Rooms: Now go live with big groups on Facebook and Messenger

Facebook has silently introduced a new feature in its Facebook and messenger mobile and desktop apps. Through Facebook Rooms users can now broadcast live in a privately created room by inviting upto 50 people. The feature will be soon introduced in Instagram, WhatsApp and Portal users too.
One thing to note here is users don’t require a Facebook account to join Rooms. Room can be public in which anyone can drop by straight from News Feed, events and Facebook Groups and soon, Messenger or a Private one – in which room creators can send private invitation links to a selected group of people. There are various camera filters available to brighten up the chat.

Once your call begins, you have safety and privacy controls to remove any unwanted guests or lock the room so one else can join, with the exception of Group admins who can join locked rooms created in a group. Rooms will lock automatically if the room creator leaves or removes a guest, though this doesn’t apply to rooms created in Groups. Ending the room removes all guests and disables the link.

As of now, there are no time limits and groups can hang out as long as they want for free.

By LTR Admin

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