Xiaomi unveils under-display camera smartphone technology, mass production to begin in 2021


In a quest to achieve full screen displays, without any kind of hindrances, on smartphones, Xiaomi today has shown a prototype device on twitter showing its development in achieving under-display camera technology.

For a full screen experience and removing the front facing camera cutouts or punch-holes, we already have seen devices with popup-camera and flip cameras technology. However few users are always skeptical using smartphones that have any kind of mechanical movements involved in it. Not only is there a question of longevity, it introduces dust particles inside phones Such moving mechanisms also lack guaranteed protection from accidental water exposure.

Few companies such as ZTE and Oppo are reportedly working on introducing under-display cameras to smartphones. Xiaomi on the other hand has shown its 3rd Generation under-display tech on twitter today. In the video posted by Xiaomi International President, Shou Zi Chew, a prototype device is shown with an under-display camera next to a phone with a hole punch selfie camera. In the video, there is no indication where the selfie camera is placed behind the main display. Towards the end of the video, the model appears to take a selfie using this prototype device and it looks just like a normal selfie picture. 

We’re proud to present the latest masterpiece from our Xiaomi engineers: 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology! True full-screen displays are just around the corner! We’re planning on putting this into mass production next year. Stay tuned! #InnovationForEveryone pic.twitter.com/DrKeL8wZUg

— Shou Zi Chew (@ShouZiChew) August 28, 2020


Well all we can say as of now is, this is just an advertisement. We will have to wait till users get hands on the final products and start sharing their review with the sample of selfie pictures taken.

Xiaomi has planned to put this into mass production next year.

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