AMD’s 7nm Ryzen 4000 desktop APU released with a twist

AMD has released its latest lineups of Ryzen 4000 series APUs. This series is based on AMD Zen 2 architecture. After a successful rollout in laptop devices, these chips are now available for desktop.
However there is a catch. These chips initially are available in pre-built PCs supplied by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) only. This means consumers have to wait to buy and use the 4000 series chips in their own custom built PCs.
Each Ryzen 4000G APU comes with a “GE” counterpart with 35W TDP rather than the standard 65W. To achieve this, the company reduced base and turbo clock speeds in those variants. The 4000G series GPU comes with built-in Radeon Graphics which AMD says claims that they are designed for consumer pre-built desktops — ranging from all-in-one designs to prebuilt gaming PC towers. You can always use a discrete graphics card too, if your OEM allows it.
The company has also introduced PRO versions of Ryzen 4000G series which is aimed at enterprise users with memory encryption support with 18 months of planned software stability, 24 months of planned availability, Enterprise-grade quality assurance process.

AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors with PRO technologies deliver modern performance, security features, and seamless management for the most demanding business environments. If your business requires power-efficient productivity, remote management of systems in-band and out-of-band, or if your business needs help protecting its sensitive data, Ryzen PRO processors are for you. -AMD


There is no pricing as of yet. We will be keep following the topic for further updates.
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