Microsoft is rebranding Bing, Windows Defender and Office 365


Microsoft is reportedly rebranding its search engine Bing to Microsoft Bing for better reachability. There’s no official announcement to date but the tech giant is reportedly working on a A|B format of testing – where some people see the old Bing brand and logo and some see “Microsoft Bing” – or has completely switched to the new style, according to Paul Thurrott, an award-winning technology journalist and blogger. Some users have reported to see the new logo already appearing on the Bing homepage.

According to statcounter website, Google is undoubtedly dominating the global search engine market share with nearly 92% of all search queries performed on the search engine. Whereas Bing, who comes second accounts only for 2.55% global market share.

Meanwhile, Office 365 has also been renamed as Microsoft 365 and Windows Defender is renamed to Microsoft Defender Antivirus in Windows 10 May 2020 Update and later.

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