Intel Investigating 20GB of its leaked confidential files

World’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer company Intel, who is already facing some tough competition from its rival AMD in the CPU market, is now facing a new challenge.
Intel said the company is investigating a large leak of internal company files and documents that was published publicly by Twitter user Tillie Kottmann.

Switzerland-based IT consultant Tilli Kottmann on Thursday posted a series of tweets disclosing confidential Intel technical material, code and documents related to various processors and chipsets.

“They were given to me by an anonymous source who breached them earlier this year, more details about this will be published soon,”- Kottmann wrote on Twitter.

All these 20GB of leak files were originally posted to file-sharing website, that originate from an Intel Web portal that customers, partners and other external parties with credentials can access. The data dump contains sensitive Intel files subject to an NDA – a non-disclosure agreement – meaning they are not supposed to be shared in public.

”We believe an individual with access downloaded and shared this data.”Intel

However the purported source of the leaked Intel documents has explained how they found the material.

“They have a server hosted online by Akamai CDN that wasn’t properly secure. After an internet wide nmap scan I found my target port open and went through a list of 370 possible servers based on details that nmap provided with an NSE script.I used a python script I made to probe different aspects of the server including username defaults and unsecure file/folder access.”


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