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AI Chatbots Are Learning to Spout Authoritarian Propaganda

Regimes in China and Russia are rushing to repress what chatbots can say. It's an early warning about a new frontier of online censorship.

September's Record-Shattering Heat Was ‘Absolutely Gobsmackingly Bananas’

Last month was so hot, scientists are struggling to find words for it.

The Team Helping Women Fight Digital Domestic Abuse

Location-enabled tech designed to make our lives easier is often exploited by domestic abusers. Refuge, a UK nonprofit, helps women to leave abusive relationships, secure their devices, and stay safe.

18 Best Early Prime Day Deals (October 2023)

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days shopping holiday is coming on October 10 and 11, but early discounts have kicked off.

Hannah Diamond Has Cracked the Code of Using AI for Music

For hyperpop artist Hannah Diamond, generative AI isn’t a threat. It’s another tool in her arsenal—and one that could lower the barriers for emerging musicians.

How to Be Extremely Online and Influence People

Journalist Taylor Lorenz talks about her new book, Extremely Online, and what the rise of internet creators means for all of our increasingly digital lives.

Your Cheap Android TV Streaming Box May Have a Dangerous Backdoor

New research has found that some streaming devices and dozens of Android and iOS apps are secretly being used for fraud and other cybercrime.

How Neuralink Keeps Dead Monkey Photos Secret

Elon Musk’s brain-chip startup conducted years of tests at UC Davis, a public university. A WIRED investigation reveals how Neuralink and the university keep the grisly images of test subjects hidden.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, Tab S9 FE, Buds FE (2023): Features, Specs, Price

There’s a Galaxy S23 FE smartphone, a few Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets, and Galaxy Buds FE wireless earbuds. All are priced lower than their flagship counterparts.

The 25 Best Movies on Max (aka HBO Max) Right Now

From The Lost Boys to Meg 2, here are our favorite movies on the streaming service.

Sam Bankman-Fried Is a Terrible Client

Criminal defendants often decline to testify at trial for fear of incriminating themselves. For FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, that could be the best option.

MysteryVibe Tenuto Mini Review: Set and Forget Vibrator (Sort Of)

The tiny Tenuto Mini vibrator improves on its predecessor's attempts to satisfy both born-male people and their partners.

SteelSeries Alias Pro Review: A Newbie-Friendly XLR Microphone and Interface

This XLR microphone is the perfect stepping stone between hobbyists and Twitch streamers.

9 Best Target Circle Week Deals (2023): iPads, Apple Watch, and Stand Mixers

Target's big Circle Week sale gets out ahead of Prime Day—running from October 1 through 7. We've rounded up our favorite discounts.

Verge TS Pro Electric Motorcycle First Ride: Price, Specs, Review

WIRED takes an exclusive ride on this groundbreaking 233-mile-range electric motorcycle with a wormhole generator for a back wheel.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 Review: Fancy, Expensive, and Very Hot

Microsoft's most ambitious Surface yet is a well-designed graphics powerhouse, but all that brawn comes with trade-offs in size, weight, cost, battery life, and lap feel.

Live: The Trial of FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried

When Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX crypto exchange collapsed, customers lost billions of dollars. A New York court will decide whether it was fraud.

Pretty Soon, Your VR Headset Will Know Exactly What Your Bedroom Looks Like

Meta and Apple have zeroed in on mixed reality headsets and augments as their next frontier. But allowing wearables to collect data about their surroundings is going to cause problems.

A Lab Just 3D-Printed a Neural Network of Living Brain Cells

Mini-brains that work and grow like their full-size counterparts could offer an alternative to animal testing and advance the quest for personalized medicine.

U-Turn Orbit Theory Turntable Review: A Sound Investment

This high-end turntable made me re-think how seriously I took my record collection.

6 Best Password Managers (2023): Features, Pricing, and Tips

Keep your logins locked down with our favorite apps for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web browsers.

Indian Police Use Terrorism Law to Raid Newsclick Journalists

Police seized laptops and phones from reporters working for the anti-establishment Newsclick website—the latest outlet to be raided during a crackdown on media in India.

Voice Actors Are Bracing to Compete With Talking AI

Advances in artificial intelligence are making it easier to clone and generate voices. It has huge implications for voice actors.

AI Algorithms Are Biased Against Skin With Yellow Hues

Google, Meta, and others test their algorithms for bias using standardized skin tone scales. Sony says those tools ignore the yellow and red hues at work in human skin color.

Slovakia’s Election Deepfakes Show AI Is a Danger to Democracy

Fact-checkers scrambled to deal with faked audio recordings released days before a tight election, in a warning for other countries with looming votes.

Patrick Stewart Boldly Explores His Own Final Frontier

Everyone’s favorite starship captain is back in the hot seat—this time as the author of a revealing, open-hearted memoir, Making It So.

Researchers Tested AI Watermarks—and Broke All of Them

A research team found it's easy to evade current methods of watermarking—and even add fake watermarks to real images.

Your Internet Browser Does Not Belong to You

On streets and in malls, browsing was a way of withholding commitment. But online, no act of browsing is ever really idle.

This Website Exposes the Truth About Soaring Food Prices

A developer in Austria created a comparison website that helped open up the opaque world of food costs as regulators investigate the food industry.

The ‘Green’ Future of Furniture Is a Sofa Stuffed With Seaweed

Foam rubber—like the filling inside your couch—produces an enormous amount of CO2. A Norwegian company called Agoprene thinks seaweed could be the solution.

Men Overran a Job Fair for Women in Tech

The Grace Hopper Celebration is meant to unite women in tech. This year droves of men came looking for jobs.

Katalin Karikó’s Nobel Prize Marks the Beginning of an mRNA Vaccine Revolution

Nobel Prize winners Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman pioneered the technology that produced a Covid-19 vaccine in record time. Next, mRNA could tackle flu, malaria, and HIV.

The 15-Minute City Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream

The fringe idea that cities built for biking and walking are part of a government plot has been picked up by … the UK government.

The Trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, Explained

White-collar defendants use three main defenses: “It wasn’t me, I didn’t mean it, and the people that say I did are lying.” FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried is likely to go for “I didn’t mean it,” experts say.

The Biggest Hack of 2023 Keeps Getting Bigger

Victims of the MOVEit breach continue to come forward. But the full scale of the attack is still unknown.

7 Face Masks Your Kids May Actually Wear (2023)

If your child is at high risk or if community transmission rates are high, you may want them to wear face masks. These are the styles my little ones will tolerate.

Predictive Policing Software Terrible at Predicting Crimes

A software company sold a New Jersey police department an algorithm that was right less than 1 percent of the time.

10 Best Strollers for Almost Every Budget and Need (2023)

Whether you’re pushing your kid down the street or running on a trail, we have a stroller for you.

How to Re-Waterproof an Old Rain Jacket

Hardshell rain jackets don't stay water resistant forever. This is how to give new life to your old outdoors outerwear.

This Exec Is Forcing Google Into Its First Trial Over Sexist Pay Discrimination

Google Cloud director Ulku Rowe says she was underpaid by hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s set to be the first case to reach trial since an employee revolt led Google to drop forced arbitration.

How Google Alters Search Queries to Get at Your Wallet

Testimony during Google’s antitrust case revealed that the company may be altering billions of queries a day to generate search results that will get you to buy more stuff.

HP AMD Omen 16 Review (2023): A Powerful Gaming Laptop

It weighs a little more than 5 pounds, but this beefy laptop is a gaming powerhouse—if you can get used to the keyboard.

What Will Plants Be Like on Alien Worlds?

Scientists know enough about exoplanets to speculate about how simple plants might arise on them. But don't count on them being green.

Why It's Too Soon to Call It Covid Season

Covid seems to spike twice a year—but unlike flu season, not in a predictable pattern. That could be due to the virus, the environment, or the people it is infecting.

Why Silicon Valley Falls for Frauds

FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried will stand trial on charges of overseeing fraud that sucked in high-profile investors and hundreds of thousands of clients. Why do smart people buy into bad companies?

7 Best Bed Frames (2023): Easy Assembly, Fabric, Wood, and Metal

Get that box spring off the floor with these WIRED-tested frames.

8 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks (2023): Homelabs, Philips, Casper

Avoid the blaring alarm and make waking up a pleasant start to your day with an artificial sunrise.

How Insect Brains Melt and Rewire During Metamorphosis

Do fruit flies remember their larval lives? To find out, scientists made the neurons inside larvae glow, then tracked how they reshuffled as they formed adult brains.

How to Stop Google Bard From Storing Your Data and Location

Checking out this AI chatbot's new features? Make sure to keep these privacy tips in mind during your interactions.

How to Tell When Your Phone Will Stop Getting Security Updates

Every smartphone has an expiration date. Here’s when yours will probably come.