Amazon introduced Halo Fitness band with that can analyze user’s Tone patterns


Amazon has unveiled a smart wristband Halo Fitness band for users that can track their tone patterns to determine how happy or sad a person is. Along with the watch comes an Amazon Halo app that gathers data by a Halo Fitness band running with artificial intelligence to provide feedback regarding the physical and mental health of the band wearer.


Unlike other smartwatches, Amazon Halo band doesn’t have a screen and includes an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light and a button to toggle microphones on or off. It is water resistant and the battery can last upto seven days after getting fully charged in under 90 minutes. The bands are available in two material builds: Fabric and Silicone.


The Halo Fitness band is capable of tracking different physical activities such as walking, running. The app also awards points based on the intensity and duration of the user’s movement. Halo Band can also track sleep patterns and can measure body mass index (BMI). Apart from this the most highlighted feature we can say will be the user’s Tone tracking.

The innovative Tone feature uses machine learning to analyze energy and positivity in a customer’s voice so they can better understand how they may sound to others, helping improve their communication and relationships.

The Halo app also offers an Halo Labs section where users can discover what works best for them specifically, so they can build healthier habits. Customers can choose from labs created by Amazon Halo experts, as well as brands and personalities they already know, including 8fit, Aaptiv, American Heart Association, Exhale On Demand, Harvard Health Publishing, Headspace, Julian Treasure, Lifesum, Mayo Clinic, Openfit, Orangetheory Fitness, P.volve, Russell Wilson, Relax Melodies, SWEAT, and WW.

Amazon claims that all the data will be in customers’ control and will be protected by multiple layers of privacy and security. Health data is encrypted in transit and in the cloud. Users can download or delete their data anytime.The inbuilt microphone to detect voice in Halo Fitness band can be turned off by a button on the wristband.

Pricing and Availability

Amazon has started providing early access to US citizens from 27th August. During the early access period, Amazon Halo will be available for a special price of $64.99 which will include 6 months of Halo membership. After the early access period, it will be priced at $99.99. The Halo Membership renews for $3.99 per month after the initial 6 months. Without the membership, users will have access to basics including steps tracking, sleep time and heart rate monitoring.

Customers can choose from three color combinations for their Amazon Halo Band: a Black fabric band with an Onyx sensor capsule, a Blush fabric band with a Rose Gold sensor capsule, or a Winter fabric band with a Silver sensor capsule. Also there are additional 15 color options with fabric and silicone sport accessory bands that can be purchased separately.

The Halo app is available on iOS and Android.

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