom.

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Valve More Than Doubles Steam Deck Production, Q3 Reservations Starting Soon

Valve says production of the Steam Deck has more than doubled per week, which should hopefully drive down reservation times for future owners.

AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 Specs, Release Date Window, Benchmarks, and More

Here's the Ryzen 7000 release date, benchmarks, specifications, pricing, and all we know about AMD's Zen 4 architecture.